Saturday, November 8, 2008

Indecent Desires (1968)

... aka: Indecent Desire

Directed by:
Doris Wishman

Indecent is right! I figured that only a man could concoct this perverse fantasy, but I figured wrong! Doris Wishman, a woman who made dozens of adults-only cult classics (including the genre pictures THE AMAZING TRANSPLANT, The Immoral Three and the fascinatingly awful A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER) is responsible. This one may be the hardest to categorize of all her work. It's definitely a nudie movie, but has supernatural aspects to the story and an ending that would be more at home in a horror flick so it's earned itself a spot on this blog. A man in wire-rimmed glasses finds a doll in a Times Square trash can that has a strange connection to an attractive blonde named Ann (Sharon Kent). Whenever the sick-o feels the doll up or removes its clothes, the same happens to our poor confused heroine. She's so confused that at one point that she tries to unsuccessfully end it all by jumping off a bridge. At the end he rips the dolls head off! There's plenty of nudity, skimpy outfits and a few fairly tame soft core sex scenes, but this is too claustrophobic, weird and creepy to be very sexy, which is precisely why it's far more interesting than the majority of skin flicks from its era. Doris (who uses the aliases "Louis Silverman" and "Dawn Whitman" here) does treat us to some of her great bizarre-o camerawork, though.


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