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Films by country: Thailand

THAI HORROR [1950-1990]

With help from several cinema-obsessed members of the Royal Family, films were first exhibited in Thailand starting around the turn of the century, though a film industry didn't start to emerge there until the late 1920s. Even then, it was rather slow going to start. In a five year block of time, as few as a dozen films would be produced there. And just like in many other countries, wars, dictatorships, economic depressions and, eventually, the popularity of television, have all caused lulls in Thailand's film industry at various times over the years. 

As far as horror films are concerned, the oldest (and only partially) surviving one that I'm aware of is Prai Takhian (1940; English title: The Ghoul), which involves a female tree spirit terrorizing a village. What's amazing about the snippet I viewed is that Thailand was making nearly-identical (and somehow even more technically primitive!) ultra low budget slapstick comedy ghost films nearly 40 years later! While only 12 minutes of Prai Takhian have survived, it could have suffered a worse fate. Nearly everything else made prior to it, at around the same time as it and even several decades after it is currently missing and likely gone for good. A big part of the problem when it came to preserving Thai films over the years was that nearly all of these were shot on 16mm without sound. In lieu of dubbing the movies, most played in theaters with a live actor / narrator providing all of the character's voices, as well as all of the sound effects! Films were also sometimes accompanied by orchestras. Distributors often just struck a few low quality prints of these films, which were shuffled around from town to town and theater to theater until they were no more.

Unfortunately, from the list below, only a portion of the films released from the 1950s to the 1970s have managed to survive to current day. I suppose one can always hold out hope for a miracle that they will some day resurface, but that's highly unlikely at this point. Still, for the sake of completion, they're listed below, if for no other reason than to annoy us horror die-hards who just have to see everything. To note, I have only just begun marking films as "missing" here. I've not had a chance to research all of the titles below outside of whether or not they existed at one time. Once I do look into these, expect a lot more of these to get flagged as extinct.

One cannot discuss Thai horror without discussing one gal in particular. Mae Nak Phra Khanong (aka Nang Nak; below left), a female ghost who died during childbirth and now haunts her husband, is an extremely well-known figure in Thai folklore and has been the subject of dozens of films. Just in the time frame we cover here, there were movies made in 1952, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1968, 1970, two in 1973, 1975, 1976, 1978 and many more in the 1980s and beyond. A film titled Mae Nak 30 was released in 1987, though I'm not sure if it's the actual 30th Mae Nak film (wouldn't surprise me!) or if that 30 has another significance. To date, there have been more than 40 feature films about this particular ghost produced in Thailand. There were also Mae Nak books, graphic novels, cartoons, TV shows, musicals and even a 3D version. Mae Nak is so popular there she's shattered numerous box office records. In 1999, Nonzee Nimibutr's adaptation Nang Nak became the highest-grossing film in Thai history. That record was broken nearly a decade-and-a-half later by Banjong Pisanthanakun's Pee-Mak (2013), which is still Thailand's all-time box office champ nearly a decade later.

There are other popular ghosts who are frequently the subject of horror films, including the innard-eating phi pop or porb ghost (the subject of Thailand's longest-running film series of all time) and perhaps most memorably the krasue; yet another female ghost that takes the form of a flying disembodied head with part of the spine, intestines and other internal organs dangling underneath! This same ghost also shows up in the folklore of many other Asian countries, though under different names. Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia all have their own version of the krasue and most also have their own krasue movies. The most popular pre-1990 Thai films featuring this spirit are 1973's Krasue Sao (aka Ghost of Guts Eater) and 1985's Krasue krahai lveat (aka Filth Eating Spirit). This ghost has become even more popular in recent years. There were versions made in 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014 (and likely others beyond that), and it was even the subject of several Thai soap operas!

Availability of older Thai horror films to an international audience, and we are talking only about the surviving films here, is dreadful. Most of the films listed below were made entirely for local consumption. Some were even more niche than that: Made entirely for rural consumption (i.e. just to play in small villages). Almost none of the films below were ever released in America and only a few of them are currently available in an English-friendly version. One of the notable exceptions to the rule was 1980's Crocodile , which was released globally and is easily the most widely-distributed film on this entire list. It was even English-dubbed and played U.S. theaters in 1981 and then was pretty easy to find on VHS during the 80s and 90s, plus received a DVD release. However, this film is just as much a South Korean film as it is a Thai film; likely more so. Though Sompote Saengduenchai (or, as he's sometimes billed, "Sompote Sands") is always the director attached to the film (and the name listed in the credits in the English version), it appears he may have only been in charge of directing the special effects scenes while a Korean director handled the rest.

