Ratings Key

= Excellent. The best the genre has to offer.
1/2 = Very Good. Perhaps not "perfect," but undoubtedly a must-see.
★★★ = Good. Accomplishes what it sets out to do and does it well.
★★1/2 = Fair. Clearly flawed and nothing spectacular, but competently made. OK entertainment.
★★ = Mediocre. Either highly uneven or by-the-numbers and uninspired.
1/2 = Bad. Very little to recommend.
= Very Bad. An absolute chore to sit through.
NO STARS! = Abysmal. Unwatchable dreck that isn't even bad-movie amusing.
SBIG = So Bad It's Good. Technically awful movies with massive entertainment value.

Friday, November 7, 2008

D Titles

Films are listed by their original English-language release title when available. If the film has not been officially released in the U.S. then I'll use the informal release title. If that's not an option, then I'll go with the original foreign release title. I am trying to database every horror title made between 1950 - 1990 right here and will constantly be adding more in the future so make sure to check back! A * next to a title means I have it rated and have uploaded a photo but haven't done the review yet. If you see anything missing, shoot me a message and it will be added.


[TV] = Either made specifically for TV or debuted on TV.
[X] = Contains hardcore sex.
[short] = Has a running time of less than 45 minutes.
[doc] = Genre-themed documentary; includes mondo shockumentaries.
[unreleased] = Film has never been released, perhaps not even completed.
[missing] = No prints are known to exist.
BLUE = USA, Canada
RED = Most of Asia, Turkey, India
ORANGE = Central and South America, Spain and Portugal
YELLOW = Most of Europe, Russia
PURPLE = Australia, New Zealand
GREEN = Africa


