Ratings Key

= Excellent. The best the genre has to offer.
1/2 = Very Good. Perhaps not "perfect," but undoubtedly a must-see.
★★★ = Good. Accomplishes what it sets out to do and does it well.
★★1/2 = Fair. Clearly flawed and nothing spectacular, but competently made. OK entertainment.
★★ = Mediocre. Either highly uneven or by-the-numbers and uninspired.
1/2 = Bad. Very little to recommend.
= Very Bad. An absolute chore to sit through.
NO STARS! = Abysmal. Unwatchable dreck that isn't even bad-movie amusing.
SBIG = So Bad It's Good. Technically awful movies with massive entertainment value.

Friday, November 7, 2008

T Titles

Films are listed by their original English-language release title when available. If the film has not been officially released in the U.S. then I'll use the informal release title. If that's not an option, then I'll go with the original foreign release title. I am trying to database every horror title made between 1950 - 1990 right here and will constantly be adding more in the future so make sure to check back! A * next to a title means I have it rated and have uploaded a photo but haven't done the review yet. If you see anything missing, shoot me a message and it will be added.


[TV] = Either made specifically for TV or debuted on TV.
[X] = Contains hardcore sex.
[short] = Has a running time of less than 45 minutes.
[doc] = Genre-themed documentary; includes mondo shockumentaries.
[unreleased] = Film has never been released, perhaps not even completed.
[missing] = No prints are known to exist.
BLUE = USA, Canada
RED = Most of Asia, Turkey, India
ORANGE = Central and South America, Spain and Portugal
YELLOW = Most of Europe, Russia
PURPLE = Australia, New Zealand
GREEN = Africa and the Middle East