Speaking of Saengduenchai (below), he's easily the most well-known of all classic Thai genre film directors. A major anomaly in his homeland, he managed to at least get some of his films distributed in other countries. Sompote made around a half-dozen other crocodile horror-fantasy films (including 1980's Krai Thong, which received a Hong Kong release with English subtitles) as well as some low budget Japanese-inspired kaiju films which have gained a minor cult following over the years. The latter had also embroiled him in a long-running lawsuit over ownership of some of these characters; a lawsuit he lost in 2018. I just now learned, as I'm writing this, that Saengduechai passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 80. And, strangely enough, I viewed three of his films for the very first time just a few weeks before that in preparation for compiling this list.

There are a couple of other films that managed to sneak their way out of the country; some just by sheer luck. Ghost of Guts Eater, for instance, was subtitled and released on VHS in Sweden of all places, perhaps because it was a rarity in that it was filmed in 35mm and with (gasp!) synchronized sound. And then we have the few co-productions between Thailand and either Hong Kong or Taiwan, which are missing in Thailand but preserved in these other countries. The Wolf Girl (1974) and The Possessed (1975), for instance, wouldn't even still exist if left to Thai film preservation standards, yet are still out there (with English subs even) thanks to home video releases in these other countries. Once we move into the 80s, availability is much better because many of these titles were released on VCD, but that turns out to be something of a double-edged sword. While it's good these films haven't been destroyed, the quality of the VCD releases is typically terrible... and the quality of the content tends to match. (The mid-to-late 80s well into the 90s is generally considered a low point in Thai cinema.) In recent years, effort has been put into getting at least one of these movies; 1981's Ghost Money , out to a wider audience. It has been restored, given English subtitles and released on several streaming services.

And though many people, myself included, usually don't have nice things to say about Hong Kong cut-n-paste hacksters Tomas Tang, Joseph Lai and Godfrey Ho, they did acquire some of these Thai films and got them distributed. Unfortunately, in most cases they re-edited them, cut out a lot of footage, dubbed them to completely change the plots and often spliced in new and entirely unrelated scenes. However, thanks to their efforts (if you want to call it that), at least some of this footage is available to view. Though Tang et al mostly made pure action films, they did splice together some horror flicks like Crocodile Fury (which features footage from Krai Thong 2), Cannibal MercenaryCounter Destroyer (aka The Vampire Is Still Alive), Mad Move and Robo Vampire ▼.

Just like any other country with a film industry, Thailand has its own heartthrobs, beauties and bankable marquee stars. However, while Thai superstars may occasionally appear in an acclaimed drama or decent-budgeted action film from time to time, the bulk of their filmographies consist of low budget 'B' level stuff. These films were cranked out so quickly, and in such large numbers, that Thai actors are some of the most prolific in the entire world. It wasn't uncommon for them to be shooting 3 films at a time and averaging between 30 to 40 movie per year! Mitr Chaibancha was one of the early major stars (often paired with the equally popular actress Petchara Chaowarat), though he died a tragic on-set death at the age of just 36 during a helicopter stunt gone wrong. Waiting in the wings to take that power couple's place were Sombat Methanee (below; left), a former Guinness Book of World Records holder for most film appearances and owner of his own film studio, and Aranya Namwong (below; center), a runner-up to the Miss Thailand crown in 1964. As Methanee began to age, Sorapong Chatree (below, right) swooped in to take over the top spot and acted in nearly 600 films. There are many other very prolific actors in Thai cinema, including comedic actor Lor Tok, character actress Metta Roongrat and martial arts expert Panna Rittikrai, to name just a few.


The lack of availability of Thai cinema here in America and in most other countries also means that the majority of the titles listed below have never officially been given English-language titles, so I had to do that myself. And it was a bitch. And I'm still not content with some of my translations. But this needs to be explained a bit further detail...

To most of us, written Thai is a bunch of strange-looking, meaningless symbols we have about as much of a chance understanding as inscriptions on an ancient Egyptian tomb. Switch one symbol with another in the lineup or simply add a space in between symbols and you can get a completely different meaning. Thai titles also don't typically convert to English very well using a translator. Sometimes what you get back makes absolutely no sense. At other times you'll get back something that has absolutely nothing to do with the film's plot synopsis. And then there are the times you have no clue what the words even are because they have to do with aspects of Thai folklore or are words exclusive to Thailand or are people's names. This all leads to question marks circling one's head trying to figure it all out. Likewise, it's every bit as difficult trying to find out the identities of actors, directors and other crew members.

