Ratings Key

= Excellent. The best the genre has to offer.
1/2 = Very Good. Perhaps not "perfect," but undoubtedly a must-see.
★★★ = Good. Accomplishes what it sets out to do and does it well.
★★1/2 = Fair. Clearly flawed and nothing spectacular, but competently made. OK entertainment.
★★ = Mediocre. Either highly uneven or by-the-numbers and uninspired.
1/2 = Bad. Very little to recommend.
= Very Bad. An absolute chore to sit through.
NO STARS! = Abysmal. Unwatchable dreck that isn't even bad-movie amusing.
SBIG = So Bad It's Good. Technically awful movies with massive entertainment value.

Friday, November 7, 2008

M Titles

Films are listed by their original English-language release title when available. If the film has not been officially released in the U.S. then I'll use the informal release title. If that's not an option, then I'll go with the original foreign release title. I am trying to database every horror title made between 1950 - 1990 right here and will constantly be adding more in the future so make sure to check back! A * next to a title means I have it rated and have uploaded a photo but haven't done the review yet. If you see anything missing, shoot me a message and it will be added.


[TV] = Either made specifically for TV or debuted on TV.
[X] = Contains hardcore sex.
[short] = Has a running time of less than 45 minutes.
[doc] = Genre-themed documentary; includes mondo shockumentaries.
[unreleased] = Film has never been released, perhaps not even completed.
[missing] = No prints are known to exist.
BLUE = USA, Canada
RED = Most of Asia, Turkey, India
ORANGE = Central and South America, Spain and Portugal
YELLOW = Most of Europe, Russia
PURPLE = Australia, New Zealand
GREEN = Africa, Middle East