- Tabloid (1985; Glen Coburn, Matt Devlen, Bret McCormick) USA
- Taboos Around the World (I tabù; Taboos of the World) (1963; Romolo Marcellini) Italy
- Tainted (1987 [filmed in 1984]; Orestes Matacena) USA
- Take Me Naked (Take Me) (1966; Michael Findlay, Roberta Findlay) USA
- Tale from the East, A (Blood Demon; Man hua qi xia) (1990; Manfred Wong) Hong Kong
- Tale of Ruby Rose, The (1987; Roger Scholes) Australia
- Tales from the Crypt (1972; Freddie Francis) UK, USA
- Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990; John Harrison) USA
- Tales from the Gimli Hospital (Gimli Saga; Pestilence) (1988; Guy Maddin) Canada
- Tales from the Quadead Zone (1987; Chester Novell Turner) USA
- Tales of Frankenstein* (1958; Curt Siodmak) [TV] [short] UK, USA
- Tales of Terror (Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Terror) (1962; Roger Corman) USA
- Tales of the Third Dimension (1985; Worth Keeter, Thom McIntyre, Earl Owensby) USA
- Tales of the Unexpected (1979; Paul Annett, Ray Danton, G. Hessler, Norman Lloyd) [TV] USA
- Tales of the Unknown (1990; Greg Beeman, John Kim, Todd A. Marks, Roger Nygard) USA
- Tales That Witness Madness (Witness Madness) (1973; Freddie Francis) UK
- Talisman (Al-ta'weeza; Altawiza) (1987; Mohammed Shebl) Egypt
- Taming of Rebecca, The (Rebecca) (1982; Phil Prince) [X] USA
- Tanya's Island (1980; Alfred Sole) Canada
- Tarantula* (The Giant Tarantula) (1955; Jack Arnold) USA
- Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (1977; Stuart Hagmann) [TV] USA
- Target Earth (1954; Sherman A. Rose) USA
- Targets* (Before I Die) (1968; Peter Bogdanovich) USA
- Taste of Blood, A (The Secret of Dr. Alucard) (1967; Herschell Gordon Lewis) USA
- Taste of Evil, A (Hallucinations) (1971; John Llewellyn Moxey) [TV] USA
- Taste for Flesh and Blood, A (1990; Warren F. Disbrow) USA
- Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970; Peter Sasdy) UK
- Tattoo (1981; Bob Brooks) USA
- Taxi Killer (1988; Stelvio Massi) [unreleased] Italy
- Teenage Monster (Monster on the Hill) (1958; Jacques R. Marquette) USA
- Teenagers Battle the Thing (Curse of Bigfoot) (1958; Dave Flocker) USA
- Teenagers from Outer Space (The Gargon Terror) (1959; Tom Graeff) USA
- Teen-Age Strangler (Terror in the Night) (1964; Ben Parker) USA
- Teenage Zombies (Teenage Torture) (1959 [filmed in 1957]; Jerry Warren) USA
- Teen Alien (The Varrow Mission) (1978; Peter Semelka) USA
- Teen Vamp (1988; Samuel Bradford) USA
- Teen Witch (1989; Dorian Walker) USA
- Teen Wolf (1985; Rod Daniel) USA
- Teen Wolf Too (Teen Wolf 2) (1987; Christopher Leitch) USA
- Television Set, The (El televisor) (1974; Narciso Ibáñez Serrador) [TV] Spain
- Tell-Tale Heart, The* (1953; Ted Parmelee) [short] USA
- Tell-Tale Heart, The (Hidden Room of 1000 Horrors) (1960; Ernest Morris) UK
- Temptation of the Demon Woman (Demon Woman; Godaan Siluman Perempuan) (1978; Ackyl Anwari) Indonesia
- Temptress and the Monk, The (Byakuya no yôjo) (1958; Eisuke Takizawa) Japan
- Tenamonya: Ghost Journey (Tenamonya yurei dochu) (1967; Shûe Matsubayashi) Japan
- Tenant, The* (Le locataire) (1976)
- Tender and Perverse Emanuelle (La chemin solitaire) (1973; Jesus Franco) France
- Tender Dracula (The Big Scare; Le grande trouille) (1974; Pierre Grunstein) France
- Tenderloin (Haven of Horror) (1985; Louis Ferriol) USA
- Tenderness of Wolves, The (Die Zärtlichkeit der Wölfe) (1973; Ulli Lommel) West Germany
- Tenebre* (Shadow; Under the Eyes of the Assassin) (1982; Dario Argento) Italy
- Tenement* (Game of Survival; Slaughter in South Bronx) (1985; Roberta Findlay) USA
- Ten Little Indians (And Then There Were None) (1965; George Pollock) UK
- Ten Little Indians (Ein unbekannter rechnet ab) (1974; Peter Collinson) France, Italy, Spain, UK, West Germany
- Ten Little Indians (Death on Safari) (1989; Alan Birkinshaw) UK
- Ten Little Maidens (10 Lil' Maidens) (1985; John Seeman) USA
- Tennis Court, The ("Fox Mystery Theater" series) (1984; Cyril Frankel) [TV] UK
- 10 Rillington Place* (1971; Richard Fleischer) UK
- Tentacles (Tentacoli) (1977; Ovidio G. Assonitis) Italy, USA
