Wednesday, June 24, 2009

About the Top Ten lists...

I decided to start a series of Top Ten lists for each year covered on this blog, along with a discard pile for the films that didn't quite make the cut; some of which are still very good, but maybe not (in my humble opinion) good enough for the Top 10. Anything in that section I have starred will be a film that I have rated at least "good" (2 1/2 stars); meaning it's still worth watching. Naturally, these lists are just one man's opinion and will be subject to change as I watch (or rewatch) more films and do more reviews here. I'm only providing links for films I've done reviews for, though others should still be listed and rated here, and reviews for those will come eventually. Any comments are very much appreciated, as well as any recommendations for great films I haven't yet seen from any of the years listed. I'll make it a priority to watch anything that anyone recommends to me.

Some Notes and rules...

- I will be using IMDb release years for these lists, which may differ from the years I have some films listed under on this blog. I usually (but not always) pinch the production year from the end credits, which isn't always the actual year the film was released.
- Even though I may love certain films I've listed and reviewed here doesn't mean I'll necessarily have it on my list. Why? Because I may not feel it's actually horror. I used both reference books (Creature Features, Terror on Tape, etc.) as well as IMDb classifications to come up with the complete horror list you see here. Some (but not many) of the films I've included simply aren't horror by my own personal standards. We all have those, and I don't feel it's my place to tell others what is and is not a horror film, so I've decided to use a variety of different opinions on what should be classed in this genre. That doesn't necessarily mean I think it's appropriate for my personal Top 10 horror lists.
- Documentaries are not eligible for the Top 10 lists.
- Short films are eligible for the Top 10.
- Certain years, 1950 for example, are dry when it comes to horror. Sometimes I won't be able to actually do a Top 10 because there aren't ten horror films from that year. There are also a few times where I simply haven't seen ten yet or barely ten, so some less-than-great films may be on there for the time being until they get bumped off by something better.


Vlad said...

Hi Justin,

Do you know somehow the title of this mystery/drama/thriller?

I have seen the last 20 minutes of this movie in 1991 or 1992 on TVR1 (a Romanian TV channel). It was color and probably made in the 80's or early 90's. I believe it was a period piece (from Victorian era). I remember a saloon of a SEASIDE CASTLE/MANSION and on the main wall of that saloon there was laying a big painting portraying a mysterious woman dressed in a white? robe; she was moving her eyes (scary!), looking through the dining-room (saloon) of that mansion, while two men were approaching the painting. There were also other people in the saloon at that time. The woman in the painting had A LARGE WHITE SEASHELL which was covering one of her breasts. Outside it was a big storm (with thunders and lightnings). My father remembers a strong resemblance between the woman in the painting who was dead - she committed suicide jumping from a cliff into the sea?? - and another woman who was alive and present in that saloon. I also believe that one of the female characters in the movie was named Elizabeth, perhaps the woman in the painting. The movie was visually breathtaking; judging by the lavish furniture, the castle/mansion belonged to a wealthy family. It is NOT "Dark Mansions" (1986) (TV), "Lady in White (1988), "The Woman in White" (1983) (mini) or an episode of "Dark Shadows" (1991).

Please, Justin, can you help me? I am dying to see the whole movie!!!!

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Sorry Vlad. I have no clue what this could possibly be. It's nothing I've seen. I'll let you know if I happen to see anything fitting your description.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin!
I love your blog!
I am Lorenzo Lepori, an italian indipendent director of terrible movies, and I'd love show them to you :)
If you are interested I'd like to send you my dvd!
Let me know!

spookyx3 said...

> Do you know somehow the title of this mystery/drama/thriller?

sounds very much like THE TWO WORLDS OF JENNIE LOGAN.

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