Saturday, February 16, 2019

Contact / Support

There are many ways to reach me...

Email: thebloodypitofhorrorblog@gmail.com

Twitter: @BloodyPit

For those wanting to snail mail screener copies of films (yes, people still do that!) or send anything else via the old school method (people still do that, too) and are in need of a physical address, please request one at the provided email address. The same in regards to phone contact or potentially reviewing your film here.

Letterboxd: capkronos


I've recently opened up a Patreon account which, in case you're unfamiliar with the service, is for offering monetary support to artists, writers and various other content creators who generally do their work for free. If you'd like to contribute a small amount of money (as little as 1 dollar a month; or a one-time donation) to help keep this place going and updated more frequently, please head on over to Pateron. I've decided to do this in an effort to potentially free up as much time as possible to produce a steadier stream of content here. Of course, every little bit helps.

Patreon: Pledge your support RIGHT HERE.

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