Compounding the problem is that the Thai calendar is its own unique beast (1969, for instance, is actually 2512 to them), some (though not all) punctuation appears to be included in the symbols and, even though I found a TON of beautifully-designed horror posters, I had no way to type the traditional title into a translator, so I instead used reverse image to try to find something with text that I could then translate. Cheaply cranked out VCDs up the confusion tenfold because it's very common for one film's title and poster art to be used for an entirely different film.

I ended up getting my titles from a number of different places. A few movies have worked the bootleg circuit under an English title someone else gave it. A few of these titles have been translated to another language like Malay or Mandarian for distribution and I can get a fair translation based on those. A few Thai film websites offer English translations for certain titles. Every once in awhile, an English title will show up on the poster in tiny print (as seen below with "The Magic Killer" and "Midnight Shade") or the film's title screen. And, when all else fails, I try to find specific meanings for each of the symbols and jumble together the closest thing I can to an actual title, taking into consideration the plot synopsis. Even though I always use simplified Chinese and Japanese titles for their films, I'm sticking with the traditional Thai titles for now so that I don't repeat the same films.

This is likely going to be the most difficult list I ever work on here, so expect a lot of changes and fine-tuning going on, including some gaps being filled, films completely changing titles, directors names being tweaked and so on. Once I view more of these, the more it will all start falling into place. At least that's what I'm hoping will happen! I initially started this project over on Letterboxd and, putting in some more research this past month, have already uncovered an additional 50 titles. I expect a lot more will be added here over the next few months.



- Nang Nak Phra Khanong (นางนาคพระโขนง) (1952; Sodsri Burapharom)
- Zombie Remains (ซากผีดิบ) (1952; Sodsri Burapharom) [missing]

- Soul of the People (The Spirit of Khanong; วิญญาณคนอง) (1953; Rangsee Sevikun)

- Grandfather Ginseng Rampant (??) (ปู่โสมอาละวาด) (1955; ?)
- Nang Nak Phra Khanong (นางนาคพระโขนง) (1955; Young Tengboonchu)

- Fire Demon of Love (ปีศาจคะนองรัก) (1956; Ajarn Attchinda) ▲
- Nang Nak Phra Khanong Revived (นางนาคพระโขนงคืนชีพ) (1956; ?)

- Mrs. Takhian (Nang Takhian; นางตะเคียน) (1957; Young Tengboonchu)

- Krai Thong (ไกรทอง) (1958; Ajarn Attchinda) [missing]

- Death Order (มัจจุราชประกาสิต) (1959; Sor Asanajinda, Neramit) [missing]
- Ghost of Mae Nak (แม่นาคพระโขนง) (1959; Rangsi Thatsanaphayak)


- Ghost Cat Lady (Nang Mae Phi Phi) (1960; Ratt Setthaphakdi)
- Ghost Doll (Teddy Phi Phi; ตุ๊กตาผี) (1960; Rangsi Thasanapayak)
- Grandfather Ginseng Watches Over the Assets (ปู่โสมเฝ้าทรัพย์) (1962; Sodsri Burapharom)
- Mae Nak Revival (แม่นาคคืนชีพ) (1960; Anumat Bunnag)
- Top Ghost (Yod Phi; ยอดผี) (1960; ?) [missing]
- Vengeful Ghost (Phi Phi Phi Phaphat; ผีพยาบาท) (1960; Pradit Kaljaruek) [missing]

- Serpent and the Lovers, The (Du mang qing yuan; งูและคนรักกัน) (1961 [filmed in 1956]; Ma-Xu Weibang) [co-Hong Kong, Japan]

- Ghost Puppet (หุ่นผี) (1962; ?) [missing]
- Spirit of Mae Nak, The (Mae Nak Spirit Love; วิญญาณรักแม่นาคพระโขนง) (1962; ?)

