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I Titles

Films are listed by their original English-language release title when available. If the film has not been officially released in the U.S. then I'll use the informal release title. If that's not an option, then I'll go with the original foreign release title. I am trying to database every horror title made between 1950 - 1990 right here and will constantly be adding more in the future so make sure to check back! A * next to a title means I have it rated and have uploaded a photo but haven't done the review yet. If you see anything missing, shoot me a message and it will be added.


[TV] = Either made specifically for TV or debuted on TV.
[X] = Contains hardcore sex.
[short] = Has a running time of less than 45 minutes.
[doc] = Genre-themed documentary; includes mondo shockumentaries.
[unreleased] = Film has never been released, perhaps not even completed.
[missing] = No prints are known to exist.
BLUE = USA, Canada
RED = Most of Asia, India
ORANGE = Central and South America, Spain and Portugal
YELLOW = Most of Europe, Russia
PURPLE = Australia, New Zealand
GREEN = Africa, Middle East, Turkey


- I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (1990; Dirk Campbell) UK
- I Bury the Living
 (Killer on the Wall) (1958; Albert Band) USA
- Icebox Murders, The (El cepo) (1982; Francisco Rodríguez Gordillo) Spain
- Iced (Blizzard of Blood) (1988; Jeff Kwitny) USA
- Ice House (Cold Blood; Love in Cold Storage) (1969; Stuart E. McGowan) USA
- Ice House, The ("Ghost Story for Christmas" series) (1978; Derek Lister) [TV] [short] UK
- I Come in Peace (Dark Angel) (1990; Craig R. Baxley) USA
- I Dismember Mama (Crazed; Poor Albert and Crazy Annie) (1972; Paul Leder) USA
- I Drink Your Blood* (Blood Suckers; Phobia; State Farm) (1970; David Durston) USA
- Idu Saadhya (1989; Dinesh Babu) India
- I Eat Your Skin (Voodoo Blood Bath; Zombies) (1964; Del Tenney) USA
- If It's a Man, Hang Up! ("Thriller" series) (1975; Shaun O'Riordan) [TV] UK
- Igor and the Lunatics (Bloodshed) (1985 [mostly filmed in 1983]; Billy Parolini) USA
- Iguana With the Tongue of Fire (L'iguana dalla lingua di fuoco) (1971; Riccardo Freda) France, Italy, West Germany
- I Hate My Body (Odio a mi cuerpo) (1974; León Klimovsky) Spain, Switzerland
- I Like Bats (Lubie nietoperze) (1986; Grzegorz Warchol) Poland
- I'll See You in Hell (Ti aspetterò all'inferno) (1960; Piero Regnoli) Italy
- Illusion of Blood (Yotsuya Ghost Story; Yotsuya kaidan) (1965; Shirô Toyoda) Japan
- Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks* (1976; Don Edmonds) Canada, USA
- Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1974; Don Edmonds) Canada, USA
- Ilsa, the Wicked Warden (Greta - Haus ohne Männer; Wanda the Wicked Warden) (1977; Jesus Franco) Switzerland, USA, West Germany
- Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia (Tigress) (1977; Jean LaFleur) Canada
- I, Madman* (Hardcover) (1989; Tibor Takács) USA
Image of Death (Imagen de muerte) (1990; Antonio de Anda) Mexico
- Image of the Beast (A Thief in the Night III) (1981; Donald W. Thompson) USA
- Images* (1972; Robert Altman) UK, USA
I, Marquis de Sade (1967; Richard Hilliard) USA
- I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958; Gene Fowler Jr.) USA
- I Married a Vampire (1987 [filmed in 1983]; Jay Raskin) USA
- I'm a Zombie, You're a Zombie, She's a Zombie (Io zombo, tu zombi, lei zomba) (1979; Nello Rossati) Italy
