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V Titles

Films are listed by their original English-language release title when available. If the film has not been officially released in the U.S. then I'll use the informal release title. If that's not an option, then I'll go with the original foreign release title. I am trying to database every horror title made between 1950 - 1990 right here and will constantly be adding more in the future so make sure to check back! A * next to a title means I have it rated and have uploaded a photo but haven't done the review yet. If you see anything missing, shoot me a message and it will be added.


[TV] = Either made specifically for TV or debuted on TV.
[X] = Contains hardcore sex.
[short] = Has a running time of less than 45 minutes.
[doc] = Genre-themed documentary; includes mondo shockumentaries.
[unreleased] = Film has never been released, perhaps not even completed.
[missing] = No prints are known to exist.
BLUE = USA, Canada
RED = Most of Asia, Turkey, India
ORANGE = Central and South America, Spain and Portugal
YELLOW = Most of Europe, Russia
PURPLE = Australia, New Zealand
GREEN = Africa


- Vacation for a Massacre
(Vacanze per un massacro) (1980; Fernando Di Leo) Italy
- Vacation in Hell, A (1979; David Greene) [TV] USA
- Vacation of Terror (Vacaciones de terror) (1989; René Cardona III) Mexico
- Vacation of Terror II (Vacaciones de terror 2) (1990; Pedro Galindo III) Mexico
- Valentina (1989; Santiago Garcia) Philippines
- Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Valerie a týden divu) (1970; Jaromil Jires) Czech
- Valley of Blood (Legend of Valley of Blood) (1973; Dean Turner) USA
- Valley of Gwangi, The (1969; Jim O'Connolly) USA
- Vamp* (1986; Richard Wenk) USA
- Vampir (Cuadecuc, vampir) (1970; Pere Portabella) Spain
- Vampire, The (El vampiro) (1957; Fernando Méndez) Mexico
- Vampire, The (Mark of the Vampire) (1957; Paul Landres) USA
Vampire, The (Pontianak) (1957; B. Narayan Rao) [missing] Singapore
- Vampire (1979; E.W. Swackhamer) [TV] USA
- Vampire and the Ballerina, The (L'amante del vampiro) (1960; Renato Polselli) Italy
- Vampire at Midnight (Murder at Midnight) (1988; Gregory McClatchy) USA
- Vampire Buster (Zhuo gui da shi) (1989; Norman Law Man, Stanley Wing Siu) Hong Kong
- Vampire Circus* (1972; Robert Young) UK
- Vampire Cop (1990; Donald Farmer) USA
- Vampire Doll, The (Yûreiyashiki no kyôfu: Chi o suu ningyô) (1970; M. Yamamoto) Japan
- Vampire Dominator, The (Han shan shi bian) (1984; Chung-Kuang Wang) Taiwan
- Vampire Ecstasy (Der Fluch der schwarzen Schwestern; The Devil's Plaything) (1973; Joseph W. Sarno) Sweden, Switzerland, West Germany
- Vampire Family, The (Semya vurdalakov) (1990; G. Klimov, I. Shavlak) Soviet Union
- Vampire Girls, The (Las vampiras; The Vampires) (1969; Federico Curiel) Mexico
- Vampire Happening, The (Gebissen wird nur nachts) (1971; Freddie Francis) W. Germany
- Vampire Hookers (Cemetery Girls; Twice Bitten) (1978; Cirio H. Santiago) Philippines, USA
- Vampire Hunter D (Kyûketsuki hantâ D) (1985; Toyoo Ashida) Japan
- Vampire Knights (1988; Dan Peterson) USA
- Vampire Lovers, The (1970; Roy Ward Baker) UK, USA
- Vampire Moth (Kyûketsu-ga) (1956; Nobuo Nakagawa) Japan
- Vampire of the Cinemateque, The (Le vampire de la cinémathèque) (1971; Roland Lethem) [short] Belgium
- Vampire on Bikini Beach (Vampire on Bikini Beach) (1988; Mark Headley) USA
- Vampire Partner, The (Gui gan chuan) (1988; Lau Chan) Hong Kong
- Vampire Raiders, The (Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen) (1988; Godfrey Ho) Hong Kong
- Vampires, The (Devil's Commandment; I vampiri) (1957; Mario Bava, Riccardo Freda) Italy
- Vampires (Abadon) (1988 [some sources say 1986]; Len Anthony) USA
- Vampires Always Ring Twice (1990; Steve Postal) [SOV] USA
- Vampires Are Among Us (Vampiri su medju nama) (1989; Zoran Calic) Yugoslavia
- Vampire's Breakfast (Ling chen wan can) (1987; Chung Wang) Hong Kong
- Vampire's Coffin, The (El ataud del Vampiro) (1958; Fernando Méndez) Mexico
- Vampire's Curse, The (Blood of Pontianak; Sumpah Pontianak) (1958; B. Narayan Rao) Singapore
- Vampire's Kiss (1989; Robert Bierman) USA
- Vampire's Night Orgy (La orgía nocturna de los vampiros) (1973; León Klimovsky) Spain
- Vampires of Coyoacan, The (Los vampiros de Coyoacán) (1974; Arturo Martínez) Mexico
- Vampire Teporocho, The (El vampiro teporocho) (1989; Rafael Villaseñor Kuri) Mexico
- Vampire vs. Sorcerer (Jiang shi dou wu shi) (1988; Siu-Lung Leung) Hong Kong
- Vampire vs. Vampire (Yi mei dao ren) (1989; Ching-Ying Lam) Hong Kong
- Vampirismus (1982; Guilio Questi) [TV] Italy
- Vampyre (Vampyre... When Life Is Not Enough) (1990; Bruce G. Hallenbeck) USA
- Vampyres (Blood HungerDaughters of Dracula) (1974; José Ramón Larraz) SpainUK
- Vampyros Lesbos (Heiress of Dracula) (1971; Jesus Franco) Spain, West Germany
- Vanishing, The (Spoorloos) (1988; George Sluizer) Netherlands, France
- Varan the Unbelievable (The Monster Varan) (1962; Jerry A. Baerwitz, Ishirô Honda) Japan, USA
- Variola Vera (1982; Goran Marković) Yugoslavia
- Vault of Horrors, The (Tales from the Crypt Part II) (1973; Roy Ward Baker) UK, USA
- Veerana: Vengeance of the Vampire (Loneliness) (1988; S. Ramsay, T. Ramsay) India
- Veld (Вельд) (1987; Nozim To'laho'jayev) Soviet Union
- Velvet Vampire, The (1971; Stephanie Rothman) USA
- Vendetta of Lady Morgan, The (La vendetta di Lady Morgan) (1965; Massimo Pupillo) Italy