- 10 to Midnight (Ten to Midnight) (1983; J. Lee Thompson) USA
- Terminal Choice (Critical List; Death Bed; Trauma) (1985 [filmed 1982]; Sheldon Larry) Canada
- Terminator, The (1984; James Cameron) USA
Terrible Ghost-Cat of Okazaki (Kaibyô Okazaki sôdô) (1954; Bin Kado) Japan
- Terrible Snow Giant, The (El terrible gigante de las nieves) (1963; Jaime Salvador) Mexico
- Terrified (1963; Lew Landers) USA
- Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom (Kyôfu joshikôkô: bôkô rinchi kyôshitsu) (1973; Noribumi Suzuki) Japan
- Terrifying Tales (1989; Paul Bunnell, Armand Garabidian, Ephraim Schwartz) USA
- Territory, The (La territoire) (1981; Raoul Ruiz) Portugal
- Terror, The (Castle of Terror; Lady of the Shadows) (1963; Roger Corman, four others) USA
- Terror (1978; Norman J. Warren) UK
- Terror (Dahshat) (1981; Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay) India
- Terror and Black Lace (Terror y encajes negros) (1985; Luis Alcoriza) Mexico
- Terror at London Bridge (Bridge Across Time) (1985; E.W Swackhamer) [TV] USA
- Terror at Orgy Castle (1972; Zoltan G. Spencer) USA
- Terror at Tenkiller (1986; Ken Meyer) USA
- Terror Beneath the Sea (Kaitei daisensô; Water Cyborgs) (1966; Hajime Satô) Japan, USA
- Terror-Creatures from the Grave (5 tombe per un medium) (1965; Massimo Pupillo) Italy, USA
- Terror Express (La ragazza del vagone letto) (1979; Ferdinando Baldi) Italy
- Terror Eyes (1989; Eric Parkinson, Michael Rissi, Steve Sommers) USA
- Terrorgram (The Telegram of Death) (1990 [filmed in 1988]; Stephen M. Kienzle) USA
- Terror in Teakwood ("Thriller" series) (1961; Paul Henreid) [TV] USA
- Terror in the Aisles (That's Shock; Time for Terror) (1984; Andrew J. Kuehn) [doc] USA
- Terror in the Crypt (La cripta e l'incubo; Crypt of Horror) (1964; Camillo Mastrocinque) Italy, Spain
- Terror in the Haunted House (My World Dies Screaming) (1958; Harold Daniels) USA
- Terror in the Midnight Sun (Rymdinvasion i Lappland) (1959; Virgil W. Vogel) Sweden, USA
- Terror in the Swamp (Nutriaman, the Copasaw Creature) (1986 [filmed in 1983]; Joe Catalanotto, Martin Folse) USA
- Terror in the Wax Museum (1973; Georg Fenady) USA
- Terror Is a Man (Blood Creature; Gory Creatures) (1959; Gerardo de Leon) Philippines, USA
- Terrornauts, The (1967; Montgomery Tully) UK
- Terror of Dr. Mabuse, The (Das testament des Dr. Mabuse) (1962; Werner Klingler) WG
- Terror of Frankenstein (Victor Frankenstein) (1977 [filmed in 1975]; Calvin Floyd) Ireland, Sweden
- Terror of Mechagodzilla (Mekogojira no gyakushu) (1975; Ishirô Honda) Japan
- Terror of the Blood Hunters (1962; Jerry Warren) USA
- Terror of the Tongs, The (Terror of the Hatchet Men) (1961; Anthony Bushell) UK
- Terror on Alcatraz (Nightmare on Alcatraz) (1987; Philip Marcus) USA
- Terror on Half Moon Street (Der Mann mit dem Glasauge) (1969; Alfred Vohrer) W. Germany
- Terror on Tape (1985; Robert A. Worms III) [doc] USA
- Terror on the Beach (1973; Paul Wendkos) [TV] USA
- Terror on the Menu (The Folks at Red Wolf Inn) (1972; Bud Townsend) USA
- Terror on the Midnight Train (Terror en el tren de medianoche) (1980; Miguel Iglesias) Spain
- Terror on Tour (1980; Don Edmonds) USA
- Terror Out of the Sky (Revenge of the Savage Bees) (1978; Lee H. Katzin) [TV] USA
- Terror, Sex and Witchcraft (Terror, sexo y brujería) (1968, 1984; Rafael Portillo) Mexico
- Terror Storm (Ciclon; Cylone; Tornado) (1978; René Cardona Jr.) Mexico, Italy, USA
- Terror Train (Train of Terror) (1980; Roger Spottiswoode) Canada, USA
- TerrorVision (1986; Ted Nicolaou) USA
- Terror Within, The (1989; Thierry Notz) USA
- Terror Within II, The (The Terror Within 2) (1991 [filmed in 1990]; Andrew Stevens) USA
- Testament of Dr. Mabuse, The (Das testament des Dr. Mabuse) (1962; Werner Klinger) West Germany
- Tetsuo, the Iron Man (The Ironman; Tetsuo) (1989; Shin'ya Tsukamoto) Japan
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The* (1974; Tobe Hooper) USA
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Part 2, The (1986; Tobe Hooper) USA
