Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chunk Blower (1990)

Directed by:
Jim Van Bebber

Van Bebber had started production on what was to be a feature-length horror/gore film about a killer tow truck driver/junkyard owner (Bruce Paisley) and the production fell through at some point after they’d already shot enough to assemble a promo reel for it. What remains was then edited into a 3 ½ minute narrated trailer, and that’s what we have here. Based on what’s shown, it’s a shame the full feature never happened. Looks like it could have been fun. The photography (with a slick blue/purple look for the night scenes) and camerawork seem very good and there’s some gore (a body split open with a hook; two guys handcuffed to the steering wheel and people burned alive in their car). It was co-scripted by Chas. Balun and features appearances from musicians Bill Leeb (from Frontline Assembly) and Dwayne Goettel (from Skinny Puppy). It can be found on either Google Video or Youtube. Ohio native Van Bebber also made DEADBEAT AT DAWN (1988), the short MY SWEET SATAN (1994) and the highly-regarded (by some) THE MANSON FAMILY (which began production in 1988 but wasn't completed until 2003).


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