- Conqueror of Death (ผู้พิชิตมัจจุราช) (1963; Sor Asanajinda)
- Mrs. Saming Prai (นางสมิงพราย) (1963; Sanan Kraprayoon)

- Blood Love: Nang Prai (เลือดรักนางพราย) (1964; Rangsi Thasanapayak)
- Ghost Love (Phuta Phitsawat; ภูตพิศวาส) (1964; Prateep Komonphis) ▲

- Demon Mistress (ปีศาจเมียน้อย) (1966; Charoen Suwanrit)
- Golden Goddess Kalong, The (Chao Mae Takhianthong; เจ้าแม่ตะเคียนทอง (1966; Rangsi Thasanapayak)
- Phantom Snake (งูผี) (1966; Ratt Setthaphakdi) ▲
Phra Rot-Meri (พระรถเมรี) (1966; Sehn Komarshun)

- Boonpeng Iron Chest (บุญเพ็งหีบเหล็ก) (1967; Payung Payakul)
- Ghost of Nang Fa Thani (Banana Tree Ghost; นางพรายตานี) (1967; ?)
- Glass Kalong (Kaew Kalong; แก้วกาหลง) (1967; Rangsi Thasanapayak)
- Goddess Panthong (Chao Mae Panthong; เจ้าแม่ปานทอง) (1967; Dusita)
- Kukarawek (กู่การะเวก) (1967; Prateep Komonphis)
- Mrs. Praitani (นางพรายตานี) (1967; Nakarin) ▼

- Ghost Bell (ระฆังผี) (1968; Pradit Kaljaruek)
- I Don't Mind (?) (พิศวาสไม่วาย) (1968; ?) [missing]
- Mae Nak: Reckless Love (The Fiery Love of Mae Nak; Mae Nak Khanong Rak; แม่นาคคะนองรัก) (1968; Chumphon Theppitak)
- Prai Phitsawat (พรายพิศวาส) (1968; Chaluay Sriratana)
- Round Belly Ghost (Phi Thong Klom; ผีท้องกลม) (1968' ?)
- 7 Cemetery (7 ป่าช้า) (1968; Kriengsak Rerkchana)
- Zombie, The (เดชผีดิบ) (1968; Kriengsak Rerkchana)

- Beautiful Devil (ปีศาจแสนสวย) (1969; Ajarn Attchinda)
- Cemetery, The (Chao Pa Cemetery; จ้าวป่าช้า) (1969; Kriengsak Rerkchana)
- Demon of Love (Phu thaeng khwam rak; ภูตแห่งความรัก) (1969; Chutima Suwannarat)
- Elven Sorcerer (Det Nang Prai; เดชนางพราย) (1969; Kriengsak Rerkchana) [missing]
- Gecko Ghost (Gecko Phi; ตุ๊กแกผี) (1969; Pradit Kaljaruek)
- Goddess Sarika (เจ้าแม่สาริกา) (1969; Chet Victory) [partially missing]
- Golden Eel (ปลาไหลทอง) (1969; Ratt Setthaphakdi)
- Kinnaree (กินรี) (1969; Sanan Kraprayoon)
- Love Mansion (คฤหาสน์รัก) (1969; ?)
- Satan Lover, The (Devil's AffectionPhitsanaeha; ปีศาจเสน่หา (1969; Phan Kam)
- Yodrak Yungthong (ยอดรักยูงทอง) (1969; Prateep Komonphis)


- Broken Coffin (โลงแตก) (1970; ?) [missing]
- Dead and Born (ตายแล้วเกิด) (1970; Tos Wongngam)
- Ghost Child (Luk Phi Phi; ลูกผี) (1970; Sehn Komarshun) [missing]
- Golden Sabai Goddess (Chao Mae Sabai Thong; เจ้าแม่สไบทอง) (1970; Winit Phakdeewijit)
- Pi Kaew Nang Hong (ปี่แก้วนางหงษ์) (1970; Sehn Komarshun) [missing]
- Spirit of Love, The (Demon; ภูตเสน่หา) (1970; Surin Duangthongdee)

- Crocodile Man (Kraithong Kropaer Charawan) (1971; Kuang Hui)
- Ghost Toad (Kao Kao Phi Phi; คางคาวผี) (1971; ?) [missing]
- God of Death, The (ยมบาลเจ้าขา) (1971; ?) [partially missing]
- Mrs. Prai Chamlang (Nang Prai Chamlang; นางพรายจำแลง) (1971; Nakarin)
- Out of the Darkness (มันมากับความมืด) (1971; Chatrichalerm Yukol) ▲
- Steel Wool Glass (??) (แก้วขนเหล็ก) (1971; Chittin) [vampire movie]