- Daddy's Deadly Darling
(Horror Farm; Pigs) (1972; Marc Lawrence) USA
- Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (1969; Mark Robson) USA
- Daemon (1985; Colin Finbow) [TV] UK
- Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (Quackbusters) (1988; Greg Ford, Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Terry Lennon, Robert McKimson, Maurice Noble) [animated] USA
- Dagora, the Space Monster (Uchu diakaijû Dogora) (1963; Ishirô Honda) Japan
- Damien: Omen II (1978; Don Taylor) USA
- Damned Area (Area maldita) (1980; Jairo Pinilla) Colombia
- Damned in Venice (Nero veneziano; Venetian Black) (1978; Ugo Liberatore) Italy
- Damned Thing, The (Prokletinja) (1975; Branko Plesa) Yugoslavia
- Dance of Death, The (Le Saint mène la danse) (1960; Jacques Nahum) France, Italy
- Dance of Death (House of Evil; Macabre serenade) (1968; Juan Ibáñez, Jack Hill) Mexico, USA
- Dance of the Damned (1988; Katt Shea) USA
- Dance of the Dwarfs (Jungle Heat; Night of the Dwarves) (1983; Gus Trikonis) USA
- Dangerous Charter (1962; Robert Gottschalk) USA
- Dangerous Game (1987; Stephen Hopkins) Australia
- Dangerous Love (1988; Marty Ollstein) USA
- Dangerous Obsession (Il miedo del diavolo) (1986; Lucio Fulci) Italy, Spain
- Dangerous Women (Mujeres asesinas) (1989; Luigi Russo) Italy
- Dario Argento's World of Horror (Il mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento) (1985; Michele Soavi) [doc] Italy
- Dark, The (The Mutilator) (1979; John 'Bud' Cardos) USA
- Dark Age (1987; Arch Nicholson) Australia
- Dark Angel, The (Uncle Silas) (1987; Peter Hammond) [TV] UK
- Dark August (1976; Martin Goldman) USA
- Dark Dreams (Inner Circle) (1971; Roger Guermantes) [X] USA
- Dark Echoes (A maldiocao de ghor; Deep Echo) (1977; George Robotham) USA, Yugoslavia
- Dark Enemy (1984; Colin Finbow) UK
- Darker Side of Terror, The (1979; Gus Trikonis) [TV] USA
- Dark Forces (Harlequin) (1980; Simon Wincer) Australia
- Dark Heritage (The Final Descendant) (1989; David McCormick) USA
- Dark Intruder (The Black Cloak) (1965; Harvey Hart) USA
- Darkman (1990; Sam Raimi) USA
- Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981; Frank De Felitta) [TV] USA
- Dark of the Night (Mr. Wrong) (1986 [filmed in 1984]; Gaylene Preston) New Zealand
- Dark Places (1973; Don Sharp) UK
- Dark Power, The (1985; Phil Smoot) USA
- Dark Ride, The (Killer's Delight; The Sports Killer) (1978; Jeremy Hoenack) USA
- Dark Romances, Vol. 1: Born Evil (1990; Mark Shepard) USA
- Dark Romances, Vol. 2: Bleeding Hearts (1990; Rodd Matsui, Patricia Miller, Bryan Moore, Samuel Oldham, Mark Shepard, John Strysik) USA
- Darkroom (1988; Terrence O'Hara) USA
- Dark Secret of Harvest Home, The (1978; Leo Penn) [TV] USA
- Dark Shadows (1990; Dan Curtis) [TV] USA
- Dark Side of Midnight, The (The Creeper) (1984; Wes Olsen) USA
- Dark Side of the Moon, The* (1989; D.J. Webster) USA
- Dark Side of the Sun, The (1983; David Askey) [TV] UK
- Dark Tower (1989 [filmed in 1987]; Freddie Francis, Ken Wiederhorn) Spain, USA
- Daughter of a Ghost (Magye-ui ttal) (1983; Yoon Kyo Park) South Korea
- Daughter of Dracula (A fille de Dracula) (1972; Jesus Franco) Portugal, Spain
- Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957; Edgar G. Ulmer) USA
- Daughter of Frankenstein (Santo vs. la hija de Frankenstein) (1971; Miguel M. Delgado) Mexico
- Daughter of the Mind (1969; Walter Grauman) [TV] USA
- Daughters of Darkness (Les lèvres rouges) (1971; Harry Kümel) Belgium, France, West Germany
- Daughters of Darkness (1990; Stuart Gordon) [TV] HungaryUSA
- Daughters of Satan (1972; Hollingsworth Morse) Philippines, USA
- Dawn of the Dead (Zombi; Zombies: Dawn of the Dead) (1978; George A. Romero) Italy, USA
- Dawn of the Mummy (1981; Frank Agrama) Egypt, Italy, USA
- Day-dream (Daydream; Hakujitsumu) (1964; Tetsuji Takechi) Japan
- Day Dream (Daydream; Hakujitsumu) (1981; Tetsuji Takechi) [X] Japan
- Day It Came to Earth, The (1979; Harry Thomason) USA
- Day-Killer (5 donne per l'assassino; 5 Women for the Killer) (1970; Stelvio Massi) France, Italy
- Day of Judgment, A (Stormbringer) (1981; Christopher Reynolds) USA
- Day of the Animals (Something Is Out There) (1977; William Girdler) USA
- Day of the Dead (1985; George A. Romero) USA
- Day of the Nightmare (Don't Scream, Doris Mays) (1965; John A. Bushelman) USA
- Day of the Reaper (1984; Tim Ritter) USA
- Day of the Triffids, The (Invasion of the Triffids) (1963; Steve Sekely, Freddie Francis) UK
- Day of Wrath (Den gneva) (1985; Sulambek Mamilov) Soviet Union
- Days of Fury (Doomsday; Judgment Day) (1980; Fred Warshofsky) [doc] Netherlands, USA
- Day the World Ended* (1955; Roger Corman) USA
- Deacon of Red River, The (Djákninn) (1988; Egill Eðvarðsson) [TV] Iceland
- Dead and the Deadly, The (Ren xia ren) (1982; Ma Wu) Hong Kong
