Friday, November 7, 2008

O Titles

Films are listed by their original English-language release title when available. If the film has not been officially released in the U.S. then I'll use the informal release title. If that's not an option, then I'll go with the original foreign release title. I am trying to database every horror title made between 1950 - 1990 right here and will constantly be adding more in the future so make sure to check back! A * next to a title means I have it rated and have uploaded a photo but haven't done the review yet. If you see anything missing, shoot me a message and it will be added.


[TV] = Either made specifically for TV or debuted on TV.
[X] = Contains hardcore sex.
[short] = Has a running time of less than 45 minutes.
[doc] = Genre-themed documentary; includes mondo shockumentaries.
[unreleased] = Film has never been released, perhaps not even completed.
[missing] = No prints are known to exist.
BLUE = USA, Canada
RED = Most of Asia, Turkey, India
ORANGE = Central and South America, Spain and Portugal
YELLOW = Most of Europe, Russia
PURPLE = Australia, New Zealand
GREEN = Africa


- Oasis of Fear (Un posto ideale per uccidere) (1971; Umberto Lenzi) France, Italy
- Oasis of the Zombies (L'abime de morts vivants) (1982; Jesus Franco) France, Spain
Oazuke (1990; Takuma Uchida) Japan
- Oblong Box, The (Dance, Mephisto) (1969; Gordon Hessler) UK
- Obscene Desire (La profezia; L'osceno desidero) (1978; Giulio Petroni) Italy, Spain
- Obscene Mirror (Al otro lado del espejo) (1973; Jesus Franco) France, Spain
- Obsessed, The (Ling mo) (1975; Mak Pang Chin) Hong Kong
- Obsessed (Anna Obsessed) (1976; Martin & Martin) [X] USA
- Obsession (1976; Brian De Palma) USA
- Obsession: A Taste for Fear (Pathos - Segreta inquietudine) (1987; Piccio Raffanini) Italy
- Occultist, The (Private Dick Without a Brain) (1988; Tim Kincaid) USA
- Occupant, The (Ling qi bi ren; The Tenant) (1984; Ronny Yu) Hong Kong
- Octaman (1971; Harry Essex) Mexico, USA
- Offerings (1989; Christopher Reynolds) USA
- Official Exterminator: Kill for Love (1987; "Raymond Woo") Hong Kong / Taiwan
- Offspring, The (From a Whisper to a Scream) (1987; Jeff Burr) USA
- Of Unknown Origin (1983; George P. Cosmatos) Canada, USA
- Ogre: Demons 3, The (La casa dell'orco; Ghost House II) (1987; Lamberto Bava) Italy
- Oh Sensibility (1970; Kurt Kren, Otto Muehl) [short] Austria
- Oily Maniac, The (You gui zi) (1976; Meng Hua Ho) Hong Kong
- Oiwa Phantom, The (Yotsuya kaidan - Oiwa no borei) (1969; Kazuo Mori) Japan
- Old Dark House, The (1963; William Castle) UK, USA
- Old Dracula (Old Drac; Vampira) (1974; Clive Donner) UK
- Old Lock, The (Gu cuo ye yu; Jiu suo) (1977; Feng-Pan Yao) Taiwan
- Old Temple, The (Purana Mandir) (1984; Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay) India
- Olga's Girls (1964; Joseph P. Mawra) USA
- Olga's House of Shame (36 Hours of Terror) (1964; Joseph P. Mawra) USA
- Olivia (A Taste of Sin) (1983 [filmed in 1981]; Ulli Lommel) USA, West Germany
- Omega Man, The (1971; Boris Sagal) USA
- Omegans, The (1968; W. Lee Wilder) Philippines, USA
- Omen, The (1976; Richard Donner) UK, USA
- Once Bitten (1985; Howard Storm) USA
- One Dark Night (Entity Force; Night of Darkness) (1982; Tom McLoughlin) USA
- One Deadly Owner ("Thriller" series) (1974; Ian Fordyce) [TV] UK
- One Hundred Cries of Terror (Cien gritos de terror) (1965; Ramón Obón) Mexico
- 125 Rooms of Comfort (1974; Patrick Loubert) Canada
- One Million Years B.C. (1965; Don Chaffey) UK
One Minute Before Death (1972; Rogelio González) MexicoUSA
- Onibaba (The Demon; Devil Woman; The Hole, The Ogress) (1964; Kaneto Shindô) Japan
- On the Edge (Los mil ojos del asesino) (1974; Juan Bosch) Italy, Spain
- On the 3rd Day (On the Third Day) (1983; Stanley O'Toole) UK
- Open House (1987; Jag Mundhra) USA
- Open Season (Les cazadores) (1974; Peter Collinson) Argentina, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA
- Opera (Terror at the Opera) (1987; Dario Argento) Italy
Operation Jaguar (Operación jaguar) (1990; Roberto Marroquín) Mexico
- Operation Pink Squad II (Meng gui da sha) (1990; Jeffrey Lau) Hong Kong
- Oracle, The (1985; Roberta Findlay) USA
- Orca* (The Killer Whale; Orca: Killer Whale) (1977; Michael Anderson) Italy, USA
- Orgies of Dr. Orloff, The (El enigma del ataúd) (1967; Santos Alcocer) France, Spain
- Orgy of the Dead (Orgy of the Vampires) (1965; Stephen C. Apostolof) USA
- Orphan, The (Friday the 13th: The Orphan) (1979 [filmed in 1977]; John Ballard) USA
- Ossuary, The (Kostnice) (1970; Jan Svankmajer) [short] Czechoslovakia
- Other, The (1972; Robert Mulligan) USA
- Other Hell, The (L'altro inferno; Guardian of Hell) (1981; Bruno Mattei) Italy
- Our Mother's House (1967; Jack Clayton) UK
- Outcast, The (1984; Gray Hofmeyr) South Africa
- Outcast (1990; Roman Buchok) Canada
- Out for Blood (1990; Paul Thomas) [X] USA
- Outing, The* (The Lamp) (1987; Tom Daley) USA
- Out of Contention (The Victim) (1972; Herschel Daugherty) [TV] USA
- Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Sight Unseen) (1990; Greydon Clark) USA
- Out of the Body (1989; Brian Trenchard-Smith) Australia
- Out of the Dark (1988; Michael Schroeder) USA
- Outrage (Nice Girl; Nobody's Safe) (1950; Ida Lupino) USA
- Oval Portrait, The (El retrato ovalado) (1972; Rogelio A. González) Mexico, USA
- Overexposed (1990; Larry Brand) USA
- Ozone Attack of the Redneck Mutants (1986; Matt Devlen) USA


