Saturday, November 8, 2008

Warning Sign (1985)

...aka: Biohazard

Directed by:
Hal Barwood

Learn how agricultural research can result in a zombie plague! Oh wait, this is just another one of those experiment-gore-awry horror flicks. Believe it or not, it actually copies both The China Syndrome and that worthless Italian Dawn of the Dead rip-off Hell of the Living Dead (aka Night of the Zombies)! The action takes place at a Midwest research facility doubling as a secret government lab where germ warfare chemicals turn lab technicians into crazed living-dead lunatics (in slight and minimal make-up) who attack the others. A red alert seals the sane workers, including Kathleen Quinlan, inside with the killers. Government agents led by Yaphet Kotto, try to cover everything up, while Quinlan's cop husband (Sam Waterson) teams up with a bitter, retired scientist (Jeffrey DeMunn) to break in and save the day. Directorial debut of screenwriter Hal Barwood (who wrote the early Spielberg movie The Sugarland Express) has good performances from a surprisingly upscale cast and high production values, but unfortunately, after a decent build-up has next to nothing to offer in terms of excitement or suspense. It's worth a look, just don't expect too much. The cast includes Richard A. Dysart (The Thing), G.W. Bailey, Rick Rossovich, Scott Paulin and Tom McFadden.

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