- Dead Are Alive, The (L'estrusco uccide ancora) (1972; Armando Crispino) Italy, Yugoslavia
- Dead & Buried* (1981; Gary Sherman) USA
- Dead Beat, The (1990) [doc] USA
- Deadbeat at Dawn (1988; Jim Van Bebber) USA
- Dead Boyz Can't Fly (Neon Red) (1992 [filmed in 1988]; Cecil Howard) USA
- Dead Calm* (1989; Phillip Noyce) Australia
- Dead Certain (Murder Blues) (1991 [filmed in 1990]; Anders Palm) Canada, USA
- Dead Curse (Meng gui po ren) (1985; Biu Man Chang) Hong Kong
- Dead Don't Die, The (1975; Curtis Harrington) [TV] USA
Dead Don't Forgive, The (Los muertos no perdonan) (1963; Julio Coll) Spain
- Dead Don't Talk, The (Ölüler konusmaz ki) (1970; Yavuz Yalinkiliç) Turkey
- Dead End Drive-In (Dead End) (1986; Brian Trenchard-Smith) Australia
- Dead Eyes of London (Die toten Augen von London) (1961; Alfred Vohrer) West Germany
- Dead Father, The (1986; Guy Maddin) [short] Canada
- Dead Fright (La Gabbia; Collector's Item) (1985; Giuseppe Patroni Griffi) Italy, Spain
- Dead Girls (1990; Dennis Devine, Steve Jarvis) USA
- Dead Heat (1988; Mark Goldblatt) USA
- Deadline (1984 [filmed in 1980]; Mario Azzopardi) Canada
- Deadly Bees, The (1966; Freddie Francis) UK
- Deadly Blessing (1981; Wes Craven) USA
- Deadly Corpse (Bloody Corpse; Khooni Murdaa) (1989; Mohan Bhakri) India
- Deadly Dream, The (1971; Alf Kjellin) [TV] USA
- Deadly Dreams (1988; Kristine Peterson) USA
- Deadly Embrace (1989; David DeCoteau) USA
- Deadly Eyes (Night Eyes; The Rats) (1982; Robert Clouse) Canada
- Deadly Friend (1986; Wes Craven) USA
- Deadly Games (Death Killer; The Eliminator) (1982; Scott Mansfield) USA
- Deadly Inheritance (L'assassino he la mani pulite) (1968; Vittorio Sindoni) Italy
- Deadly Intruder (1985 [IMDb erroneously claims 1988]; John McCauley) USA
- Deadly Lessons (1983; William Wiard) [TV] USA
- Deadly Love (1987; Michael O'Rourke) USA
- Deadly Manor (Savage Lust) (1990; José Ramón Larraz) Spain, USA
- Deadly Mantis, The (The Incredible Praying Mantis) (1957; Nathan Juran) USA
- Deadly Messages (1985; Jack Bender) [TV] USA
- Deadly Nightmare (Pesadilla mortal) (1980; Alfredo B. Crevenna) Mexico
- Deadly Obsession (1989; Jenö Hodi) South Africa, USA
- Deadly Possession (Coda; Symphony of Evil) (1987; Craig Lahiff) [TV] Australia
- Deadly Sanctuary (Justine) (1968; Jesus Franco) Italy, Liechtenstein, USA, West Germany
- Deadly Spawn, The (Return of the Alien's Deadly Spawn) (1983; Douglas McKeown) USA
- Deadly Strangers (1975; Sidney Hayers) UK
- Deadly Triangle, The (El juego del adulterio) (1973; Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent) Spain
- Deadly Vision (Mind Over Murder) (1979; Ivan Nagy) [TV] USA
- Deadly Visitor (1973; Lela Swift) [TV] USA
- Dead Man Walking (1988; Gregory Dark) USA
- Dead Mate (Grave Robbers) (1988; Straw Weisman) USA
- Dead Men Don't Die (1990; Malcolm Marmorstein) USA
- Dead Next Door, The (1989; J.R. Bookwalter) USA
- Dead of Night (1977; Dan Curtis) [TV] USA
- Dead of Night: A Darkness at Blaisedon (1969; Lela Swift) [TV] USA
- Dead of Winter* (1987; Arthur Penn) USA
- Dead One, The (Blood of the Zombie) (1961; Barry Mahon) USA
- Dead Pit, The (1989; Brett Leonard) USA
- Dead Ringer (Dead Image; Who Is Buried in My Grave?) (1964; Paul Henreid) USA
- Dead Ringers* (1988; David Cronenberg) Canada, USA
- Dead Silence (1989; Hugh Gallagher) USA
- Dead Sleep (1992 [filmed in 1990]; Alec Mills) Australia
- Dead Space (1991 [filmed in 1990]; Fred Gallo) USA
- Dead, the Devil and the Flesh, The (Los muertos, la carne y el diablo) (1974; José María Oliveira) Argentina, Spain
- Dead Things (1986; Todd Sheets) [short] USA
- Deadtime Stories* (Freaky Fairy Tales; The Griebels) (1986; Jeffrey Delman) USA
- Dead Zone, The (1983; David Cronenberg) USA
- Deafula (Young Deafula) (1975; Peter Wolf) USA
- Dear Dead Delilah (1972; John Farris) USA
- Dear Diary (1989; Lupita Aquino-Kashiwahara, Leroy Salvador) Philippines
- Dearer Than My Eyes (Aghla min aynaya) (1955; Ezzel Dine Zulficar) Egypt
- Dear John (1987; Catherine Ord) Canada
- Death at Love House (The Shrine of Lorna Love) (1976; E.W. Swackhamer) [TV] USA
- Death Bed: The Bed That Eats* (1977; George Barry) USA
- Death by Dialogue (Evil Nightmare) (1988; Thomas Dewier) USA
- Death by Invitation (1971; Ken Friedman) USA
- Death by Love (1990; ?) USA
- Death Cruise (1974; Ralph Senensky) [TV] USA
- Death Curse of Tartu (Curse of Death) (1966; William Grefe) USA
- Death Doll (1989; William Mims) USA
- Deathdream (Dead of Night; The Night Andy Came Home) (1972; Bob Clark) Canada, UK, USA
- Death Faces (Beyond Reality; Dying: Last Seconds of Life) (1988; Victoria Bloodhart) UK
- Death Game (The Seducers) (1977 [filmed in 1974]; Peter S. Traynor) USA
- Death Haunts Monica (La muerte ronda a Mónica) (1976; Ramón Fernández) Spain
