Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mutilator, The (1982)

...aka: Fall Break

Directed by:
Buddy Cooper

Just what the world needed; another wholly clichéd slasher movie with terrible acting, obnoxious "teen" characters and a plotline that alternates between senseless and predictable. This one has some great gore effects, though, thanks to Mark Shostrom (EVIL DEAD 2) and Anthony Showe. Six annoying college students go on "fall break" (also the alternate title and the title of the fuzzy, nostalgic opening theme song) to a secluded beach house on a seemingly abandoned island where one's unhinged father used to live. Turns out that "Big Ed" has a grudge against Ed, Jr. (Matt Mitler) for accidentally killing his mom as a kid while cleaning one of dad's rifles, and shows up to get revenge on his son. While there the "teens" find a framed picture of a corpse ("Oh, dad accidentally ran over him with a speed boat"... uhhh, oooook) and missing weapons, but still stay and decide to play play blind man's bluff. They're done in with a battleaxe, machete, hook, topless drowning, dismemberment, decapitation and more, and the victims are pinned to a wall by spikes through their heads. The bloody FX (including a memorably tasteless bit involving a fishing gaff) are very good and are basically the only reason to tune in.
Filmed in 1982 but not actually released until 1985, this was available in R and unrated versions on video but has yet to get an American DVD release (Code Red announced they were going to release it a few years back but it hasn't happened yet). Originally titled FALL BREAK, complete with a cheesy title tune. With Frances Raines and Ben Moore as a cop.


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