- I'm Dangerous Tonight* (1990; Tobe Hooper) [TV] USA
- Immoral Three, The (Hotter Than Hell) (1975; Doris Wishman) USA
- Immortalizer, The (1989; Joel Bender) USA
- I, Monster (The Monster of London; The True Story of Dr. Jekyll) (1971; Stephen Weeks) UK
- Imp, The (Hung bong; Xiong bang) (1981; Dennis Yu) Hong Kong
Impaktita (1989; Teddy Page) Philippines
- Imps* (2009 [completed in 1983]; Scott Mansfield) USA
- Impulse (I Love to Kill; Want a Ride, Little Girl?) (1974; William Grefe) USA
- Impulse (1984; Graham Baker) USA
- I'm Not Crazy (1989; director unknown) [SOV] USA
- I'm the Girl He Wants to Kill ("Thriller" series) (1974; Shaun O'Riordan) UK
- In a Glass Cage (Tras el cristal) (1986; Agustí Villaronga) Spain
- Inappropriate Behaviour ("Screen Two" series) (1987; Paul Seed) UK
In Between Loves (Qiu ai ye jing hun) (1989; Yi Ching Fung) Hong Kong
- Incredible Doktor Markesan, The (1962; Robert Florey) [TV] USA
- Incredible Face of Dr. B, The (Rostro infernal) (1963; Alfredo B. Crevenna) Mexico
- Incredible Melting Man, The (1977; William Sachs) USA
- Incredible Petrified World, The (1959; Jerry Warren) USA
- Incredible Professor Zovak, The (El increible profesor Zovek) (1972; R. Cardona) Mexico
- Incredible Shrinking Man, The* (1957; Jack Arnold) USA
- Incredible 2-Headed Transplant, The (1971; Anthony M. Lanza) USA
- Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, The (1964; Ray Dennis Steckler) USA
- Incubus (1966; Leslie Stevens) USA
- Incubus, The (1982; John Hough) Canada
- Indecent Desires (1967; Doris Wishman) USA
- Indestructible Man (1956; Jack Pollexfen) USA
- Indian Scarf, The (Das indische Tuch) (1963; Alfred Vohrer) West Germany
- Infernal Coffin, The (El ataúd infernal) (1962; Fernando Fernández) Mexico
- Infernal Spiders (Arañas infernales; Cerebros diabolicos) (1968; Federico Curiel) Mexico
- Inferno (Dario Argento's Inferno) (1980; Dario Argento) Italy
- Inferno of Torture (Tokugawa irezumi-shi: Seme jigoku) (1969; Teruo Ishii) Japan
- Inheritor, The (1990; Brian Savegar) USA
- Initiation, The (1984; Larry Stewart) USA
- Initiation of Sarah, The (1978; Robert Day) [TV] USA
- In Love with Death (Villa Porno) (1969; Guy J. Nijs) Belgium
- Innocent Prey (1984; Colin Eggleston) Australia
- Innocents, The* (1961; Jack Clayton) UK, USA
- Inn of the Damned (Death Hunter) (1975; Terry Bourke) Australia
- Inn of the Frightened People (After Jenny Died; Revenge) (1971; Sidney Hayers) UK
- Inn on the River, The (Das Gasthaus an der Themes) (1961; Alfred Vohrer) West Germany
- In Possession ("Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense" series) 1984; Val Guest) [TV] UK
- Inquisition (Inquisicion) (1976; Paul Naschy) Spain
- Inquisitor, The (El Inquisidor; El Inquisidor de Lima) (1975; Bernardo Arias) Argentina, Peru
- Insanity (Strip-Tease) (1976; Germán Lorente) Spain
- In Search of Dracula (Vem var Dracula?) 1971; Calvin Floyd) France, Sweden, USA
- Inseminoid (Horror Planet) (1981; Norman J. Warren) UK
- Insomnia (Insomnie) (1963; Pierre Étaix) [short] France
Interface (1985; Andy Anderson) USA
- Interview with Terror (1987; Terence Curren) USA
- In the Cold of the Night (1990; Nico Mastorakis) USA
In the Dark Night (Raat Ke Andhere Mein) (1987; Vinod Talwar) India
- In the Folds of the Flesh (Nelle pieghe della carne) (1970; Sergio Bergonzelli) Italy, Spain
- In the Old Manor House (W starym dworku czyli niepodleglosc trójkatów) (1985; Andrzej Kotkowski) Poland