- Deathhead Virgin, The (1974; Norman Foster) Philippines, USA
- Death in Deep Water (Thriller: Death in Deep Water) (1975; James Ormerod) [TV] UK
- Death in Focus (1989; Elvis Boorman) [doc] USA
- Death Inheritance Spreaders (Pusaka penyebar maut) (1990; Sisworo Gautama Putra) Indonesia
Death Is a Number (1951; Robert Henryson) UK
- Death King, The (Der Todesking) (1990; Jörg Buttgereit) West Germany
- Death Kiss (Eglima sto kavouri; The Rape Killer) (1976 [filmed in 1974]; Kostas Karagiannis) Greece
- Death Laid an Egg (La morte ha fatto l'uovo) (1968; Giulio Questi) France, Italy
- Deathless Devil, The (Yilmayan seytan) (1973; Yilmaz Atadeniz) Turkey
- Death Mask (Unknown) (1984 [filmed in 1982]; Richard Friedman) USA
- Deathmaster (1972; Ray Danton) USA
- Death Moon (1978; Bruce Kessler) [TV] UK, USA
- Death Nurse (1987; Nick Millard) USA
- Death Nurse 2 (1988; Nick Millard) USA
- Death of a Hoodlum (Muerte de un quinqui) (1975; León Klimovsky) Spain
- Death of the Jackal, The (La muerte del chacal) (1984; Pedro Galindo III) Mexico
- Death on a Rainy Sunday (Mort un dimanche de pluie) (1986; Joël Santoni) France, Switzerland
- Death on the Fourposter (Delitto allo specchio) (1964; Jean Josipovici, Ambrogio Molteni) France, Italy
- Death Powder (Desu pawuda) (1986; Shigeru Izumiya) Japan
- Death Row Diner (1988; B. Dennis Wood) USA
- Death Run (1987; Michael J. Murphy) UK
- Death Screams (House of Death; Night Screams) (1982; David Nelson) USA
- Death Ship (1980; Alvin Rakoff) Canada, UK
- Death Shock (1981; Steve Perry, Frank Thring) UK
- Death Smiles on a Murderer (La morte ha sorriso all'assassino) (1973; Joe D'Amato) Italy
- Death Spa (Witch Bitch) (1989 [filmed in 1987]; Michael Fischa) USA
- Death Steps in the Dark (Passi di morte perduti nel buio) (1977; Maurizio Pradeaux) Greece, Italy
- Death Train, The (Ghost Train of Clematis) (1978; Igor Auzins) [TV] Australia
- Death Valley (1982; Dick Richards) USA
- Deathwalkers (1989; Joe Ford) South Africa
- Death Walks at Midnight (Cry Out in TerrorLa morte accarezza a mezzanotte) (1972; Luciano Ercoli) Italy, Spain
- Death Walks on High Heels (La morte cammina con i tacchi alti) (1971; Luciano Ercoli) Italy, Spain
- Death Warmed Up (Death Warmed Over) (1984; David Blyth) Australia, New Zealand
- Death Weekend (The House by the Lake) (1976; William Fruet) Canada
- Death Wish Club, The (Carnival of Fools; The Dark Side to Love) (1984; John Carr) USA
- Debauchers, The (1970; Sidney Knight) [X] USA
- Decoder (1984; Muscha) West Germany
- Deep, The (1977; Peter Yates) USA
- Deep Blood (Killer Sharks; Sangue negli abissi) (1990; Raffaele Donato) Italy
- Deep Red (The Hatchet Murders; Profondo rosso) (1975; Dario Argento) Italy
- Deep Space (1988; Fred Olen Ray) USA
- Deepstar Six (Deep Six; Deep Star Six) (1989; Sean S. Cunningham) USA
- Def by Temptation (1990; James Bond III) USA
- Def-Con 4 (Defense Condition 4) (1985 [filmed in 1983]; Paul Donovan) Canada
- Defiance of Good, The (Defiance) (1975; Armand Weston) [X] USA
- Déjà vu (1984; Anthony B. Richmond) UK
- Deja vu (Reflections; Vec vidjeno) (1987; Goran Markovic) Yugoslavia
- Deliberate Stranger, The (1986; Marvin Chomsky) [TV] USA
- Delirium (Crime; Death at the Villa; Delirio caldo) (1972; Renato Polselli) Italy
- Delirium (Psycho Puppet) (1979; Peter Maris) USA
- Delirium (Le foto di Gioia; Photos of Joy) (1987; Lamberto Bava) Italy
- Delusion (The House Where Death Lives) (1981; Alan Beattie) USA
- Demented (1980; Arthur Jeffreys) USA
- Demented Death Farm Massacre... The Movie (Honey Britches) (1986; Donn Davison, Fred Olen Ray) USA
- Dementia* (Daughter of Horror) (1955; John Parker) USA
- Dementia 13 (The Haunted and the Hunted) (1963; Francis Ford Coppola) Ireland, USA
- Demon, The (Il demonio) (1963; Brunello Rondi) France, Italy
- Demon, The (Midnight Caller) (1981 [filmed in 1979]; Percival Rubens) South Africa, Netherlands
- Demon Beast Invasion (Yôjû kyôshitsu gakuen) (1990; Kanenari Tokiwa) [animated] Japan
- Demon Cop (Curse of Something Bestial) (1990; Rocco Karega, Hal Miles, Fred Olen Ray) USA
- Demon, Demon ("The Wide World of Mystery" series) (1975; Richard Dunlap) [TV] USA
- Demon from Devil's Lake, The (1964; Russ Marker) USA
- Demon Hunter (The Legend of Blood Mountain) (1965; Massey Cramer) USA
- Demon Hunter (Cazador de demonios) (1983; Gilberto de Anda) Mexico
- Demonia (Liza) (1990; Lucio Fulci) Italy
- Demoniac (Exorcisms; L'éventreur de Notre-Dame) (1975; Jesus Franco) Belgium, France, Spain
- Demoniacs (Deux vierges pour Satan; Les Demoniaques) (1974; Jean Rollin) Belgium, France
Demon in the Blood (El demonio en la sangre) (1964; René Múgica) Argentina
- Demon Lover, The (Coven; The Devil Master; Master of Evil) (1976; Donald G. Jackson, Jerry Younkins) USA