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait (1988; Brad Shellady) [doc] USA
- That Cold Day in the Park (1969; Robert Altman) Canada, USA
- Theater of Blood (Much Ado About Murder) (1973; Douglas Hickox) UK
- Theater of Death (Blood Fiend; The Female Fiend) (1967; Samuel Gallu) UK
- Them!* (1954; Jack Arnold) USA
- There's a Ghost in My Bed (Hay un fantasma en mi cama) (1981; Claudio Giorgi) Italy, Spain
- There's Nothing Out There (1991 [filmed in 1989]; Rolfe Kanefsky) USA
- These Are the Damned (The Damned; Hallucination) (1963 [f / 1961]; Joseph Losey) UK
- They Came from Beyond Space (1967; Freddie Francis) UK
- They Don't Cut the Grass Anymore (1985; Nathan Schiff) USA
- They Live (Invasion Los Angeles) (1988; John Carpenter) USA
- They're Playing With Fire (Playing with Fire) (1984; Howard Avedis) USA
- They Saved Hitler's Brain (Madmen of Mandoras) (1968 [filming began in 1963]; David Bradley) [TV] USA
- They've Changed Faces (Hanno cambiato faccia) (1971; Corrado Farina) Italy
- Thing, The (John Carpenter's The Thing) (1982; John Carpenter) USA
- Thing from Another World, The (The Thing) (1951; Howard Hawks, Christian Nyby) USA
- Thing That Couldn't Die, The (1958; Will Cowan) USA
- Thing with Two Heads, The (The Beast with Two Heads) (1972; Lee Frost) USA
- Third Eye, The (Das Dritte Auge; Il terzo occhio) (1966; Mino Guerrini) Italy
- Third Part of the Night, The (Trzecia czesc nocy) (1972; Andrzej Zulawski) Poland
- Thirst* (1979; Rod Hardy) Australia
- Thirsty Dead, The (Blood Cult of Shangri-La; Blood Hunt) (1974; Terry Becker) Philippines, USA
- Thirsty Devil (Pyasa Shaitan) (1984; Joginder Shelly) India
- Thirsty for Love, Sex and Murder (Aska susayanlar seks ve cinayet) (1972; M. Aslan) Turkey
- 13 Ghosts (1960; William Castle) USA
- Thirteenth Day of Christmas, The ("Time for Murder" series) (1985; Patrick Lau) [TV] UK
- 13th Floor, The (1989; Chris Roache) Australia
- Thirteenth Reunion, The ("Hammer House of Horror" series) (1980; Peter Sasdy) [TV] UK
- This House Possessed (1981; William Wiard) [TV] USA
- This Is Horror (1990; Rick Marchesano, John Simmons) [doc] USA
This Island Earth (1954; Joseph M. Newman) USA
- This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse (Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver) (1967; José Mojica Marins) Brazil
- This Stuff'll Kill Ya! (1971; Herschell Gordon Lewis) USA
- Thomas and the Bewitched (Thomas e gli indemoniati) (1970; Pupi Avati) Italy
- Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, The (Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Mabuse) (1960; Fritz Lang) France, Italy, West Germany
- Thousand Pleasures, A (1000 Pleasures) (1968; Michael Findlay) USA
- Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except (Stryker's War) (1985; Josh Becker) USA
- Three Cases of Murder (1955; David Eady, George More O'Ferrall, Wendy Toye) UK
- Three Dangerous Ladies (1977; Alvin Rakoff, Robert Fuest, Don Thompson) Canada, UK, USA
- Three on a Meathook (3 on a Meathook!) (1972; William Girdler) USA
- Thrilled to Death (1988; Chuck Vincent) South AfricaUSA
- Thriller: A Cruel Picture (Thriller - en grym film) (1973; Bo Arne Vibenius) Sweden
- Thrill Killer (Follow That Skirt!) (1965; Richard W. Bomont) [short] USA
- Thrill Killers, The (Mad Doc Click; Maniacs Are Loose) (1964; Ray Dennis Steckler) USA
- Through the Looking Glass (1976; Jonas Middleton) [X] USA
- Thundercrack! (1975; Curt McDowell) [X] USA
- Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (Daai si wong) (1988; Godfrey Ho) Hong Kong, Taiwan
- Till Death (1978 [filmed in 1972-73; copyright 1974]; Walter Stocker) USA
- Till Death Do Us Part (Madhouse) (1982; Timothy Bond) [TV] Canada
- Till Death Do We Scare (Xiao sheng pa pa) (1982; Chia-Yung Liu) Hong Kong
- Till Death Shall We Start (Shuai gui qiao qiang jiao) (1990; Ricky Lau) Hong Kong
- Time After Time (1979; Nicholas Meyer) USA
- Time Burst - The Final Alliance (1989; Peter Yuval) USA
- Time of the Wolf (Ulvetid) (1981; Jens Ravn) Denmark
- Timesweep (1987; Dan Diefenderfer) USA
- Time Travelers, The (Time Warp) (1964; Ib Melchior) USA