- Vengeance Is Mine (Fukushû suru wa ware ni ari) (1979; Shôhei Imamura) Japan
- Vengeance of Dr. Mabuse, The (Dr. M schlägt zu) (1972; J. Franco) Spain, West Germany
- Vengeance of Fu Manchu, The (1967; Jeremy Summers) HK, Ireland, UK, West Germany
Vengeance of Hurricane Ramirez, The (La venganza de Huracán Ramirez) (1969; Joselito Rodríguez) Mexico
- Vengeance of the Crying Woman (La venganza de la llorona) (1974; Miguel Delgado) Mexico
Vengeance of the Vampire (Jiang shi fu chou) (1959; See Luk Chow) Hong Kong
- Vengeance of the Vampire Women (La venganza de las mujeres vampiro) (1970; Federico Curiel) Mexico
- Vengeance of the Zombies (La rebellion de las muertas) (1973; León Klimovsky) Spain
- Venom* (1981; Piers Haggard) UK
- Venus Flytrap (1987; T. Michael) USA
- Venus in Furs (Black Angel; Paroxismus) (1969; Jesus Franco) Italy, UK, West Germany
- Vermilion Eyes (1991 [filmed in 1987]; Nathan Schiff) USA
- Vicious (To Make a Killing; Wild Boys) (1988; Karl Zwicky) Australia
- Vicious Lips (Lunar Madness; Pleasure Planet; Red Moon) (1986; Albert Pyun) USA
- Victims (Paulie; The Day of the Rapist) (1982 [filmed in 1977]; Tony Vorno) USA
- Victims! (1985; Jeff Hathcock) USA
- Video Dead, The (1987; Robert Scott) USA
- Video Demons Do Psychotown (Bloodbath in Psycho Town) (1989; A. De Gaetano) USA
- Videodrome* (1983; David Cronenberg) Canada
- Video Murders (1988; Jim McCullough Sr.) USA
- Video Violence (1987; Gary P. Cohen) USA
- Video Violence Part 2 (Video Violence Part 2: The Exploitation!) (1987; Gary P. Cohen) USA
- View from the Loft (Pogled iz potkrovlija) (1974; Bernard Fein) YugoslaviaWest Germany
- Viking Women and the Sea Serpent, The (1957; Roger Corman) USA
- Village of the Damned* (1960; Wolf Rilla) UK
- Village of the Giants (1965; Bert I. Gordon) USA
- Vincent (1982; Tim Burton) [short] USA
- Vincent Price: The Sinister Image (1987; Stanley Sheff) [doc] USA
- Vindicator, The (Frankenstein '88) (1986; Jean-Claude Lord) Canada
- Vindictive Snake (Shuunen no hebi) (1958; Kenji Misumi) Japan
- Vineyard, The* (1989; James Hong, William Rice) Canada, USA
- Violated! (The Hollywood Ripper; The Rapist) (1974; Albert Zugsmith) USA
- Violated Angels (Okasareta hakui; Violated Women in White) (1967; Kôji Wakamatsu) Japan
- Violence Jack: Evil Town (Baiorensu jakku: jigoku-gai) (1988; Ichirô Itano) Japan
- Violence Jack: Slumking (Baiorensu jakku: haremu bonba) (1986; Osamu Kamijô) Japan
- Violent Blood Bath (Pena de muerte; Penalty of Death) (1973; Jorge Grau) Italy, Spain
- Violent Deaths (Muertes violentas) (1990; Miguel Marte) Mexico
- Violent Shit (Maniac 2001; Violent Trash) (1989; Andreas Schnaas) West Germany
Violent Virgin (Gewalt! Gewalt: shojo geba-geba) (1969; Kôji Wakamatsu) Japan
- Virgin Among the Living Dead, A (La nuit des étoiles filantes; Zombie 4) (1973 [filmed in 1971]; Jesus Franco) Belgium, France, Italy, Liechtenstein
- Virgin and the Monster, The (Panna a netvor) (1978; Juraj Herz) Czechoslovakia
- Virgins from Hell (Perawan di Sarang Sindikat) (1986; Ackyl Anwari) Indonesia
- Virgin's Music (Devicanska svirka; Song of Virgins) (1973; Djordje Kadijevic) Yugoslavia
- Virgin Spring, The* (Jungfrukällan) (1960; Ingmar Bergman) Sweden
- Virgin Witch (1972; Ray Austin) UK
- Virus (Day of Resurrection; Fukkatsu no hi) (1980; Kinji Fukasaku) Japan
- Visions (1989; Steven Miller) USA
- Visions of Death: Witching Hour (Todesvisionen - Geisterstunde) (1989; Susanne Aernicke, Dirk Eickhoff, Pascal Hoffmann, Volker Morlock) West Germany
- Visitants, The (Night of the Extraterrestrials) (1987; Rick Sloane) USA
- Visiting Hours (The Fright; Get Well Soon; Horror-Hospital) (1982; Jean-Claude Lord) Canada
- Visitor, The (Stridulum; The Visitors) (1979; Giulio Paradisi) Italy, USA
- Visitor from the Grave ("Hammer House of Horror" series) (1980; Peter Sasdy) [TV] UK
- Visitors, The (Besökarna) (1988; Jack Ersgard) Sweden
Visitors from the Galaxy (Gosti iz galaksije) (1981; Dušan Vukotić) CzechYugoslavia
- Visitor to the Museum, A (Posetitel muzeya) (1989; Konstantin Lopushanskiy) Soviet Union, Switzerland, West Germany
- Viy (Вий; Vij; Viy or Spirit of Evil) (1967; Konstantin Ershov, Georgi Kropachyov) Soviet Union
- Voice from the Past (Saut min el madi; Sawt min al-mady) (1957; Atef Salem) Egypt
- Voices of Desire (1972; Chuck Vincent) USA
- Voodoo Black Exorcist (Vudú sangriento) (1974; Manuel Caño) Spain
- Voodoo Dawn (Strange Turf) (1991 [filmed in 1989]; Steven Fierberg) USA
- Voodoo Dolls (The School) (1991 [filmed in 1989]; Andrée Pelletier) Canada
- Voodoo Heartbeat (Sex Serum of Dr. Blake) (1973; Charles Nizet) [missing] USA
- Voodoo Island (Silent Death) (1957; Reginald Le Borg) USA
- Voodoo Lust: The Possession (1989; Peter Davy, Jean-Pierre Ferrand) [X] USA
- Voodoo Passion (Der ruf der blonden Göttin) (1977; Jesus Franco) Switzerland
- Voodoo Sexy (The Black Peacock; Il pavone nero) (1975; Osvaldo Civirani) [X] Italy
- Voodoo Swamp (1962; Arthur Jones) USA
- Voodoo Woman (Black Voodoo) (1957; Edward L. Cahn) USA
Voyage of the Dead, The (Wan li xing shi) (1954; Kung-Leung Yeung) Hong Kong
- Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968; Peter Bogdanovich) USA
- Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (Prehistoric Planet) (1965; Curtis Harrington) USA
- Vulture, The (Manutara) (1966; Lawrence Huntington) Canada, UK, USA
- Vultures (Vultures in Paradise) (1987; Paul Leder) USA


