Monday, November 3, 2008

Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy (1989)

Directed by:
Jeff Burr

Terry O'Quinn kills a few people, escapes from an institution, steals a car and decides to move to "Palm Meadow Estates" after watching the "Dream House" TV show hosted by Bob Eubanks. His new identity is family therapist (!) Dr. Gene Clifford. He meets and dates a divorced real estate agent (Meg Foster) with a depressed son (Jonathan Brandis), then starts murdering people who threaten to come between them. Although the script has its fair share of clunkers and hokey wisecracks, there are enough positive going on to keep this on track as far as cheesy 80s horror sequels go. O'Quinn turns in another wonderful performance here. There's also some effective black humor, Caroline Williams (the lady DJ from TEXAS CHAINSAW 2) offering wonderful scene-stealing support as Foster's suspicious best friend and a great hammer/fork/knife wedding-ceremony massacre finale. The cast includes Mitchell Laurence as Foster's ex-husband, Henry Brown as a doctor and Miriam Byrd-Nethery (from Burr's LEATHERFACE).


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