- Time Walker* (Being from Another Planet) (1982; Tom Kennedy) USA
- Tingler, The (1959; William Castle) USA
- Tintorera (Bloody Waters; Tiger Shark) (1977; René Cardona Jr.) Mexico, UK
- Tiyanak (Goblin; Monster Baby) (1988; Peque Gallaga, Lore Reyes) Philippines
- To All a Good Night (1980; David Hess) USA
- Todd Killings, The (A Dangerous Friend; Skipper) (1971; Barry Shear) USA
- To Die For (Dracula: The Love Story) (1988; Deran Sarafian) USA
- To Die of Fear (Morir de miedo) (1980; Juan José Porto) Spain
To Hell with the Devil (Mo deng tian shi) (1982; John Woo) Hong Kong
- To Kill a Clown (1972; George Bloomfield) USA
- To Kill a Stranger (Kidnapped) (1987 [filmed in 1982]; Juan López Moctezuma) Mexico, USA
- Tomb, The (1986; Fred Olen Ray) USA
- Tomb of Dracula, The (Dracula; Yami no Teiô Kyûketsuki Dorakyura) (1980; Akinori Nagaoka, Minoru Okazaki) [animated] Japan
- Tomb of Ligeia, The (Last Tomb of Ligeia) (1964; Roger Corman) UK, USA
- Tomb of Torture (Metempsycho) (1963; Antonio Boccaci) Italy
- Tomb Silence (Un silencio de tumba) (1972; Jesus Franco) Spain
- Tombs of the Blind Dead (La noche del terror ciego) (1972; Amando de Ossorio) Portugal, Spain
- Too Beautiful to Die (Sotto il vestito niente 2) (1988; Dario Piana) Italy
- Toolbox Murders, The (1978; Dennis Donnelly) USA
- Too Much Fear (E tanta paura; Plot of Fear) (1976; Paolo Cavara) Italy
- Too Scared to Scream (The Doorman) (1985 [filmed in 1982]; Tony Lo Bianco) USA
- Top Line (Alien Terminator) (1988; Nello Rossati) Italy
- Torment (1986; Samson Aslanian, John Hopkins) USA
- Tormented (Eye of the Dead) (1960; Bert I. Gordon) USA
- Torso (I corpo presentano tracce di violenza carnale) (1973; Sergio Martino) Italy
- Torticola vs. Frankensberg (Torticola contre Frankensberg) (1952; Paul Paviot) [short] France
- Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism, The (Blood Demon; Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel) (1967; Harald Reinl) West Germany
- Tortured Females (1965; Arch Hudson) USA
- Torture Dungeon (Dungeon of Death) (1970; Andy Milligan) USA
- Torture Garden (1967; Freddie Francis) UK
- To the Devil, a Daughter (Child of Satan) (1976; Peter Sykes) UK, West Germany
- Touch of Death (Quando Alice ruppe lo specchio) (1988; Lucio Fulci) Italy
- Touch of Her Flesh, The (The Touch of Her Love; Way Out Love) (1967; Michael Findlay) USA
- Touch of Satan, The (The Curse of Melissa) (1971; Don Henderson) USA
- Tourist Trap (1979; David Schmoeller) USA
- Tower of Evil (Beyond the Fog; Horror of Snape Island) (1972; Jim O'Connolly) UK, USA
- Tower of London (1962; Roger Corman) USA
- Tower of the Screaming Virgins (Der Turm der verbotenen Liebe) (1968; Franz Antel) France, Italy, West Germany
- Town That Dreaded Sundown, The (1976; Charles B. Pierce) USA
- Toxic Avenger, The (Atomic Hero) (1984; Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman) USA
- Toxic Avenger, Part II, The (1989; Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman) USA
- Toxic Avenger, Part III, The (1989; Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman) USA
- Toxic Zombies (Blood Butchers; Bloodeaters) (1980; Charles Austin McCrann) USA
- Toy Box, The (Sexualrausch) (1971; Ronald Víctor García) USA
- Toyol (1980; Malik Selamat) Malaysia
- Tracking (Ghost Soldier) (1981; Pierre B, Reinhard) France
- Track of the Moon Beast* (1976 [filmed in 1972]; Richard Ashe) USA
- Track of the Vampire (Blood Bath) (1966; Jack Hill, Stephanie Rothman) USA, Yugoslavia
- Tragic Ceremony (Trágica ceremonia en villa Alexander) (1972; Riccardo Freda) Italy, Spain
- Trail, The (Jui gwai chat hung; 7 Ghost Chasers) (1983; Ronny Yu) Hong Kong
- Transformation, The (A Sandwich of Nightmares; Transformation) (1974; Lewis Jackson) USA
- Transformations (1988; Jay Kamen) USA
- Transmutations (The Tunnel of Terror; Underworld) (1985; George Pavlou) UK
- Transylvania 6-500* (1985; Rudy De Luca) USA, Yugoslavia
- Transylvania Twist (1989; Jim Wynorski) USA
- Trap (Die Falle; Piège) (1970; Jacques Baratier) France
- Trapped (1989; Fred Walton) [TV] USA