- Demon Lover Diary (1980; Joel DeMott) [doc] USA
- Demon Lust* (Savage Encounter) (1980; Bernard Buys) South Africa
- Demon Monkey (Siluman kera) (1988; Abnar Romli) Indonesia
- Demon Mountain (Shadow Mountain; The Shadow of Chikara) (1977; Earl E. Smith) USA
- Demon Murder Case, The (Rhode Island Murders) (1983; William Hale) [TV] USA
- Demon of Paradise (1987; Cirio H. Santiago) Philippines, USA
- Demon of the Island (Le démon dans l'ile) (1983; Francis Leroi) France
- Demonoid: Messenger of Death (Devil's Hand; Macabre) (1981; Alfredo Zacarías) Mexico, USA
- Demon Possessed (1993 [filmed in 1989]; Christopher Webster) USA
- Demon Queen (1986; Donald Farmer) USA
- Demon Rage (Fury of the Succubus; Satan's Mistress) (1982 [filmed in 1980]; James Polakof) USA
- Demons, The (Les démons; Sex Demons) (1973; Jesus Franco) France, Portugal
- Demons (Dèmoni) (1985; Lamberto Bava) Italy
- Demons 2 (Dèmoni 2... L'incubo ritorna) (1986; Lamberto Bava) Italy
- Demons 5: Devil's Veil (La maschera del demonio) (1989; Lamberto Bava) France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, WG
- Demon's Apartment (Ban ye san geng gui nao fang) (1985; Feng-Pan Yao) Taiwan
- Demon Seed (Proteus Generation) (1977; Donald Cammell) USA
- Demons of Ludlow, The (1983; Bill Rebane) USA
- Demons of the Mind (Blood Evil; Nightmare of Terror) (1972; Peter Sykes) UK
- Demonstone (Deathstone) (1990; Andrew Prowse) Australia, Philippines, USA
- Demonwarp (Demon Warp; Transmutation) (1988; Emmett Alston) USA
- Demon Warrior (1988; Frank Patterson) USA
- Demon Wind (1990; Charles Philip Moore) USA
- Demon Witch Child (La endemoniada; The Possessed) (1974; Amando de Ossorio) Spain
- Depth (Gehrayee) (1980; Vikas Desai, Aruna Raje) India
- Deranged (Deranged: The Confessions of a Necrophile) (1974; Jeff Gillen, Alan Ormsby) USA
- Deranged (1987; Chuck Vincent) USA
- Desert, The (Çöl; Turkish Jaws) (1983; Çetin Inanç) Turkey
- Desire, the Vampire (I, Desire) (1982; John Llewellyn Moxey) [TV] USA
- Destination Inner Space (Terror of the Deep) (1966; Francis D. Lyon) USA
- Destination Moon (1950; Irving Pichel) USA
- Destination Nightmare (1958; Paul Landres, Herbert L. Strock, George Waggner) [TV] USA
- Destroy All Monsters (Kaijû sôshingeki) (1968; Ishirô Honda) Japan
- Destroyer (The Edison Effect; Shadow of Death) (1988; Robert Kirk) USA
- Deviation (1971; José Ramón Larraz) Sweden
- Devil, The (Xie mo) (1981; Ren-Chieh Chang) Hong Kong, Taiwan
- Devil and Miss Sarah, The (1971; Michael Caffey) [TV] USA
- Devil Came from Akasava, The (Der teufel kam aus Akasava) (1971; Jesus Franco) Spain, West Germany
- Devil Cat (Ghost Cat; Mao ling) (1980; Sau Hin Ha) Hong Kong
- Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (1978; Curtis Harrington) [TV] Canada, USA
- Devil Doll (1964; Lindsay Shonteff) UK
- Devil Dynamite (Devil's Dynamite) (1987; Godfrey Ho) Hong Kong
- Devil Fetus (Devil Foetus; Mo tai; Moh toi) (1983; Hung-Chuen Lau) Hong Kong
- Devil Fish (Monster Shark; Shark: Rosso nell'oceano) (1984; Lamberto Bava) France, Italy
- Devil Girl from Mars (1954; David MacDonald) UK
- Devil Hunter (Mandingo Manhunter; The Manhunter; Sexo caníbal) (1980; Jesus Franco) France, Spain, West Germany
- Devil Hunter Yohko (Mamono hantâ Yôko) (1990; Katsuhisa Yamada) [animated] Japan
- Devil in Miss Jones, The (Miss Jones) (1973; Gerardo Damiano) [X] USA
- Devil Inside Her, The (The Devil Within Her; Metamorphoses) (1977; Zebedy Colt) [X] USA
- Devilish Murder, A (Salinma) (1965; Yong-min Lee) South Korea
- Devil Man - Vol. 1: The Birth (Debiruman: Tanjou hen) (1987; Umanosuke Iida) [animated] Japan
- Devil Man - Vol. 2: Demon Bird (Debiruman: Kaichô shireinyu hen) (1990; Umanosuke Iida) [animated] Japan
- Devil Returns (Jing hun feng yu ye) (1982; Yao-Chi Chen) Hong Kong, Taiwan
- Devil Rider (1991 [filmed in 1989]; Victor Alexander) USA
- Devil Rides Out, The* (The Devil's Bride) (1968; Terence Fisher) UK
- Devils, The (The Devils of Loudon) (1971; Ken Russell) UK
- Devil's Box, The (Gui zhan) (1984; Tommy Chin) Hong Kong
- Devil's Child, The (Akuma-kun) (1966; Akira Kajima, Tsuneo Kobayashi, Hajime Satô, Koichi Takemoto, Minoru Yamada) [TV] Japan
- Devil's Commandment, The (I vampiri; The Vampires) (1956; Riccardo Freda, Mario Bava) Italy
- Devil's Curse (Devil Curse Country; Meng gui zhou) (1988; Lu Po Tu) Hong Kong
- Devil's Daffodil, The (Das geheimnis der gelben Narzissen) (1961; Ákos Ráthonyi) UKWest Germany
- Devil's Daughter, The (1973; Jeannot Szwarc) [TV] USA
- Devil's Daughter, The (La setta; The Sect) (1991 [filmed in 1990]; Michele Soavi) Italy
- Devil's Domain (Shaitani Ilaaka) (1990; Kiran Ramsay) India
- Devil's Due (Giving the Devil His Due) (1973; Ernest Danna) [X] USA