- Macabre (1958; William Castle) USA
- Macabre Legends of the Colony (Leyendas macabras de la colonia) (1974; Arturo Martínez) Mexico
- Macabre Mark, The (La huella macabra) (1963; Alfredo B. Crevenna) Mexico
- Macario (1960; Roberto Gavaldón) Mexico
- Macumba Love (Macumba l'isola dei vampiri) (1960; Douglas Fowley) Brazil, USA
- Macumba sexual (Macumba) (1983; Jesus Franco) Spain
- Madame Death (The Death Woman; Le señora muerte) (1969; Jaime Salvador) Mexico
Madame de Sade (Madamu Sado: Mesu jigoku) (1986; Yoshihiro Kawasaki) Japan
- Madam Satan (Madame Satan) (1970; Tom Gordon) USA
- Mad Butcher, The (Lo strangolatore di Vienna) (1971; Guido Zurli) Italy, West Germany
- Mad Death, The (1983; Robert Young) [TV] UK
- Mad Doctor of Blood Island (Grave Desires) (1968; Gerardo de Leon, Eddie Romero) Philippines, USA
- Mad Executioners, The (Der Henker von London) (1963; Edwin Zbonek) West Germany
- Mad Foxes (Los violadores; Stingray 2) (1981; Paul Grau) Spain, Switzerland
- Madhouse (Deathday; The Revenge of Dr. Death) (1974; Jim Clark) UK, USA
- Madhouse (Scared to Death; There Was a Little Girl) (1981; Ovidio G. Assonitis) Italy, USA
- Madhouse Mansion (Asylum; Ghost Story) (1974; Stephen Weeks) UK
- Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire, The (1971; Ray Dennis Steckler) [X] USA
- Mad Magician, The (1954; John Brahm) USA
- Madman (The Legend Lives; Madman Marz) (1982; Joe Giannone) USA
- Mad Monster Party (Frankenstein's Monster Party) (1967; Jules Bass) USA
- Mad Mutilator (The Axe Monster; Ogroff) (1983; Norbert Georges Mount) France
- Madness of Terror (Locura de terror) (1961; Julián Soler) Mexico
- Madonna: A Case of Blood Ambition (Madonna) (1990; Alain Zaloum) Canada
- Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell (Prevues from Hell) (1987; Jim Monaco) [doc] USA
- Mad Room, The (1969; Bernard Girard) USA
- Mafu Cafe, The (The Cage; My Sister My Love) (1978; Karen Arthur) USA
- Magic (1978; Richard Attenborough) USA
Magical Amethyst (Kecubung Sakti) (1988; Wisjnu Mouradhy) Indonesia
- Magic Amethyst, The (Mo huan zi shui jung) (1990; Kent Cheng) Hong Kong
- Magic Cop (Mr. Vampire 5; Qu mo jing cha) (1990; Wei Tung) Hong Kong
- Magic Curse, The (Cui hua du jiang tou) (1975; Chin-Ku Lu, Wen Po Tu) Philippines, Hong Kong
- Magic Garter Belt, The (El liguero mágico) (1980; Mariano Ozores) Spain
- Magic Lizard (King-ka kay-a-sit) (1985; Sompote Sands) Thailand
- Magic Man, The (Nakrob Phee Sing) (1986; Phayung Phayakun) Thailand
- Magic of the Universe (The Magician; Salamamgkero) (1986; Tata Esteban) Philippines
- Magic Sword, The (St. George and the Dragon) (1962; Bert I. Gordon) USA
- Majin, Monster of Terror (Daimajin; The Giant Majin) (1966; Kimiyoshi Yasuda) Japan
- Majin Strikes Again (Daimajin gyakushu; The Return of Majin) (1966; Kazuo Mori) Japan
- Majorettes, The (American Killer; One by One) (1987; S. William Hinzman) USA
- Making Contact (Joey) (1985; Roland Emmerich) USA, West Germany
- Making of a Horror Film, The (1984 [documentary]; Director Unknown) UK
- Mako: The Jaws of Death (The Jaws of Death) (1976; William Grefe) USA
- Malabimba (The Malicious Whore; Possession of a Teenager) (1979; Andrea Bianchi) Italy
- Malatesta's Carnival of Blood (1973; Christopher Speeth) USA
- Malpertuis (The Legend of Doom House) (1971; Harry Kümel) Belgium, France, West Germany
- Maltese Bippy, The (Incredible Werewolf Murders) (1969; Norman Panama) USA
- Mama Dracula (Mamma Dracula) (1980; Boris Szulzinger) Belgium, France
- Mama's Home (Captives) (1988; Gary P. Cohen) USA
- Man and Demon (Al-Ins wal Djinn; Human & Jinn) (1985; Mohamed Radi) Egypt
- Man and the Monster, The (El hombre y el monstruo) (1959; Rafael Baledón) Mexico
- Man and the Snake, The (1972; Sture Rydman) [short] UK
- Man Beast (1956; Jerry Warren) USA
- Maneater of Hydra (Death Island; La isla de la muerte) (1967; Mel Welles) Spain, West Germany
Man Eaters (Mangeuses d'hommes; Smaczni mężczyźni) (1988; Daniel Colas) France, USA
- Man for Hanging, A (1973; Joe Mazzuca) [TV] USA
- Man from Deep River (Il paese del sesso selvaggio; Sacrifice!) (1972; Umberto Lenzi) Italy
- Man from Planet X, The (1951; Edgar G. Ulmer) USA
- Mangalsutra (Nuptial) (1981; Vijay B.) India
- Manhattan Baby (The Evil Eye; The Possessed) (1982; Lucio Fulci) Italy
