Saturday, November 1, 2008

Come With Me, My Love (1976)

...aka: Come With Me, My Ghost
...aka: Haunted Pussy, The
...aka: Stay With Me, My Love

Directed by:
Doris Wishman

In Kenmare City circa 1925, Randolph (Jeffrey Hurst) catches his wife and his best friend in the act. After standing there watching them go at it until they finish, he shoots his friend dead. When his wife takes off her ring and throws it at him, he shoots her, too. Then he points the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger. After that black-and-white opening sequence the film jumps ahead to 1976 and it's now in color. A young woman named Abby (Ursula Austin) moves into the same apartment where the 50-year-old antique bed the couple was killed in during the first scene still sits. She meets her very, uh, friendly neighbor Tess Albertino (Annie Sprinkle) and then strange things begin happening. She hears heavy breathing, wind starts blowing her hair around, the lights go out, a bottle of sleeping pills appears out of nowhere (which she feels compelled to keep eating) and next think she knows she's being visited by the horny ghost of the scorned, love-hungry dead husband. He seems to want a mate to share eternity with in the afterlife and gets mighty jealous when he sees Abby fooling around with anyone else. Her first lover is electrocuted after a ghost hand pushes a radio into the bathtub. When Abby's date Bill (Ed Marshall) comes over to "comfort" her, he's pushed out the window. A ghost hand reaches out and stabs Abby's third (female) lover. A wedding band appears on Abby's finger and she can't get it off. Can the ghost persuade Abby to keep eating the pills until she passes on or will it continue killing everyone Abby screws (i.e. basically anyone who enters her apartment). On two different occasions, the film drifts away from the main storyline to show pouty-lipped Vanessa Del Rio, her blonde roommate (Nancy Dare) and several guys (including CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST star Robert Kerman) going at it.

Directed and produced by exploitation queen Doris Wishman under the alias "Luigi Manicottale," this is basically a typical 70s porn with some light horror content. Sadly, it is lacking Doris' gonzo camera-work where she pivots the camera around in weird directions and films potted plants and stuff. The only two touches really indicative of her usual style is a close-up of feet walking up stairs and someone walking around in a park. The ghost effect used is the negative image overlapping you often see in cheaper ghost movies from this time. As to be expected, the acting is dreadful and good for a laugh or two. So is some of the dialogue (including some silly voice-overs). Then again, it's just a porn so there's no need to be too critical. It's mainly about sex. There's plenty of that, but it's pretty standard/dull stuff and this is a forgettable effort from the popular cult director.


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