spookyx3 said...

VACATIONS OF TERROR 2 (1991). 1989 copyright date.

spookyx3 said...

VOODOO LUST: THE POSSESSION (1989). one of the very few XXX vids that got "b-horror" right. or, at least i thought so ten years ago. strangely, the copies floating around back then (all still out there now) were truncated, missing plot, or edited to remove the bill margold-peter north dialogue scenes. complete english version runs 1:38:08.

spookyx3 said...


working link, confirmed complete.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Surprisingly, I've actually seen that one! I rated it 6/10 on IMDb so that would translate to 2.5 stars on here which means I liked it. Gonna have to re-watch it to do the review though as I don't remember too much about it.

Stjepan said...

Maybe "View from the Loft" (1974, dir. Bernard Fein) could be added?

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Added and thanks. Seems like this one has completely disappeared after it was released back in 1974. Could not find so much as a clip, still or trailer anywhere online, just a poster!

Stjepan said...

Yes, I have heard of it only because the cinematographer (Tomislav Pinter, probably the most famous Croatian cinematographer) mentioned it in an interview from the early 1990s. It is really unusual for a film from a major Yugoslavian studio to just dissapear. On a side note, the film is a co-production between Yugoslavia (Jadran Film) and West Germany.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Thanks again. Will add the country to it. Hopefully one day it turns up. Not sure if I should add a "missing" note to it or not.

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