- Manhunter (The Curse of Hannibal Lecter; Red Dragon) (1986; Michael Mann) USA
- Mania (1974; Renato Polselli) Italy
- Mania (1986; Paul Lynch, David M. Robertson, John Sheppard) Canada, USA
- Maniac, The (1963; Michael Carreras) UK
- Maniac (1980; William Lustig) USA
- Maniac Cop (1987; William Lustig) USA
- Maniac Cop 2 (1990; William Lustig) USA
- Maniac Killer (1987; Andrea Bianchi) Italy
- Maniac Nurses (Bloodsucking Freaks II) (1990; Léon Paul De Bruyn) Belgium, Hungary, USA
- Maniac Responsible, The (...a tutte le auto della polizia) (1975; Mario Caiano) Italy
- Man in the Attic (1953; Hugo Fregonese) USA
- Manipulator, The (B.J. Lang Presents) (1971; Yabo Yablonsky) USA
- Manitou, The (Indian Demon; Manitou: The Spirit of Evil) (1978; William Girdler) USA
- Mannikin (1977; Don Thompson) [short] Canada, UK, USA
- Mannequin in Red (Mannekäng i rött) (1958; Arne Mattsson) Sweden
- Manopsychotisches Ballet (1970; Otto Meuhl) [short] Austria
- Manos: The Hands of Fate (The Lodge of Sins) (1966; Harold P. Warren) USA
- Mansion, The (Haveli) (1985; Keshu Ramsay) India
- Mansion of Evil (Purani Haveli) (1989; Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay) India
- Mansion of Terror, The (La mansión del terror) (1989; Ramón Obón) Mexico
- Mansion of the Doomed (Eyes; Massacre Mansion) (1976; Michael Pataki) USA
- Mansion of the Ghost Cat (Borei kaibyo yashiki) (1958; Nobuo Nakagawa) Japan
- Mansion of the Living Dead (La mansión de los muertos vivientes) (1985; Jesus Franco) Spain
Manson Family Movies (1984; John Aes-Nihil) USA
- Manson Massacre, The (The Cult; Together Girls) (1971; Kentucky Jones) USA
- Manster, The (Nightmare; The Split) (1959; George P. Breakston, Kenneth G. Crane) Japan, USA
- Mantis in Lace (Lila; Vampire of Lust) (1968; William Rotsler) USA
- Man to Destroy, The (Covjek koga treba ubiti; Man to Kill) (1979; Veljko Bulajic) Yugoslavia
- Man Who Could Cheat Death, The (1959; Terence Fisher) UK
- Man Who Didn't Want to Die, The (L'uomo che non voleva morire) (1988; Lamberto Bava) Italy
Man Who Disappeared in the Black Cat Museum, The (Kuronekokan ni Kieta Otoko) (1956; Masaki Môri) Japan
- Man Who Haunted Himself, The (1970; Basil Dearden) UK
Man Who Returned from Death, The (El hombre que volvió de la muerte) (1990; Raúl Araiza) Mexico
- Man Who Sits with the Dead, The (Manusia Penunggu Jenazah) (1988; Jopi Burnama) Indonesia
- Man Who Turned to Stone, The (1957; László Kardos) USA
- Man Who Wasn't There, The (1983; Bruce Malmuth) USA
- Man with Icy Eyes, The (L'uomo dagli occhi di ghiaccio) (1971; Alberto De Martino) Italy
Man Without a Body, The (1957; Charles Saunders, W. Lee Wilder) UKUSA
- Man Without a Face, The (El hombre sin rostro) (1950; Juan Bustillo Oro) Mexico
- Man Without a Memory (L'uomo senza memoria; Puzzle) (1974; Duccio Tessari) Italy
- Man with the Giant Hat, The (El sombrerón) (1950; Guillermo Andreu, Eduardo Fleischmann) Guatemala
- Man with the Transplanted Brain (1971; Jacques Doniol-Valcroze) France, Italy, West Germany
- Man with Two Brains, The (1983; Carl Reiner) USA
Man with Two Faces, The (Gongpoui ijongingan) (1975; Yong-min Lee) South Korea
- Man with Two Heads, The (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Blood) (1972; Andy Milligan) USA
- Man, Woman and Beast (L'uomo la donna e la bestia) (1977; Alberto Cavallone) Italy
- Marat/Sade* (The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade) (1967; Peter Brook) UK
- Marauders (1986; Mark Savage) Australia
- Mardi Gras Massacre (1978; Jack Weis) USA
Marianna (Bin mei) (1982; Pak Tong Cheuk) Hong Kong
- Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars (1992 [filmed in 1982 and 1990]; John Carr) USA
- Mark of Cain* (Identity Crisis) (1986 [filmed in 1984]; Bruce Pittman) Canada
Mark of Death, The (La marca del muerto) (1961; Fernando Cortés) Mexico
Mark of Satan, The (La marca de Satanás) (1957; Chano Urueta) Mexico
- Mark of Satan, The ("Hammer House of Horror" series) (1980; Don Leaver) [TV] UK
Mark of the Beast (1986; Rob Stewart) [TV] Canada
Mark of the Devil (Hexen bis aufs Blut gequält) (1970; Michael Armstrong) UKWest Germany
- Mark of the Devil, Part II (Hexen geschändet und zu Tode gequält) (1973; Adrian Hoven) UK, WG
