Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pit, The (1981)

...aka: Teddy
...aka: Teddy, la mort en peluche

Directed by:
Lew Lehman

Jamie (Sammy Snyders) is an impossible-to-understand, obnoxious 12 year old sociopath (and pervert!) who has no friends except for his possessed stuffed animal "Teddy," who talks to him. When his parents leave him alone with live-in babysitter Sandy (Jeannie Elias), he discovers a deep hole in the woods full of hairy, yellow-eyed "trogs" whom he starts feeding chocolate bars and raw meat to. About an hour into the film, Jamie finally takes Teddy's advice, and starts luring all his enemies into the hole while goofy music plays. The victims are a bratty little girl, an old blind woman in a wheelchair, a guy who likes the babysitter and a bully who punched him in the face. In one scene Jamie uses a bogus kidnapping scheme to get a librarian to take off her top so he can take pictures and bring them home to Teddy ("I'm gonna look at these a lot!"). Young Snyders actually does a fairly good job in the main role, but there's no gore until the end (and it isn't much), the shaggy monster costumes are pretty bad and, as you can tell, the plot is stupid and childish. It's from Canada and co-stars Sonja Smits (VIDEODROME).

Score: 3 out of 10

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