- Cat with the Diamond Eyes (Petch Ta Maew; เพชรตาแมว) (1972; Pradit Kaljaruek)
- Snake Queen (Mae Ngu; แม่งู) (1972; Ting Chung, Choi Sai-Nam) [co-Taiwan]

- Don Khom (ดอนโขมด) (1973; Winit Phakdeewijit)
- Ghost of Guts Eater (Krasue Girl; Krasue Sao; กระสือสาว) (1973; Sanit Kosaroth)
- Haunted Girl, The (ดรุณีผีสิง) (1973; Kriangsak Roekchana)
- Killer in the Dark (Duo ming ke) (1973; Tung-Min Chen, Naolod Pecnai) [co-Hong Kong]
- Kung Takhian (คุ้งตะเคียน) (1973; Kittipong Wetpuyan)
- Mae Nak Phra Khanong (แม่นาคพระโขนง) (1973; Surin Duangthongdee)
- Mae Nak Rampage (แม่นาคอาละวาด) (1973; Surin Duangthongdee)
- Nong Bua Daeng (หนองบัวแดง) (1973; Somchai Asanajinda)
- Tah Tien (ท่าเตียน) (1973; Sompote Saengduenchai)
- Vampire, The (Jommakin; จอมเมฆินทร์) (1973; Sanan Kraprayoon) [missing]

- Daughter of Satan (Tída Páyayom; ธิดาพญายม) (1974; Anan Chonwanit)
- Hanuman and the 5 Kamen Riders (Hanuman pob Har Aimoddaeng; หนุมานพบ 5 ไอ้มดแดง) (1974; Sompote Saengduenchai; Shohei Tôjô) ▼
- Wolf Girl, The (Lang nu; สาวหมาป่า) (1974; Kuang Hui, Tung-Min Chen) [co-Taiwan]

- Earthly Spirit (วิญญาณโลกีย์) (1975; Rangsi Thasanapayak)
Ghost Hotel (โรงแรมผี) (1975; Saenyakar)
- Ghost Hysteria Girl (ผีสาวฮิสทีเรีย) (1975; Luck)
- Ghost Junction (ชุมทางผี) (1975; ?)
- Mae Nak America (แม่นาคอเมริกา) (1975; Lek Kitaparaporn)
- Possessed, The (Gui tai; Kun phee; ครรภ์ผี) (1975; Lung Hsiao, Li Wei) [co-Hong Kong]

- Golden Zucchini (??) (ทองลูกบวบ) (1976; Wichitrat)
- Mae Nak Invades Tokyo (แม่นาคบุกโตเกียว) (1976; Thanachai Chinothai)
- Mars Men (Huo xing ren) (1976; Hung-Min Chen) [co-Italy, Japan, Taiwan]
- Nightmare (Darkness; Dark Threats; ภัยมืด) (1976; Siampol)
- Tiger Devil, The (Prai Kinnaree; พรายกินรี) (1976; Sanan Kraprayoon)
- Tiger Wife (Meiy seux; เมียเสือ) (1976; Kriengkrai Sayumporn) ▼

- Ghost of Mae Nak (Mae Nak Phra Khanong; แม่นาคพระโขนง) (1978; Senee Pao Pradit)
- Spirit of Love: The Ghost of Mae Nak (วิญญาณรักแม่นาคพระโขนง) (1978; Seni Komarachun)
- Town in Fog, A (เมืองในหมอก) (1978; Permpol Choey-Arun)
- Yo Yo (Yombal Cha; ยมบาลจ๋า) (1978; Neramit)

- Dangerous Charm (ไร้เสน่หา) (1979; ?)
- Drakula Tok (แดร็กคูล่าต๊อก) (1979; Lor Tok)
- Goddess of Fire (Takhian Khanong; ตะเคียน คะนอง) (1979; Rangsi Thasanapayak)
- Nakee (นาคี) (1979; Ratt Setthaphakdi) ▲