- Mark of the Witch (1970; Tom Moore) USA
- Marley's Revenge: The Monster Movie (1989; Jet Eller) USA
- Marquis de Sade's "Justine" (1969; Jesus Franco) Italy, Liechtenstein, USA, West Germany
- Marta (Dopo di che, uccide il maschio e lo divora) (1971; José Antonio Nieves Conde) Italy, Spain
- Martin (1977; George A. Romero) USA
- Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary (Mary, Bloody Mary) (1975; Juan López Moctezuma) Mexico, USA
- Mask, The (Eyes of Hell; The Spooky Movie Show) (1961; Julian Roffman) Canada
- Mask of Murder (The Investigator) (1988 [filmed in 1985]; Arne Mattsson) Canada, Sweden
- Masks of Death (Sherlock Holmes and the Masks of Death) (1984; Roy Ward Baker) UK
- Masque of the Red Death, The (1964; Roger Corman) UK, USA
- Masque of the Red Death, The (1989; Larry Brand) USA
- Masque of the Red Death, The (1989; Alan Birkinshaw) Canada, South Africa, UK, USA
- Masquerade ("Thriller" series) (1961; Herschel Daugherty) [TV] USA
- Massacre (La morte della medium; Massacro) (1989; Andrea Bianchi) Italy
- Massacre at Central High (Blackboard Massacre) (1976; Rene Daalder) USA
- Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (Nudo e selvaggio) (1985; Michele Massimo Tarantini) Brazil, Italy
- Massacre of Pleasure (Massacre pour une orgie) (1966; Jean-Pierre Bastid) Luxembourg
Massage Parlor Murders! (Massage Parlor Hookers) (1973; Chester Fox, Alex Stevens) USA
- Masterblaster (Master Blaster; Masterblaster: The Exterminator) (1987; Glenn R. Wilder) USA
- Master Demon, The (Samuel Oldham; 1991 [filmed in 1988]) USA
- Master of Horror (Obras maestras del terror) (1960; Enrique Carreras) Argentina
- Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People; Fungus of Terror) (1963; Ishirô Honda) Japan
- Matinee (Midnight Matinee) (1989; Richard Martin) Canada
- Mausoleum (1983 [filmed in 1981]; Michael Dugan) USA
- Maximum Overdrive* (1986; Stephen King) USA
- Maxim Xul (1991 [filmed in 1989]; Arthur Egeli) USA
- Maya (1989; Marcello Avallone) Italy
- Maze, The (1953; William Cameron Menzies) USA
- Maze, The (Shades of Darkness series) (1983; Peter Hammond) [TV] UK
- Meateater, The (Blood Theater; Phantom of the Bijoux) (1979; David Burton Morris) USA
Medium, The (Il medium) (1980; Silvio Amadio) France, Italy
- Medium (1985; Jacek Koprowicz) Poland
- Medusa (The Rhodes Incident; Twisted) (1973; Gordon Hessler) Greece, UK
- Medusa Touch, The (1978; Jack Gold) France, UK
- Meeting Point, The (Sabirni centar) (1989; Goran Markovic) Yugoslavia
- Meet the Feebles* (The Feebles; Frogs of War) (1989; Peter Jackson) New Zealand
- Meet the Hollowheads (1989; Thomas R. Burman) USA
- Memoirs of a Sinner (Osobisty pamietnik grzesznika przez niego samego spisany) (1986; Wojciech Has) Poland
- Memorial Valley Massacre (Valley of Death) (1989; Robert C. Hughes) USA
Men Behind the Sun (Black Sun 731; Hei tai yang 731) (1988; Tun Fei Mou) China, Hong Kong
- Mephisto Waltz, The (Satan, My Love; Satan's Transplant) (1971; Paul Wendkos) USA
- Meridian* (Kiss of the Beast; Phantoms) (1990; Charles Band) USA
Merkitty (Yöjuttu: Merkitty) (1984; Ismo Sajakorpi) [TV] Finland
Mesa of Lost Women (1953; Ron Ormond, Herbert Tevos) USA
- Mesmerized (My Letter to George) (1985; Michael Laughlin) Australia, New Zealand, UK
- Messiah of Evil (Dead People) (1973 [filmed in 1971]; Willard Huyck, Gloria Katz) USA
- Metamorphosis (DNA formula letale; Regenerator) (1990; George Eastman) Italy, USA
- Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor (1990; Glenn Takakjian) USA
- Miami Horror (Miami Golem) (1985; Alberto De Martino) Italy, USA
- Microwave Massacre (1983 [filmed in 1979]; Wayne Berwick) USA
Mid-Night (Midnight People) (1982; Feng-Pan Yao) Taiwan
- Midnight* (Backwoods Massacre) (1982; John A. Russo) USA
- Midnight (1989; Norman Thaddeus Vane) USA
- Midnight Blue (La domenica del diavolo) (1979; Raimondo Del Balzo) Italy
- Midnight Cabaret (1990 [filmed in 1988]; Pece Dingo) USA
- Midnight Fear (1991 [copyright 1990]; Bill Crain) USA
- Midnight Horror (The Midnight Killer; You'll Die at Midnight) (1986; Lamberto Bava) Italy
- Midnight Hour, The (CreepsIn the Midnight Hour) (1985; Jack Bender) [TV] USA
- Midnight Intruders (The Wife) (1973; Gary Graver) USA
- Midnight Movie Massacre (Attack from Mars) (1988 [filmed in 1984]; Laurence Jacobs, Mark Stock) USA