- Devil's Ecstasy (1977; Brandon G. Carter) [X] USA
- Devil's Exorcist, The (Alucinaciones; El juego del diablo) (1975; Jorge Darnell) Spain
- Devil's Express (Death Express; Gang Wars) (1976; Barry Rosen) USA
- Devil's Female (Magdalena, vom Teufel besessen) (1974; Walter Boos) West Germany
- Devil's Gift, The (1984; Kenneth J. Berton) USA
- Devil's Hand, The (Devil's Doll; Live to Love; Witchcraft) (1961; William J. Hole Jr.) USA
- Devil's Horse, The (El caballo del diablo; Horse of the Devil) (1975; Federico Curiel) Mexico
- Devil's Kiss (La perversa caricia de Satán) (1974; Georges Gigó) Andorra, France, Spain
- Devil's Lover, The (L'amante del demonio; The Demon Lover) (1972; Paolo Lombardo) Italy
- Devil's Men, The (I maska tou Diavolou) (1976; Kostas Karagiannis) Greece, UK, USA
- Devil's Messenger, The (1961; Herbert L. Strock, Curt Siodmak) Sweden, USA
- Devil's Mistress, The (1966; Orville Wanzer) USA
- Devil's Nightmare, The (La plus longue nuit du diable) (1971; Jean Brismée) Belgium, Italy
- Devils of Darkness (Talisman) (1965; Lance Comfort) UK
- Devil Sorcery (Ban xian jiang; Devil's Sorcery) (1988; Hong-Yue Do) Hong Kong
- Devil's Partner (1961; Charles R. Rondeau) USA
- Devil's Playground (Satan Lovers) (1974; Rik Taziner) [X] USA
- Devil's Possessed (El mariscal del infiernon) (1974; León Klimovsky) Argentina, Spain
- Devil's Rain, The (1975; Robert Fuest) USA
- Devil's Son, The (Anak ng Demonyo) (1989; Mauro Gia Samonte) Philippines
- Devil Story (Il était une fois le diable - Devil Story) (1985; Bernard Launois) France
- Devil Strikes, The (Vietnam Horror) (1977; ?)
- Devil's Web, The (Nurse Will Make It Better) (1975; Shaun O'Riordan) [TV] UK
- Devil's Wedding Night, The (Il plenilunio delle vergini) (1973; Luigi Batzella) Italy
- Devil's Widow, The (The Devil's Woman; Tam Lin) (1970; Roddy McDowall) UK
- Devil Times Five (Horrible House on the Hill) (1974; Sean MacGregor) USA
- Devil Within Her, The (I Don't Want to Be Born; The Monster) (1975; Peter Sasdy) UK
- Devil Woman (Kung Fu aux Philippines; Mo neuih) (1970; Jose Flores Sibal) Philippines
- Devonsville Terror, The (1983; Ulli Lommel) USA
- Diabel (The Devil) (1972; Andrzej Zulawski) Poland
- Diabolical Dr. Z, The (Miss Death; Miss Muerte) (1966; Jesus Franco) France, Spain
Diabolical Duchess, The (La duquesa diabólica) (1964; Arturo Martínez) Mexico
- Diabolical Game (Juego diabólico) (1961; Fernando Fernández) Mexico
Diabolical Kidnapping (Secuestro diabolico) (1957; Chano Urueta) Mexico
- Diabolical Shudder (Escalofrío diabólico) (1972; George Martin) Spain
- Diabolique* (The Devils; The Fiends; Les diaboliques) (1955; Henri-Georges Clouzot) France
- Dial Code Santa Claus (3615 code Père Noël; Game Over) (1989; René Manzor) France
- Dial Help (Love Threat; Minaccia d'amore) (1988; Ruggero Deodato) Italy
- Diamond Ninja Force (Ghost Ninja; Ninja Warriors) (1988; Godfrey Ho) Hong Kong, Taiwan
- Diamonds of Kilimandjaro (El tesoro de la diosa blanca) (1983; Jesus Franco) France, Spain
- Diary of an Erotic Murderess* (La encadenada) (1975; Manuel Mur Oti) Italy, Spain
- Diary of a Madman (1963; Reginald Le Borg) USA
- Diary of the Dead (Once Across Two Down) (1976; Arvin Brown) USA
- Die! Die! My Darling! (Fanatic) (1965; Silvio Narizzano) UK
- Die, Monster, Die! (The Colour Out of Space; Monster of Terror) (1965; Daniel Haller) UK, USA
- Die Screaming, Marianne (Die, Beautiful Marianne) (1971; Pete Walker) UK
- Die Sister, Die! (The Companion) (1972; Randall Hood) USA
- Dinner of Sexual Desires, The (Banquete das Taras) (1982; Carlos Alberto Almeida) Brazil
- Dinner With a Vampire (A ceno col il vampiro) (1988; Lamberto Bava) Italy
- Dinosaurus! (1960; Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.) USA
- Direct Trip to Hell (Viaje directo al infierno) (1989; Raúl Araiza) Mexico
- Dirty Fingers (Smutsiga fingrar) (1973; Arne Mattsson) Sweden
- Discarnates, The (Ijintachi tono natsu) (1988; Nobuhiko Ôbayashi) Japan
- Disciple of Death (1972; Tom Parkinson) UK
- Disciples of the Crow (Night of the Crow) (1983; John Woodward) [short] USA
- Disconnected (1983; Gorman Bechard) USA
- Disembodied, The (1957; Walter Grauman) USA
- Dismembered Ghost, The (Kaidan barabara yurei) (1968; Kinya Ogawa) Japan
- Distant Lights (Luci lontane) (1987; Aurello Chiesa) Italy
- Distortions (1987; Armand Mastroianni) USA
- Disturbance, The (1990; Cliff Guest) USA
- Disturbed (1990; Charles Winkler) USA
- Diva in the Netherworld (Utahime makai o yuku) (1980; Takafumi Nagamine) Japan
Dr. Alien (I Was a Teenage Sex Mutant) (1989; David DeCoteau) USA
- Doctor and the Devils, The (1985; Freddie Francis) UK, USA
- Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (The Watts Monster) (1976; William Crain) USA
- Doctor Bloodbath (Butchet Knife) (1987; Nick Millard) USA