- Trapped Alive (1993 [filmed in 1988]; Leszek Burzynski) USA
- Trapped by Fear (Atrapados en el miedo) (1983; Carlos Aured) Spain
- Trauma (1962; Robert M. Young) USA
- Trauma (Violación fatal) (1977; León Klimovsky) Spain
- Trauma (Enigma rosso; Red Rings of Fear; Virgin Killer) (1978; Alberto Negrin) Italy, Spain, West Germany
- Trauma (Trhauma) (1980; Gianni Martucci) Italy
- Traveler, The (El caminante) (1979; Paul Naschy) MexicoSpain
Treasure (Ganj) (1987; Mohammad Ali Sajjadi) Iran
- Treasure of Abbot Thomas, The (1974; Lawrence Gordon Clark) [TV] UK
- Treasure of the Amazon, The (Greed) (1985 [filmed in 1983]; René Cardona Jr.) Mexico, USA
- Tremors* (Dead Silence; Land Sharks) (1990; Ron Underwood) USA
- Trick or Treats (1982; Gary Graver) USA
- Trick or Treat (1986; Charles Martin Smith) USA
Trickster of Dehli (Dilli Ka Thug) (1958; S.D. Narang) India
- Trilogy of Terror (Trilogia do Terror) (1968; O. Candeias, J. Marins, L. Person) Brazil
- Trilogy of Terror (Tales of Terror) (1975; Dan Curtis) [TV] USA
- Trip to the Beyond (Viaje al más allá) (1980; Sebastián D'Arbó) Spain
- Trip With the Teacher (Deadly Field Trip) (1975; Earl Barton) USA
- Trog (1970; Freddie Francis) UK
- Troll (Torok the Troll; Troll: Creature of Evil) (1986; John Carl Buechler) Italy, USA
- Troll 2* (Goblins; Troll II; Trolli; Trolls) (1990; Claudio Fragasso) Italy, USA
- Trollenberg Terror, The (The Crawling Eye) (1958; Quentin Lawrence) UK
- Troma's War (Club War; War) (1988; Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman) USA
- Tropic of Cancer (Al tropico del cancro; Death in Haiti) (1972; Giampaolo Lomi, Edoardo Mulargia) Italy
- True Gore (1987; M. Dixon Causey) [doc] USA
- Truth According to Satan, The (La verità secondo Satana) (1971; Renato Polselli) Italy
- Truth or Dare... A Critical Madness (1986; Tim Ritter) USA
Truth or Illusion? (Katotohanan o guniguni?) (1960; Fely Crisostomo, Tommy C. David, Armando De Guzman, Jose Miranda Cruz) Philippines
- Turkish Jaws (Çöl; The Desert) (1983; Çetin Inanç) Turkey
- Turkish Young Frankenstein (Frankenstein; Sevimli Frankenstein) (1975; Nejat Saydam) Turkey
Turn of the Screw, The (“Startime” series) (1959; John Frankenheimer) [TV] USA
- Turn of the Screw, The (1974; Dan Curtis) [TV] USA
- Turn of the Screw, The (Otra vuelta de tuerca) (1985; Eloy de la Iglesia) Spain
- Turn of the Screw, The ("Nightmare Classics" series) (1989; Graeme Clifford) [TV] USA
- Twelve Months of Summer, The (Sommarens tolv månader) (1988; Richard Hobert) [TV] Sweden
- 20 Million Miles to Earth* (The Beast from Space) (1957; Nathan Juran) USA
- 27 Hours with Death (27 horas con la muerte) (1982; Jairo Pinilla) Colombia
29th Night, The (Shab-e bist o nohom) (1989; Hamid Rakhshani) Iran
- Twice Dead* (1988; Bert L. Dragin) USA
- Twice-Told Tales (The Corpse-Makers; Nights of Terror) (1963; Sidney Salkow) USA
- Twilight People, The (Beasts) (1972; Eddie Romero) Philippines, USA
- Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983; Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller, Steven Spielberg) USA
- Twinsanity (Goodbye Gemini) (1970; Alan Gibson) UK
- Twins of Evil (The Evil Twins; The Gemini Twins) (1971; John Hough) UK
- Twisted (A Step Beyond Insanity) (1986; Adam Holender) USA
- Twisted Illusions (1985; Tim Ritter, Joel D. Wynkoop) USA
- Twisted Issues (1988; Charles Pinion) USA
- Twisted Nerve (1968; Roy Boulting) UK
- Twisted Nightmare (Ancient Evil) (1987 [filmed in 1985]; Paul Hunt) USA
- Two Evil Eyes (Due occhi diabolici) (1990; Dario Argento, George A. Romero) Italy, USA
- Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll, The (House of Fright; Jekyll's Inferno) (1960; Terence Fisher) UK
- Two Faces of Evil, The ("Hammer House of Horror" series) (1980; Alan Gibson) [TV] UK
- Two Faces of Fear, The (Due volti della paura) (1972; Tulio Demicheli) Italy, Spain
- Two Girls for a Madman (2 Girls for a Madman) (1968; Stanley H. Brassloff) USA
- Two on a Guillotine (1965; William Conrad) USA
- Two-Thousand Maniacs! (Centennial; 2000 Maniacs) (1964; Herschell Gordon Lewis) USA