- Midnight Offerings (1981; Rod Holcomb) [TV] USA
- Midnight Ride (1990; Bob Bralver) USA
Midnight Shade (Dtan-ha Prajan; Tunhar Prajun) (1990; director unknown) Thailand
- Midnight Shade 2 (?) (1990; director unknown) Thailand
- Midnight Thunder (Guntur tengah malam) (1990; A. Rachman) Indonesia
- Mighty Gorga, The (1969; David L. Hewitt) USA
- Mighty Peking Man, The (Goliathon; Xing xing wang) (1977; Meng Hua Ho) Hong Kong
- Mill of the Stone Women (La mulino delle donne di pietra) (1960; Giorgio Ferroni) France, Italy
- Milpitas Monster, The (The Mutant Beast) (1976; Robert L. Burrill) USA
- Mind Games (1989; Bob Yari) USA
- Mind Killer (The Brain Creatures; Mindkiller) (1987; Michael Krueger) USA
- Mindwarp (Brain Slasher) (1992 [filmed in 1989]; Steve Barnett) USA
Miracle Baby (Baby Magic; Bayi ajaib) (1982; Tindra Rengat) Indonesia
- Miracle Fighters, The (Kei mun dun kap) (1982; Woo-Ping Yuen) Hong Kong
- Mirage (1965; Edward Dmytryk) USA
- Mirage (1989; Bill Crain) USA
- Mirror Mirror (1990; Marina Sargenti) USA
- Mirror of Death (Dead of Night) (1988; Deryn Warren) USA
Mirror of Flesh (Espelho de Carne) (1985; Antonio Carlos de Fontoura) Brazil
- Mirrors (Marianne) (1978 [filmed in 1974]; Noel Black) USA
- Misery (1990; Rob Reiner) USA
- Mission Impossible (Jian nu you hun) (1971; Joseph Kuo) Hong Kong, Taiwan
- Mission Mars (1968; Nicholas Webster) USA
Ms. 45* (Angel of Vengeance) (1981; Abel Ferrara) USA
- Miss Magic (Lady Vampire; Ling huan xiao jie) (1988; Fung Hak-On) Hong Kong
Mrs. Amworth (1975; Alvin Rakoff) [short] CanadaUKUSA
- Mr. Boogedy ("Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color" series) (1986; Oz Scott) [TV] USA
- Mister Designer (Gospodin oformitel) (1987; Oleg Teptsov) Soviet Union
- Mister Frost (1990; Philippe Setbon) France, UK
- Mr. Possessed (Chuang xie xian sheng) (1988; Jing Wong) Hong Kong
- Mr. Sardonicus (Sardonicus) (1961; William Castle) USA
- Mr. Vampire (Geung si sin sang; Mr. Stiff Corpse) (1985; Ricky Lau) Hong Kong
- Mr. Vampire II (Jiang shi jia zu: Jiang shi xian sheng xu ji) (1986) Hong Kong
- Mr. Vampire III (Ling huan xian sheng) (1987; Ricky Lau) Hong Kong
- Mr. Vampire Saga 4 (Jiang shi shu; Mr. Vampire Saga) (1988; Ricky Lau) Hong Kong
- Mole People, The (1956; Virgil W. Vogel) USA
- Mom (1991 [filmed in 1989]; Patrick Rand) USA
- Mondo Cane (A Dog's Life) (1962; Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi) [doc] Italy
- Mondo Cane 2 (Crazy World; Mondo pazzo) (1963; Paolo Cavara, Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi) [doc] Italy
- Mondo Lugosi: A Vampire's Scrapbook (1987; Johnny Legend, Jeff Vilencia) [doc] USA
- Mondo Magic* (Magia nuda; Shocking Cannibals) (1975; Alfredo Castiglioni, Angelo Castiglioni, Guido Guerrasio) [doc] Italy
- Mondo Violence (Savana violenta) (1976; Antonio Climati, Mario Morra) [doc] Italy
- Mondo Weirdo (Jungfrau am Abgrund) (1990; Carl Andersen) Austria, West Germany
- Money Trip, The (1979; Chui Dai-Chuen) Hong Kong
- Mongrel (1982; Robert A. Burns) USA
- Monk, The (Il monaco; Le moine) (1972; Adonis Kyrou) France, Italy, West Germany
- Monk, The (1990; Francisco Lara Polop) Spain, UK
Monkey Ngipri (Ngipri Monyet) (1988; Lilik Sudjio) Indonesia
- Monkey Shines* (Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear) (1988; George A. Romero) USA
- Monolith Monsters, The (1957; John Sherwood) USA
- Monster (Monstroid; Toxic Monster) (1980 [filming began in 1971]; K. Hartford, H. Strock) USA
- Monster (Halimaw) (1986; Christopher De Leon, Mario O'Hara) Philippines
- Monster and the Stripper (The Exotic Ones) (1968; Ron Ormond) USA
- Monster a Go-Go (Terror at Halfday) (1965; Bill Rebane, Herschell Gordon Lewis) USA
- Monster at Camp Sunshine (1964; Ferenc Leroget) USA
- Monster Club, The* (1981; Roy Ward Baker) UK
- Monster Demolisher, The (El destructor de monstruos) (1960; Federico Curiel) Mexico
- Monster Dog (The Bite; Leviatán) (1984; Carlos Aured) Puerto Rico, Spain, USA
- Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (Daikyojû Gappa) (1967; Haruyasu Noguchi) Japan, USA
- Monster from Green Hell (1957; Kenneth G. Crane) USA
- Monster from the Ocean Floor (It Stalked the Ocean Floor) (1954; Wyott Ordung) USA