- Doctor Blood's Coffin (1961; Sidney J. Furie) UK
- Dr. Caligari (1989; Stephen Sayadian) USA
- Doctor Crimen (El monstruo resucitado; The Revived Monster) (1953; Chano Urueta) Mexico
- Dr. Death (Santo vs. Dr. Death) (1973; Rafael Romero Marchent) Mexico, Spain
- Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls (1973; Eddie Saeta) USA
- Doctor Dracula (Lucifer's Women; Svengali) (1978; Al Adamson, Paul Aratow) USA
Doctor Faustus (1967; Richard Burton, Nevill Coghill) UK
- Doctor Franken (1980; Marvin J. Chomsky, Jeff Lieberman) [TV] USA
- Doctor Gore (Anitra; The Body Shop; Shrieks in the Night) (1973; J.G. Patterson Jr.) USA
- Doctor Hackenstein (Dr. Hackenstein) (1988; Richard Clark)
- Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype (1980; Charles B. Griffith) USA
- Dr. Jekyll and His Women (Bloodbath; Docteur Jekyll et les femmes) (1981; Walerian Borowczyk) France, West Germany
- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1973; David Winters) [TV] UK, USA
- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1980; Alastair Reid) [TV] UK
- Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde (1972; Roy Ward Baker) UK
- Dr. Jekyll and the Wolfman (Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo) (1972; León Klimovsky) Spain
- Dr. Jekyll Likes Them Hot (Dottor Jekyll e gentile signora) (1979; Steno) Italy
- Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death (Jekyll Experiment) (1979; James Wood) USA
- Dr. Mabuse vs. Scotland Yard (Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse) (1963; Paul May) West Germany
- Doctor of Doom (Las luchadoras contra el médico asesino) (1963; René Cardona) Mexico
- Dr. Orloff's Monster (El secreto del Dr. Orloff) (1964; Jesus Franco) Austria, France, Spain
- Dr. Phibes Rises Again (1972; Robert Fuest) UK
Dr. Satan (Doctor Satán) (1966; Miguel Morayta) Mexico
- Dr. Satan and the Black Magic (Dr. Satán y la magia negra) (1968; Rogelio A. González) Mexico
- Dr. Strange (1978; Philip DeGuere Jr.) [TV] USA
- Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon (The Mansion of Madness) (1973; Juan López Moctezuma) Mexico
- Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (The Blood Suckers) (1965; Freddie Francis) UK
- Doctor Vampire (Jiang shi yi sheng) (1990; Jamie Luk) Hong Kong
Doctor Without Scruples (Arzt ohne Gewissen) (1959; Falk Hamack) West Germany
- Document of the Dead (1985; Roy Frumkes) [doc] USA
- Dogs of Hell (Rottweiler) (1984 [filmed in 1982]; Worth Keeter) USA
- Doll, The (La porta sul buio: La bambola) (1973 [filmed in 1971]; Mario Foglietti) [TV] Italy
- Dolls (1987; Stuart Gordon) USA
- Dominique is Dead (Avenging Spirit; Dominique) (1978; Michael Anderson) UK
- Donor (1990; Larry Shaw) [TV] USA
- Do Not Activate the Body (Huwag mong buhayin ang bangkay) (1987; Mauro Gia Samonte) Philippines
- Donovan's Brain (1953; Felix Feist) USA
- Don't Answer the Phone!* (The Hollywood Strangler) (1980; Robert Hammer) USA
- Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (Creatures in the Shadows) (1973; John Newland) [TV] USA
- Don't Deliver Us from Evil (Mais ne nous delivrez pas du mal) (1971; Joël Séria) France
- Don't Go in the House (The Burning) (1979; Joseph Ellison) USA
- Don't Go in the Woods (Don't Go in the Woods... Alone!) (1981; James Bryan) USA
- Don't Go Near the Park* (Curse of the Living Dead) (1979; Lawrence D. Foldes) USA
- Don't Go to Sleep (1982; Richard Lang) [TV] USA
- Don't Kiss the Devil (Huwag kang hahalik sa diablo) (1989; Mauro Gia Samonte) Philippines
- Don't Look in the Attic (La villa delle anime maledette) (1982; Carlo Ausino) Italy
- Don't Look in the Basement (The Forgotten) (1973; S.F. Brownrigg) USA
- Don't Look Now* (1973; Nicolas Roeg) Italy, UK
- Don't Mess With My Sister (Family and Honor) (1985; Meir Zarchi) USA
- Don't Open the Door! (Don't Hang Up) (1974; S.F. Brownrigg) USA
- Don't Open Till Christmas (1984; Edmund Purdom) UK
- Don't Panic (Dimensiones ocultas; Hidden Dimensions) (1989; Rubén Galindo Jr.) Mexico
- Don't Scream: It's Only a Movie! (1989; Ray Selfe) [doc] UK
- Don't Torture a Duckling (Non si sevizia un paperino) (1972; Lucio Fulci) Italy
- Doom Asylum (1987; Richard Friedman) USA
- Doomwatch (Island of the Ghouls) (1972; Peter Sasdy) USA
- Door, The (Darwaza) (1978; Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay) India
- Door (Doa) (1988; Banmei Takahashi) Japan
Door and the Butcher's Wife, The (La puerta y la mujer del carnicero) (1969; Luis Alcoriza, Ismael Rodríguez, Chano Urueta) Mexico
- Door With Seven Locks, The (Die tür mit den 7 Schlössern) (1962; Alfred Vohrer) West Germany
- Doriana Grey (Die Marquise von Sade) (1976; Jesus Franco) [X] Switzerland
- Dorian Gray (The Secret of Dorian Gray) (1970; Massimo Dallamano) Italy, UK, West Germany
