Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sex Psycho (1970)

...aka: Demon in Miss Jones, The
...aka: Widow Blue

Directed by:
Walt Davis

Nick (Alex Elliot) is always berating his wife Elise’s cooking (she can’t even make toast without burning it), looks (she wears thick glasses and a curly wig with her real hair sticking out from all over) and bedside manner (she can’t seem to put down detective magazines). She’s fed up with his insults and the fact he seems completely disinterested in having sex, leading her to an affair with another man (Rick Cassidy) who sneaks over while her husband’s at work. Not to be left out, Nick also has his own mistress, married Eva Blue (Susan Wescott), who lives right down the street and sits around all day smoking weed and watching TV. Eva, Nick and Eva’s brother Marshall (Charles Lish) all plot to kill Eva’s husband Jerry (played by the director) for his money. This involves the brother seducing Jerry and then Nick popping out when they’re through “balling” to sink a meat cleaver into the husband’s throat. While Marshall goes to fetch a coffin, Eva and Nick have sex right then and there… with the bloody corpse in bed right next to them! When they’re finished, Marshall returns with the coffin, they put the body inside and Nick then forces the siblings to have sex right on top of the coffin!

One of the dead husband’s co-workers, Ron (John Holmes), shows up with his girlfriend Lisa (Andy Bellamy). They want to “get it on” so everyone strips and does it in the living room. After the other couple and Marshall leave, Elise (Sandy Dempsey) comes over for an arranged dinner date with the Blue’s. Eva claims she’s going to the store, then Nick seduces his wife into bed. Before Elise and Nick can finish, Eva pops out brandishing a meat cleaver, causing Elise to bite off Nick’s dick and then choke to death on it!

This twisted mix of unappealing hardcore porn and H.G. Lewis- style gore scenes sounds pretty demented, but actually watching it is a whole different story. The acting is terrible, lines are flubbed, people laugh when they’re not supposed to and obviously no one is taking this thing seriously. In fact, there’s enough wink-wink nudge-nudge going around to indicate that the “actors” are just goofing off and having some fun. That in and of itself makes this easier to take than it otherwise would have been. Or maybe I’m just completely desensitized to sick trash like this by now.

Most of the performers – even by 70s standards - aren’t particularly attractive, rendering the sex scenes pretty useless, though the inclusion of a gay sex scene will surprise some people. The print quality (distributed by Something Weird) is awful. I can’t tell if they were actually going for blue, green and red tinted scenes, if it’s actually a heavily-damaged print or if the film was just ineptly shot. Probably a mixture of the three actually. Director Davis also made the very entertaining EVIL COME EVIL GO (1972).



Anonymous said...

A completely remastered version of this was released on DVD (in a triple feature) just this month.

It looks unbelievable, and even has special features.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I may have to check that out!

Anonymous said...

Here's an example of the quality difference:

* Old: http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130514011457/horrorfilmbodycount/images/1/16/JerryBlue.png
* New: http://mondo-digital.com/evilcome7big.jpg

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

The sad thing is, the example of the bad one you posted is probably better than the copy I viewed. It was deemed "too crappy for caps." I'll definitely be giving this one another view eventually.

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