Sunday, June 7, 2009

Inseminoid (1981)

...aka: Horror Planet

Directed by:
Norman J. Warren

Male and female scientists set up a research lab on a distant planet and encounter a giant, bug-eyed alien monster. It kills several people, rapes Judy Geeson and disappears, but the horrors are just beginning. Geeson becomes a hard-to-kill, hysterical madwoman with super strength who kills for blood to feed the alien's mutant offspring, which she's now carrying. This British ALIEN clone is often inept and entirely contrived, but not completely without entertainment value. Special effects are mediocre, but it's bloody, fast-paced and there's a great electric score from John Scott. Geeson is excellent in a role that requires a hell of a lot of merciless ranting and screaming. With Stephanie Beacham, Jennifer Ashley and Victoria Tennant. It was written by special effects artist Nick Maley, who worked on makeup fx on the original Superman and Star Wars films, and his wife, actress Gloria Maley (SATAN'S SLAVE).
HORROR PLANET refers to the original U.S. release of the film, which was cut for both theaters and video. The title INSEMINOID refers to the uncut, letterboxed DVD and cable version.


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