Saturday, February 23, 2019

Updates and such

Over the next few weeks I'll be redesigning the sidebar a bit in hopes of making this place a bit easier to navigate. In addition, I'm finishing up some comprehensive indexes of films by country that I started on Letterboxd but will be moving over here and then completing. Also working on overviews / write-ups for each of the countries. Hoping these will be helpful for those looking for either a particular film known by a gazillion different titles or an entire list of genre films from a specific country. I'm also considering doing some lists based on themes (vampires, zombies, etc.) but only if time allows. There will likely be a few dead links on the side bar that will pop up and disappear and pop up again from time to time, plus random lists, random older pages and such coming and going, so I figured I better give a little warning that this blog isn't going haywire or anything. Been meaning to do all of this for awhile (years) now and hope to have it all done a.s.a.p.!


Alright, day one of renovations are over. Hope the changes thus far aren't TOO jarring if you've been visiting here for awhile. To start, I couldn't stand looking at that reddish brown background a minute longer. I always hated it and only picked it because blogger stopped supporting the black / grey / blue template I was using at the time. Back then, I had four options of templates to replace my older one that weren't going to completely screw everything else (spacing, colors, margins, etc.) up over several thousand posts. And since the other three colors were pink, orange and yellow, brown it was. I finally just went ahead and designed my own simple wallpaper. The neutral dark gray with a little bit of blood splatter should work just fine. I also changed the link colors around and replaced the light orange / tan thing that was going on with off-white, grey and white. Since I do color coding for regions, cast and crew names and such, I'm trying to go a bit neutral so things don't look too gaudy.

I've received a number of complaints over the years about the links on my sidebar being too small, the text being too small and everything being too crammed together and confusing. To help remedy that, I made some larger buttons and moved (or am in the process of moving) most of that stuff to its own separate page. For the review indexes, there's a new main page and much larger buttons for each letter (the lists themselves are found on the same links as before and haven't been changed). The Top 10 lists now have their own main page, as well. The text links there will eventually be replaced with buttons. The Orloks, which I promised my fellow former IMDb (now defunct) horror board users that I'd always keep here, will be moved to their own separate page, too. Every new review and update I'll be doing this year will be listed in the "Recent Reviews" section instead of the usual long list on the sidebar.

I'm kind of torn about doing all of the above as all of this stuff just feels easier to access on the side, but that's really the only way to make the links larger and de-clutter while I try to improve the layout / appearance. Unfortunately, I'm not the best web designer, so I'll just have to tinker around until I get everything right.

Still have no clue where I'm going to stick my ratings key. It's been at the top right under my banner ever since I started this blog. I moved it all the way down to the bottom for the time being until I find a better place for it. I'm thinking about putting it in the Introduction section.

I'll probably ditch the "Blog Archive" on the sidebar since all of the posts can be accessed through the indexes. Until now, I've kept it there mostly for my own convenience but, again, it just adds to the clutter so it's currently on the chopping block. The "Popular Posts" and most of the other stuff will stay. I toyed with the idea of making a new banner but, you know what? It's staying! I don't care if it's old and I could probably make a better one now. I'm kind of attached to it.

Alright, enough rambling for now. I'm just getting started so it won't be staying exactly as is. Thus far I'm pleased with how it's looking but not so pleased about having to move the title indexes, top 10s, etc. to separate pages due to losing the sidebar convenience factor. Bleh!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Orlok Awards

The Orlok Awards were an annual poll done on the IMDb horror boards where Top 10 horror lists for every year were tabulated from Top 5 lists submitted by users. These began in the early 2000s and were a yearly ritual for much of the IMDb horror board community for over a decade. After the original Orlok host / tabulator vanished, another regular stepped in to revive them for one year in 2015. Seeing how such a big undertaking takes time, I was still posting the results here going into 2016. About a year later (February 2017), IMDb - who were bought out by Amazon - made the decision to shut down all of their boards. Even before this announcement, I'd offered to host and preserve the results here, and was planning on doing the same for any subsequent Orloks or other IMDb polls which, of course, never happened due to the shutdown. 

Regardless, these 2015 results end up providing a good and thorough list of recommendations from a wide variety of people so they'll always be worth taking a look at... even if I don't agree with some of the end results! Each link provides complete results right down to how many votes each title, even ones that didn't make the Top 10, received. At the end there's a Winner's Circle which lists all of the winner from each consecutive year.


















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