- Dorm That Dripped Blood, The (Death Dorm; Pranks) (1982; Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow) USA
- Double Exposure (The Model Killer; Psycho Killer) (1982; William Byron Hillman) USA
- Double Face (A doppia faccia; Puzzle of Horrors) (1969; Riccardo Freda) Italy, West Germany
- Double Heat (1986; David Michel) [X] USA
- Double Vision (1989; Terrence O'Hara) USA
- Dozen Ways to Die!!, A (1990; Randall Hill) USA
- Dracula (Bram Stoker's Dracula) (1974; Dan Curtis) [TV] UK
- Dracula (1979; John Badham) UK, USA
- Dracula A.D. 1972* (Dracula Today) (1972; Alan Gibson) UK
Dracula and Me (Drakoulas & Sia) (1959; Errikos Iatrou) Greece
- Dracula and Son (Dracula pere et fils) (1976; Édouard Molinaro) France
- Dracula Blows His Cool (Graf Dracula beibt jetzt in Oberbayern) (1979; Carl Schenkel) Italy, West Germany
- Dracula Dynasty, The (Dracula '87La dinastía de Dracula) (1980; Alfredo B. Crevenna) Mexico
- Dracula Exotica (Dracula Erotica; Love at First Gulp) (1981; Shaun Costello) [X] USA
- Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968; Freddie Francis) UK
- Dracula in Istanbul (Drakula Istanbul'da) (1953; Mehmet Muhtar) Turkey
- Dracula of Exarcheia (O Drakoulas ton Exarheion) (1983; Nikos Zervos) Greece
- Dracula: Prince of Darkness (Disciples of Dracula) (1966; Terence Fisher) UK
- Dracula Rises from Coffin (Kwansukui Dracula) (1982; Hyeong-pyo Lee) South Korea
- Dracula's Last Rites (Last Rites) (1980; Domonic Paris) USA
- Dracula Saga, The (La saga de los Dracula; Saga of the Draculas) (1972; León Klimovsky) Spain
- Dracula Sucks (The Coming of Dracula's Bride) (1978; Phillip Marshak) [X] USA
- Dracula's Widow (1988; Christopher Coppola) USA
- Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) (Dracula, the Dirty Old Man) (1969; William Edwards) USA
- Dracula: The Great Undead (1982; Jerry Fijalkowski, John Muller) [doc] USA
- Dracula vs. Frankenstein (The Blood Seekers) (1971; Al Adamson) USA
- Dragon Against Vampire (Jiang shi pa pa) (1985; Lionel Leung) Hong Kong, South Korea
- Dragonfly for Each Corpse, A (Una libélula para cada muerto) (1974; León Klimovsky) Spain
- Dragula (1971; Jim Moss, Andy Milligan) [X] USA
Drakulita (1969; Consuelo P. Osorio) Philippines
- Dreaded, The (1990; Chris Robinson) USA
- Dreadnaught (Yong zhe wu ju) (1981; Woo-Ping Yuen) Hong Kong
- Dream a Little Evil (Dream Evil) (1990; Royce Mathew) USA
- Dreamaniac (1986; David DeCoteau) USA
- Dream Demon (1988; Harley Cokeliss) UK
- Dreaming, The (1988; Mario Andreacchio) Australia
- Dream No Evil (Now I Lay Me Down to Die; The Faith Healer) (1990; John Hayes) USA
- Dreamscape (1984; Joseph Ruben) USA
- Dressed to Kill (1980; Brian De Palma) USA
- Drifter, The (1988; Larry Brand) USA
- Drifter in the Rain (Vagabundo en la lluvia) (1968; Carlos Enrique Taboada) Mexico
- Drifting Classroom, The (Hyôryu kyoshitsu) (1987; Nobuhiko Ôbayashi) Japan
- Driller (Driller: A Sexual Thriller) (1984; Joyce James) [X] USA
- Driller Killer, The* (1979; Abel Ferrara) USA
- Drive-In Madness (Screen Scaries) (1987; Tim Ferrante) [doc] USA
- Drive-In Massacre* (1977; Stu Segall) USA
- Driving Miss Daisy Crazy (1969; Michael Findlay?) [short] USA
- Drunken Wutang (Gui ma tian shi; Taoism Drunkard) (1984; Cheung-Yan Yuen) Hong Kong
- Duel* (1971; Steven Spielberg) [TV] USA
- Dumb Waiter, The (1979; Robert Bierman) [short] UK
- Dungeon, The (Tahkhana) (1986; Shyam Ramsay, Tulsi Ramsay) India
- Dungeon of Death (1989; Gary Whitson) USA
- Dungeon of Harrow (Dungeons of Horror) (1962) USA
- Dunwich Horror, The (1970; Daniel Haller) USA
- Dwarf, The (Issun-boshi) (1955; Seiichirô Uchikawa) Japan
- Dying Room Only (1973; Philip Leacock) [TV] USA
- Dying Time (1990; Allan Kushowski) USA
- Dying Truth (A Distant Scream) (1984; John Hough) [TV] UK


spookyx3 said...

would've said that once upon a time i used to have standards, but i'd seen it before:


The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Alright, got it on there. I had another list I've been meaning to add so I put those on here too. Over 50 movies! *cringe*

spookyx3 said...

DONOR (TVM, 1990)

spookyx3 said...


The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

It looks like Double Vision was ONLY released on VHS in Turkey. Bet that's gonna be a tough one to track down.

spookyx3 said...

also a chilean VHS under the title RETRATO DE MUERTE/PORTRAIT OF DEATH.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I found a copy of the box, which has a copyright date of 1989 on it so I'll adjust that on here as well. Also interesting that the production company listed on the box is Double Helix Films, who were responsible for the Sleepaway Camp sequels.

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