- Crocodile (Chorakhe; จระเข้) (1980; Sompote Saengduenchai + others) [co-HK, South Korea]
- Elephant Wife (Zhi mo nu) (1980; Yi-Hsiu Lin) [co-Hong Kong, Taiwan]
- Ghost Love (ภูตพิศวาส) (1980; ?)
- Ghost Tree (Sang Khiao; สางเขียว) (1980; ?)
- Headless Ghost (Phi hua khaad; Siamese Curse; ผีหัวขาด) (1980; Vithit Utsahajit) ▲
Hell Fire (The Fire of Hell; ไฟนรกขุมโลกันต์) (1981; Yuttana Mukdasanit)
- Krai Thong (ไกรทอง) (1980; Neramit; Sompote Saengduenchai) ▼
- Magic Killer (Boonpeng Iron Chest; Bun pheng hip lek; บุญเพ็งหีบเหล็ก) (1980; Payoong Payakul)
- Vengeful Spell (คาถาพยาบาท) (1980; Surachai Phanthuthat)

- Blood Orchid (กล้วยไม้สีเลือด) (1981; Phisan Akkraseranee)
- Demon Mistress (Phit Mia Noi; ปีศาจเมียน้อย) (1981; Saen Surasak, Charoen Suwanrit)
- Ghost Money (Ngern Pak Phi; เงินปากผี) (1981; Chana Kraprayoon)
- Glass Kalong (แก้วกาหลง) (1981; Seni Komarachun)
- Goddess Sarika (Chao Mae Sarika; เจ้าแม่สาริกา) (1981; Surin Duangthongdee)
- Graveyard, The (ป่าช้าแตก) (1981; Surin Duangthongdee)
- Phra Rot-Meri (พระรถเมรี) (1981; Neramit, Sompote Saengduenchai)
- Sunken-Eyed Ghost, The (Phi Ta Bo; ผีตาโบ๋) (1981; Komanchun)


- Crocodile Therakwad (ขุนช้างขุนแผน ตอนปราบจรเข้เถรขวาด) (1982; Neramit; Sompote Saengduenchai)
- Golden Buddha Against the Snake Phantom (Ngû yaks; งูยักษ์) (1982; Chih Chen) [co-Taiwan]
- Shadow (เงา) (1982; ?)
- Sound of Her Fury, The (The Voice of Mrs. Prai; Waew Siang Nang Prai; แว่วเสียงนางพราย) (1982; Rangsi Thasanapayak)

- Black Magic with Buddha, The (ปีศาจมันสมอง) (1983; Lo Lieh) [co-Hong Kong]
- Brutal Sorcery (Du gu) (1983; Ling Pang) [co-Hong Kong]
- Cannibal Mercenary (Jungle Killers; รับจ้างตาย) (1983; Hong Lu Wong)
- Dracula, The (แก้วขนเหล็ก) (1983; ?)
- Paranormal Oil (อาถรรพณ์น้ำมันพราย) (1983; Komen Saksenee) ▼
- Warp Hotel (Rongraem Wiprit; โรงแรมวิปริต) (1983; ?)

- Charm of Nang Prai, The (Sanae Nang Prai; เสน่ห์นางพราย) (1984; ?)
- Dissecting the Coffin (ผ่าโลง) (1984; Namnt)
- Golden Bat (ค้างคาวทอง) (1984; Namnt)
- Oil of Eternal Life (อิทธิฤทธิ์น้ำมันพราย) (1984; ?)
- Queen of Ghost Snakes (นางพญางูผี) (1984; Anan Chonwanit, Suriyon Duangthongdee)
- Reckless Ghost Love (นางพรายคะนองรัก) (1984; ?)
- Talisman Against Ghosts (ยันต์สู้ผี) (1984; Namnt)
- Teenage Ghost Girl (Phi Ao Ao; ผีเอ๊าะ เอ๊าะ) (1984; Naruecha Pengphol)
- Zombie, The (เดชผีดิบ) (1984; ?)

- Angel and Satan (นางฟ้ากับซาตาน) (1985; Phisan Akkraseranee)
- Filth Eating Spirit (Krasue krahai lveat) (1985; ?)
- Ghost Bell (ระฆังผี) (1985; ?)
- Goddess Takhianthong (Chao Mae Takhianthong; เจ้าแม่ตะเคียนทอง) (1984; Namnt)
Krai Thong 2 (ไกรทอง 2) (1985; Neramit; Sompote Saengduenchai)
- Magic Lizard (Kingka Kaiyasit; กิ้งก่ากายสิทธิ์) (1985; Sompote Saengduenchai) ▼
- Miss Crocodile Gold (จระเข้ศรีวันทอง) (1985; Kangsadan)
- Vampire, The (Jommakin; จอมเมฆินทร์) (1985; Naruchea Phengphon)