Monster Heaven: Ghost Hero (Youkai tengoku: Ghost Hero) (1990; Macoto Tezuka) Japan
- Monster High (1989; Rudiger Poe) USA
- Monster Hunter (Absurd; Rosso sangue; Zombie 6) (1981; Joe D'Amato) Italy
- Monster in the Closet (1986 [filmed in 1983]; Bob Dahlin) USA
- Monster in the Shadows, The (El monstruo en la sombra) (1955; Zacarías Gómez Urquiza) Cuba, Mexico
- Monster Maker (1989; Giles Foster) [TV] UK
- Monster of Florence, The (Il mostro di Firenze) (1986; Cesare Ferrario) Italy
Monster of Frankenstein (Kyofu densetsu: Kaiki! Furankenshutain) (1981; Yûgo Serikawa) [animated] Japan
- Monster of London City, The (Das Ungeheuer von London City) (1964; Edwin Zbonek) West Germany
- Monster of Piedras Blancas, The (1959; Irvin Berwick) USA
- Monster of the Volcano (El monstruo de los volcanes) (1963; Jaime Salvador) Mexico
- Monsters & Maniacs (1988; Ted Newsom) [doc] USA
- Monster on the Campus (Monster in the Night) (1958; Jack Arnold) USA
- Monsters Crash the Pajama Party (1965; David L. Hewitt) [short] USA
- Monsters, Madmen and Machines (1984; Alan J. Adler, Jerry Kramer) [doc] USA
- Monster Squad, The* (1987; Fred Dekker) USA
Monster Strikes, The (Pusang itim) (1958; Cirio H. Santiago) Philippines
- Monster That Challenged the World, The (1957; Arthur Laven) USA
- Monster with Twenty Faces, The (Kaijin nijumenso) (1954; Susumu Yumizuri) Japan
- Monster Zero (Godzilla vs. Monster Zero; Kaijû daisensô) (1965; Ishirô Honda) Japan
- Monstrosity (1987; Andy Milligan) USA
- Moonchild (Full Moon) (1974 [filmed in 1971]; Alan Gadney) USA
Moonchild (1989; Michael J. Murphy) UK
- Moon God (Månguden) (1988; Jonas Cornell) Sweden
- Moon in Scorpio* (1987; Gary Graver) USA
- Moonless Night (Amavasai Iravil) (1989; P. Chandrakumar) India
- Moonlight Sonata, The (Kuutamosonaatti) (1988; Olli Soinio) Finland
- Moon of the Wolf (1972; Daniel Petrie) [TV] USA
- Moonstalker (Camper Stamper; Moon Stalker) (1989; Michael O'Rourke) USA
- Moon Trap* (Moontrap) (1989; Robert Dyke) USA
- Morbo (Morbidness) (1972; Gonzalo Suárez) Spain
Morbus (Morbus – o bon profit) (1983; Ignasi P. Ferré) Spain
- Morianna (I, the Body; Morianerna) (1965; Arne Mattsson) Sweden
- Moro Witch Doctor (1964; Eddie Romero) Philippines, USA
- Mortuary (Embalmed; Hall of Death) (1983 [filmed in 1981]; Howard Avedis) USA
- Mortuary Academy (1988; Michael Schroeder) USA
- Mortuary Blues (Shi jia zhong di; Si ga jung dei) (1990; Jeffrey Lau) Hong Kong
- Motel Hell* (1980; Kevin Connor) USA
Motel of Death, The (El motel de la muerte) (1990; Jorge Prior) Mexico
- Mother Joan of the Angels (Matka Joanna od aniolów) (1961; Jerzy Kawalerowicz) Poland
- Mother's Day (1980; Charles Kaufman) USA
- Mother Tree, The (Ghost of Chibusa Enoki; Kaidan chibusa enoki) (1958; Gorô Kadono) Japan
- Mothra (Diakaijû Masura; Mosura) (1961; Ishirô Honda) Japan
- Mountain of the Cannibal God, The (La montagna del dio cannibale) (1978; Sergio Martino) Italy
- Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1986 [filmed in 1983]; Jim McCullough Sr.) USA
- Movie House Massacre (Blood Theater; Blood Theatre) (1984; Rick Sloane) USA
M.P. and the Ghost (Kenpei to yûrei) (1958; Nobuo Nakagawa) Japan
- Multiple Maniacs (1970; John Waters) USA
- Mummies of Guanajuato, The (Las momias de Guanajuato) (1972; Federico Curiel) Mexico
- Mummy, The (1959; Terence Fisher) UK
- Mummy and the Curse of the Jackals, The (1969; Oliver Drake) USA
- Mummy's Revenge, The (La venganza de la momia) (1973; Carlos Aured) Spain
- Mummy's Shroud, The (1967; John Gilling) UK
- Munchies (1987; Tina Hirsch) USA
- Mundo Depravados (World of the Depraved) (1967; Herb Jeffries) USA
- Munster, Go Home! (1966; Earl Bellamy) USA
- Munsters' Revenge, The (1981; Don Weis) [TV] USA
- Murder à la Mod (1968; Brian De Palma) USA
- Murder by Decree (Sherlock Holmes and Saucy Jack) (1979; Bob Clark) Canada, UK
- Murder by Natural Causes (1979; Robert Day) [TV] USA
- Murder by Night (1989; Paul Lynch) [TV] Canada
- Murder by Phone (Bells; The Calling) (1982 [filmed in 1980]; Michael Anderson) Canada, USA
- Murder Clinic, The (The Blade in the Body; La lama nel corpo; Revenge of the Living Dead) (1966; Elio Scardamaglia) France, Italy
- Murder Elite (1985; Claude Whatham) UK
Murderer, The (El homicida) (1990; Alfonso Rosas Priego hijo) Mexico