spookyx3 said...

THE 3D ARMY (1989). unofficial HELLO DRACULA entry.

spookyx3 said...

TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL (1982), early john woo, with ricky hui.

spookyx3 said...

TILL DEATH SHALL WE START (1990), ricky lau ghost comedy.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Thanks again. I think I got caught up on all of your adds. Some of them ended up in my spam box for some strange reason... yet ACTUAL spam ended up in my normal one. Go figure!

spookyx3 said...

i'm on another asian-movie kick, so, more whenever. TILL DEATH was new to me. TO HELL was... almost 13 years ago!

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I made recent lists on Letterboxd for pre-1990 Indonesian and Thai movies and came up with over 100 for each country and most I don't even have on the index here! Shame so many don't have English subs and even fewer were dubbed. Also working on a Mexican list and I have the same issue there. I may have to watch some of those in their original language, which I really hate to do. I know enough Spanish to skim by on the Mexican ones, but with the Indonesian and Thai films, forget about it! Hong Kong and Japanese movies seemed to get a better international distribution so they are MUCH easier to find in English.

spookyx3 said...

when you first started the 1950-1990 project, did you think "well, i'm limited to a single genre, and a relatively short period of time, so this ought to be doable!"

i've been addicted to "golden age" HK cinema for over 25 years. should have thought about learning cantonese earlier, there's no way any of it would stick now. relying on subtitles means having to fill out (often puzzle out) dialogue on the fly, and that very little of the wordplay/dialect humor comes across. being able to watch something like GAMES GAMBLERS PLAY with that knowledge would be revelatory.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

When I started it was an issue of being completely ignorant about how many genre films had actually been made worldwide. I had no idea! And since I started (back in 2008 I believe) probably a thousand "new" ones have popped up online that were never released outside of their countries and few even knew existed.

I run across the same problems with subtitled films from all over. You can tell they don't capture ALL of the dialogue, who knows if the translations are accurate, etc. Also I've watched certain films in both dubbed and subbed version and the dialogue can be completely different!

spookyx3 said...

i've had a few obscure foreign titles without english subs that retained original-language captioning. if you strip those out, and put the result through google translate, that's usually good enough to follow along with. only helps with DVD, though.

[sub-of-the-week was from CHIVALRIC TORNADO (which IMDB has erroneously credited to ricky lau). after getting shot in the back with a dart, the teacher inquires: "who push my ask-hole? take it out!"]

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I am not nearly tech savvy enough to do something like that! Sometimes English sub files can be found online but I'm wary of those too due to viruses and such. For the time being, I'm just gonna push the non-sub films on the back burner and concentrate on the ones that have them.

And HA@ that translation. Some of them are hilarious.

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