- Crafty Devils (Cunning Ghost; The Sly Ghost; ผีเจ้าเล่ห์) (1986; Kamthepth)
- Hak liam Drakula (หักเหลี่ยมแดร็กคูล่า) (1986; Somwong Timbuntham)
- Magic Man, The (Haunted Gunman; Nakrob Phee Sing; มือปืนผีสิง) (1986; Phayung Phayakun)

- Broken Coffin (โลงแตก) (1987; Surin Duangthongdee)
- Crocodile Goddess (เจ้าแม่จระเข้) (1987; Kangsadan)
- Ghost in ICU Room (เหตุเกิดที่ห้องไอซียู) (1987; )
- Ghostly Affection (Phutasaneha; The Spirit of Love; ภูติเสน่หา) (1987; Suphasit)
- It's Hidden in the Dormitory (มันแอบอยู่ในหอ) (1987; Prayoon Wongchuen)
- Mae Nak 30 (แม่นาค 30) (1987; Surin Duangthongdee)
- Miracle Fighter, The (นักสู้ปาฏิหาริย์) (1987; Anirut Nutpairot)
- This Woman Is Not a Ghost (ผู้หญิงคนนี้ไม่ใช่ผี) (1987; ?)
- Tree Goddess (อภินิหาร เจ้าแม่ตะเคียน) (1987; ?)
- Victim (เหยื่อ) (1987; Chana Kraprayoon)
- Wake Up to Kill (Plook Mun Kuen Ma Kah; ปลุกมันขึ้นมาฆ่า) (1987; Praphon Petchin, Panna Rittikrai)
- Werewolf (Mnusy hmapa; Wolf; มนุษย์หมาป่า) (1987; Sommai Khamsorn) ▼

- Ai Dang's Victory Lap (Idang Koeichai; ไอ้ด่างเกยชัย) (1988; Thikamporn)
- Crocodile Fury (1988; "Ted Kingsbrook", Neramit, Sompote Saengduenchai) [co-HK]
- Mad Move (1988; "Tim Ashby") [co-Hong Kong]
- Magical Stars (Mystical Star; ดาวอาถรรพ) (1988; Nangba)
- Robo Vampire (1988; "Joe Livingstone") [co-Hong Kong]

- Counter Destroyer (The Vampire Is Still Alive) (1989; "Edgar Jere") [co-Hong Kong]
- Diamond Cat Eye (เพชรตาแมว) (1989; ?)
- Fallen Angels Paradise (นางฟ้าตกสวรรค์) (1989; Pramuan Udomsuk)
Heavenly Spell (Phi Song NangPu sa zhou) (1989; On Ma; Rittirong) [co-Hong Kong]
- House of Pop, The (Baan phi pop; บ้านผีปอบ) (1989; Saiyon Srisawat)
- Mae Nak Phra Khanong (แม่นาคพระโขนง) (1989; Chusak Sutheerathum)
- Mae Nak Rampage (แม่นาคอาละวาด) (1989; ?)
- Snake Lady (Mae Bia; แม่เบี้ย) (1989; Adul Boonbut)
- Three-Head Monster (Ginseng King; San tou mo wang) (1989; Wang Chu-Chin) [co-Taiwan]
- Wake Up to Kill 2 (ปลุกมันขึ้นมาฆ่า 2) (1989; Praphon Petchin, Panna Rittikrai)