- Murderer's Follies (Folies Meurtrières) (1984; Antoine Pellisier) France
- Murder in a Blue World (Clockwork Terror; Una gota de sangre morir amando) (1973; Eloy de la Iglesia) France, Spain
- Murder-in-Law (1989; Tony Jiti Gill) USA
- Murderlust (Mass Murder) (1985; Donald M. Jones) USA
- Murder Mansion, The (La mansion de la niebla) (1972; Francisco Lara Polop) Italy, Spain
- Murder Motel ("Thriller" series) (1975; Malcolm Taylor) [TV] UK
- Murder Obsession (Fear; Murder obsession (Follia omicida); Paura) (1980; Riccardo Freda)
- Murderock (Murderock - uccide a passo di danza) (1984; Lucio Fulci) Italy
- Murder on the Midnight Express (Night is the Time for Killing) (1975; John Cooper) [TV] UK
- Murder Secret, The (Non aver paura della zia Marta) (1988; Mario Bianchi) Italy
- Murders in the Rue Morgue (1971; Gordon Hessler) UK
- Murders in the Rue Morgue, The (1986; Jeannot Szwarc) [TV] France, USA
- Murder on Line One (1990; Anders Palm) UK
- Murder Story (1989; Eddie Arno, Markus Innocenti) Netherlands, UK
- Murder Weapon (1989; David DeCoteau) USA
- Murrain (Against the Crowd: Murrain) (1975; John Cooper) [TV] UK
Muscle (Kurutta ButokaiLunatic TheatreThe Madness Night) (1989; Hisayasu Satô) Japan 
- Museum of Horror (Museo del horror) (1964; Rafael Baledón) Mexico
- Music of Erich Zann, The (1980; John Strysik) [short] USA
- Mutant (Night Shadows; Toxic Waste) (1984; John 'Bud' Cardos) USA
- Mutant Hunt (Matt Riker) (1986; Tim Kincaid) USA
- Mutant on the Bounty (1989; Bob Torrance) USA
- Mutations, The (The Freakmaker; The Mutation) (1974; Jack Cardiff) UK
- Mutator (Time of the Beast) (1989; John R. Bowey) South Africa, USA
- Mutilations (1987; Lawrence Thomas) USA
- Mutilator, The (Fall Break) (1985; Buddy Cooper) USA
- Mutiny in Outer Space (1965; Hugo Grimaldi) USA
- My Best Friend is a Vampire (I Was a Teenage Vampire) (1987; Jimmy Huston) USA
- My Blood Runs Cold (1965; William Conrad) USA
- My Bloody Valentine (The Secret) (1981; George Mihalka) Canada
- My Body Hungers (My Body Cries; The Lace Rope) (1967; Joseph W. Sarno) USA
- My Brother Has Bad Dreams (1974; Robert J. Emery) USA
- My Cousin, the Ghost (Biao ge dao) (1987; Ma Wu) Hong Kong
- My Dear Killer* (Mio caro assassino) (1972; Tonino Valerii) Italy, Spain
My Dear Lisa (1987; Baby) India
- My Demon Lover (1987; Charles Loventhal) USA
- My Friends Need Killing (1976; Paul Leder) USA
- My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain (1987; Giovanni Arduino) Italy
- My Lovely Monster (1991 [filmed in 1988]; Michel Bergmann) Germany
- My Mom's a Werewolf (1989; Michael Fischa) USA
My Neighbours Are Phantoms! (Hua gui zhu zheng ge li) (1990; William Chang, Sze Yu Lau) Hong Kong
- My Pal, Dr. Jekyll (Casanova Jekyll; Il mio amico Jekyll) (1960; Marino Girolami) Italy
My Son the Vampire (Vampire Over London) (1952; John Gilling) UK
- My Soul Is Slashed (Kamitsukitai/Dorakiyura yori ai-0) (1991 [filmed in 1990]; Shûsuke Kaneko) Japan
- Mysteries of Black Magic (Misterios de la magia negra; Return from the Beyond) (1958; Miguel M. Delgado) Mexico
- Mysterious Death of Nina Chereau (La mort mystérieuse de Nina Chéreau) (1988; Dennis Berry) France, USA
- Mysterious Island (Jules Verne's Mysterious Island) (1961; Cy Endfield) UK, USA
- Mysterious Magician, The (Der Hexer; The Wizard) (1964; Alfred Vohrer) West Germany
- Mysterious Two (Follow Me If You Dare) (1982 [filmed in 1979]; Gary Sherman) [TV] USA
- Mystery in Dracula's Castle (1973; Robert Totten) [TV] USA
Mystery of Mount Merapi (Misteri dari gunung merapi; Mystery of Volcanoes) (1990; Liliek Sudjio) Indonesia
- Mystery of the Old House (Misteri Rumah Tua) (1987; Liliek Sudjio) Indonesia, Malaysia
- Mystery on Balete Drive (Hiwaga sa Balete Drive) (1954; Tor Villano) Philippines
- Mystery on Balete Drive (Hiwaga sa Balete Drive) (1988; Peque Gallaga, Lore Reyes) Philippines
- Mystery on Monster Island (Monster Island) (1981; Juan Piquer Simón) SpainUSA
Mystery Treasure (Misteri Harta Karun) (1989; Abdi Wiyono) Indonesia
- Mystical Rose (Rosa mistica) (1987; Emmanuel H. Borlaza) Philippines
- Mystical World of Elias Paniki (Ang mahiwagang daigdig ni Elias Paniki) (1989; Carlo J. Caparas) Philippines
- Mystics in Bali (Balinese Magic; Leák; Mistik) (1981; H. Tjut Djalil) Indonesia