spookyx3 said...

OPERATION PINK SQUAD II (1989). found this HK-craziness in an old box with another VCD: GHOSTLY VIXEN (1990). the latter would appear to qualify; i'll report back when i've seen it. is the supernatural element enough? what about ghost-comedies with very light scares?

spookyx3 said...

ignore GHOSTLY VIXEN; it's already here.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

So only OPSII is horror but the original isn't?

Yep I include ghost comedies. Almost wish I didn't though because there were so many produced in Asia in the 80s there's no way I could possibly see them all. I almost said I'd already watched Ghostly Vixen but checked and I actually had watched Ghost's Lover, not to be confused with the singular Ghost Lover. Gah!

spookyx3 said...

> So only OPSII is horror but the original isn't?

correct. first PINK SQUAD is a police actioner. it's only #2 that goes loony-bin crazy with ghosts and portals to hell and stuff.

spookyx3 said...

just FYI, rather than an actual add, dave markey's no-budget THE OMENOUS (1980) at least started out as a horror film parody.

you can tell this was made by a 16-year-old. an arm bursts out of _carrie's_ birthday cake. she uses psychic powers to kill kids on halloween. someone pours a chocolate milk on her head ("it's pig's blood!"). she's visited by space-aliens (one of whom lip-syncs "sweet transvestite"). at some point carrie murders her whole family, then a giant robot attacks the corporate offices of her billionaire adoptive father's shoelace empire, triggering full-scale armageddon. yup.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Never even heard of that one before!

spookyx3 said...

it is on the obscure side! before that, there was THE DEVIL'S EXORCIST (1975), which markey made at the age of 11 (!) after his parents forbade him to see the friedkin film.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Strangely, The Devil's Exorcist was also the English title for a Spanish Exorcist ripoff also released in 1975.

spookyx3 said...


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