- In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro (1986; Raju Patel) Kenya, UK
- In the Steps of a Dead Man ("Thriller" series) (1974; Shaun O'Riordan) [TV] UK
In the Wink of an Eye (Kisapmata) (1981; Mike De Leon) Philippines
- In the Year 2889 (Year 2889) (1967; Larry Buchanan) [TV] USA
- Into the Darkness (The Mannequin Killer) (1986; David Kent-Watson) UK
Into the Night (Jing hun jin wan ye) (1988; Jianming Liu, Kin Lo) Hong Kong
- Intruder, The (1975 [wide release in 2017]; Chris Robinson) USA
- Intruder, The (1981; David F. Eustace) Canada
- Intruder (Bloodnight; Night Crew: The Final Checkout) (1989; Scott Spiegel) USA
- Intruder Within, The (The Lucifer Rig) (1981; Peter Carter) [TV] USA
- Intrusion, The (1975; Arthur Nouveau) [X] USA
- Invaders from Mars (1953; William Cameron Menzies) USA
- Invaders from Mars* (1986; Tobe Hooper) USA
- Invasion (1966; Alan Bridges) UK
- Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here (1988; Robert Skotak) USA
- Invasion from Inner Earth (Hell Fire; They) (1974 [filmed in 1972]; Bill Rebane) USA
- Invasion of Carol Enders, The (1974; Burt Brinckerhoff) [TV] USA
- Invasion of the Animal People (1962; Virgil Vogel, Jerry Warren) Sweden, USA
- Invasion of the Bee Girls (Graveyard Tramps) (1973; Denis Sanders) USA
- Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972; Ed Kelleher) USA
- Invasion of the Body Snatchers* (Sleep No More) (1956; Don Siegel) USA
- Invasion of the Body Snatchers* (1978; Philip Kaufman) USA
- Invasion of the Dead, The (Le invasión de los muertos) (1973; René Cardona) Mexico
- Invasion of the Girl Snatchers (The Hidan of Maukbeiangjow) (1973; Lee Jones) USA
- Invasion of the Saucer Men (Invasion of the Hell Creatures) (1957; Edward L. Cahn) USA
- Invasion of the Vampires (Le invasión de los vampiros) (1961; Miguel Morayta) Mexico
- Invasion of the Zombies (Santo contra los zombies) (1962; Benito Alazraki) Mexico
- Invisible Dead (La vie amoureuse de l'homme invisible) (1970; Pierre Chevalier) Italy, Spain
- Invisible Horror (Die unsichbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse) (1961; Harald Reinl) WG
- Invisible Invaders (1959; Edward L. Cahn) USA
- Invisible Kid, The (1988; Avery Crounse) USA
- Invisible Maniac, The (The Invisible Sex Maniac) (1990; Adam Rifkin) USA
- Invisible Man in Istanbul, The (Görünmeyen adam Istanbul'da) (1955; Lütfi Akad) Turkey
- Invisible Strangler (Astral Factor) (1978 [filmed in 1976]; John Florea) USA
- Invisible Terror (The Invisible Man; Der Unsichtbare) (1963; Raphael Nussbaum) WG
Invitation of Ghost (Qing gui) (1984; Wilson Tong) Hong Kong
- Invitation to Hell (1982; Michael J. Murphy) UK
- Invitation to Hell (1984; Wes Craven) [TV] USA
- Invocation of My Demon Brother (1969; Kenneth Anger) [short] USA
- Io Island (Ieodo Island; Iodo) (1977; Ki-young Kim) South Korea
- I Saw What You Did (1965; William Castle) USA
- I Saw What You Did (1988; Fred Walton) [TV] USA
- Island, The (1980; Michael Ritchie) USA
- Island, The (Life and Death; Sheng si xian) (1985; Po-Chih Leong) Hong Kong
- Island Claws (Giant Claws; Night of the Claw) (1980; Hernan Cardenas) USA
- Island Fury (Please Don't Eat the Babies) (1983, 1989; Henri Charr) USA
- Island of Blood (Scared Alive; Whodunit; Whodunit?) (1982; William T. Naud) USA
- Island of Death (Devils in Mykonos; Ta paidia tou diabolou) (1976; Nico Mastorakis) Greece
- Island of Dr. Moreau, The* (1977; Don Taylor) USA