Anonymous said...

Madeline, Study of a Nightmare is definitely not a horror film nor a thriller. I would classify it as a psychological drama. It features, in my opinion, Camille Keaton's best performance (no wonder it's her favourite) and is quite a strange film but it isn't horror/thriller.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Thanks. It was listed on IMDb as horror for the longest time. Not that I really trust their genre classifications but I made this list many years ago. I'll go ahead and delete it off of here but keep it on my watch list, anyway. I have another movie with Keaton called 'Sex of the Witch' I'm gonna watch sometime here soon.

spookyx3 said...

probably eligible: MR. BOOGEDY, and sequel, BRIDE OF BOOGEDY. light ghost-comedy stuff for kids. i haven't seen the second one.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Ah two more I missed! I will be dead before I have a chance to see them all. lol

spookyx3 said...

i'll make lists of things i want to see, track some of those down, then immediately start new lists, usually without watching the first batch! it never ends.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

It really doesn't end! Every time I think I have every possible film from this time period in my indexes I find a dozen more.

Anonymous said...

I usually comment only when I have suggestion or correction, but, after reading about "Madeline", I was interested if you keep record of the titles you remove from main list?

It would be interesting to know what was wrongly labeled as horror now or then.

spookyx3 said...

THE MASTER DEMON (1991). filmed within your time-frame; one of the main cast died in 1988.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I do keep a list of those titles, just not on here. If I watched it and deemed it OK for inclusion here I'd throw it back on. I'm pretty loose in my horror definition.

Stjepan said...

Thank You for the answer. I also think it is better to be on the inclusive side (to have loose definition of horror), not only for the personal preference, but also for the sake of completeness of the blog.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

That's exactly why I do it. ;)

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