- Black Glass (ดอกแก้วดำ) (1990; ?)
- Black Goblins (1990; Yuenyong Kongkaphan, Panna Rittikrai)
- Demon Spider Girl (Pheesaj mangmoom sao; The Spidey Satan; ปีศาจแมงมุมสาว) (1990; Wanchana)
- Devil Abyss (Heavenly Spirit; Phutawweji; ภูตอเวจี) (1990; Nirathon)
- Family Tree Ghoul (ต้นตระกูลปอบ) (1990; ?)
- Fiery Ghost Story (พรายคะนอง) (1990; ?)
- Filth Eating Spirit Bites Ogre (กระสือกัดปอบ) (1990; Phalawut)
- Ghost House (Ban Phi Do; บ้านผีดุ) (1990; Spark)
- Ghost House Girl (บ้านผีสาว) (1990; Seni)
- Holocaust of the Ogre Clan (ล้างเผ่าพันธุ์โคตรผีปอบ) (1990; ?)
- House of Pop 2, The (Baan phi pop 2; บ้านผีปอบ 2) (1990; Saiyon Srisawat)
- House of Pop 3, The (Baan phi pop 3; บ้านผีปอบ 3) (1990; Saiyon Srisawat)
- Krasue Kat Pop (กระสือกัดปอบ) (1990; ?)
- Lady Tiger (1990; Ry-Man)
- Love of Ghost (Phi Sum-Oy) (1990; ?)
- Luk Krook Fiery Episode: Awaken the Cemetery (ลูกกรอกคะนอง ตอน ปลุกป่าช้า) (1990; Mont Komenth)
- Lust of Corpse Oil (Tanha Nam Man Phrai; ตัณหาน้ำมันพราย) (1990; Kamanita)
- Mae Nak Resurrection (แม่นาคคืนชีพ) (1990; ?)
- Midnight Bride (เจ้าสาวเที่ยงคืน) (1990; Sanyakorn)
- Midnight Shade (ตัณหาพระจันทร์) (1990; ?)
- Paranormal Gecko Ghost, The (อาถรรพณ์ตุ๊กแกผี) (1990; Wasuthep Osiri)
- Pitchfork Fight (โกยอุตลุด) (1990; Charlie Yamsompong)
- Poisonous Power (แรงฤทธิ์พิษสวาท) (1990; ?)
- Pop Is Strong Enough (ปอบผีเฮี้ยน; Pop Phi Hien) (1990; Atklub)
- Queen of Ghost Snakes 2 (Nang Phaya Ngu Phi Phi 2; นางพญางูผี 2) (1990; ?)
- 7 Cemetery: Ghosts Breaking the Belly (7 ป่าช้า) (1990; Lek Duangthongdee)
- Tunha Mae Bia (ตัณหาแม่เบี้ย) (1990; ?)
- Wake Up to Kill 3: Peekaboo, the Headless Ghost (ปลุกมันขึ้นมาฆ่า 3 ตอน จ๊ะเอ๋ผีหัวขาด) (1990; Praphon Petchin)
- Widow Ghost (ผีแม่ม่าย) (1990; Prawit Khumrit)


Seeing how there's likely to be new ones every time I turn around, I'm holding off on this for now.


- A good number of the 80s films listed are remakes of older films (a lot of which are missing); often using the same exact titles.
- Out of the Darkness (1971) is considered the first Thai sci-fi film.
- Sompote Sands made an even earlier version of Krai Thong back in 1972 for Channel 7, though I am unsure whether this was a standalone film or a TV series so I've left it off for the time being. Either way, I believe this is in the "missing" category.
- Headless Ghost (1980) received a release in Hong Kong under the title Sumpahan Siam / "Siamese Curse". There was also a VHS release of this version with English subtitles, which is now extremely difficult to find. I've never stumbled upon it, though it does exist.
- Poisonous Power (1990) is a remake / rip-off of Fatal Attraction (1987).


Apologies for the incomplete nature of this particular list. I'll be making improvements to it over time.


IrisDZ said...

If I can possibly get a hold of my sister in law, I suppose she could help with any translations you might need. She is Thai and has helped me with translations in the past, though you have already done such a fantastic job! She is in Poland now, but has been an actress in the past, so she might be able to shed some light on the history of these films a bit. She has discussed these legends to me before, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this list. I recommend your blog to many as you have clearly devoted a lot of effort to the films you review, no matter the country or genre. Thank you for your efforts sir!

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

She (or anyone else!) is more than welcome to stop by and help with these translations. I am just getting started here with this list so there will be a lot more stuff to work out here. Hope to get it in decent order eventually. And thank you for your kind words!

Scott Andrew Hutchins said...

I just got a shipment of some Thai horror VCDs and one DVD (Sisters (2019)). One of them is called นางผีปอบ -- Nang Phi Pop. It says it's from 2552 (2009) but looks much older from the bit I've seen so far. The seller called it Ghoul Lady.

It was released by Lepso, and Thai World View has an entire page dedicated to their inaccuracies. I posted a photo of the VCDs in my order on that page. https://www.thaiworldview.com/tv/cinema12.htm

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I've seen images from that cover you posted on other posters but I cannot place them now. A lot of these they just kind of swipe whatever cool images they want and throw them together whether it has anything to do with the actual film or not.

Have you had a chance to watch the entire movie yet? Any guess as to what era it's from?

I do plan on doing another run of these films this year. There's still so much stuff to work out here it's crazy.

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