- Island of Terror (Night of the Silicates) (1966; Terence Fisher) UK
- Island of the Dinosaurs (La isla de los dinosaurios) (1966; Rafael Portillo) Mexico
- Island of the Fishmen (L'isola degli uomini pesce) (1979; Sergio Martino) Italy
Ismail and Abdel Meet Frankenstein (Haram alek) (1954; Essa Karama) Egypt
- Isn't It Shocking? (1973; John Badham) [TV] USA
- I Spit on Your Grave (Day of the Woman) (1978; Meir Zarchi) USA
- I Spit on Your Corpse (Fatal Pursuit; Girls for Rent) (1974; Al Adamson) USA
- It! (Anger of the Golem; Curse of the Golem) (1967; Herbert J. Leder) UK, USA
- It* (Stephen King's It) (1990; Tommy Lee Wallace) [TV] Canada, USA
- It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955; Robert Gordon) USA
- It Came from Hollywood (1982; Malcolm Leo, Andrew Solt) [doc] USA
- It Came from Outer Space (The Atomic Monster) (1953; Jack Arnold) USA
- It Came from Somewhere Else (1988; Howard Hassler) USA
- It Conquered the World (It Conquered the Earth) (1956; Roger Corman) USA
It Happened at Boarding School (Sucedió en el internado) (1985; Emilio Vieyra) Argentina
- It Happened at Nightmare Inn (Una vela para el diablo) (1973; Eugenio Martín) Spain
- I, the Body (Morianerna; Morianna) (1965; Arne Mattsson) Sweden
- It Lives Again (Baby Killer II; It's Alive 2: It Lives Again) (1978; Larry Cohen) USA
- "It's Alive!" (It's Alive!) (1969; Larry Buchanan) USA
- It's Alive (Baby Killer) (1974; Larry Cohen) USA
- It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (Island of the Alive) (1986; Larry Cohen) USA
- It's No Good for a Man to Be Alone (No es bueno que el hombre esté solo) (1973; Pedro Olea) Spain
- It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958; Edward L. Cahn) USA
It Was Not in Vain (Nije bilo uzalud) (1957; Nikola Tanhofer) Yugoslavia
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (Teenage Frankenstein) (1957; Herbert L. Strock) USA
- I Was a Teenage Werewolf (Blood of the Werewolf) (1957; Gene Fowler Jr.) USA
- I Was a Teenage Zombie (1987; John Elias Michalakis) USA
- I Was a Zombie for the F.B.I. (1982; Marius Penczner) USA


spookyx3 said...


spookyx3 said...

IN THE FLESH (1989). the devil's daughter tries to corrupt a virtuous teen girl (stacy lords). a real drop off for writer/director eric edwards. the material isn't particularly fresh, and most of the cast stumble all over it anyway (tami white is the most valuable pornstar, here). edwards' tapes for vidco and MEMOIRS OF A CHAMBER MAID (easily his best, for arrow) were really quite special, considering.

IN A CRYSTAL FANTASY (1988). speaking of which, this one is a possibility. ona zee invites some unhappy campers to her mysterious house in the wilderness. i'd need to see it again -- i think it might be more new age-y than anything, but it's weird fun and there's one scene for sure with porsche lynn & f.m. bradley that briefly tips over into horror.

spookyx3 said...

IDU SAADHYA (1989). india does soavi's STAGE FRIGHT.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Wow, had no clue that even existed. I was trying to translate that title to English and got "It's Possible" (?)

spookyx3 said...

the title's supposed to be in reference to the very short filming schedule; either 36 or 48 hours.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Damn, That puts DeCoteau and FOR to shame! Sounds like a very interesting film. Found a copy on DailyMotion that I'll snag.

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