Friday, July 31, 2020

Hobby Mou... o viasmos! (1986)

... aka: Ηοββυ μου... ο βιασμός!.
... aka: My Hobbies Include... Rape!
... aka: My Hobby Is... to Rape!
... aka: My Job: Rapist!
... aka: Rape... Is My Hobby

Directed by:
Dimitris Vogiatzis

Shot-on-video trash alert! Haris Stavropoulos (played by the director) is having a hard time with the ladies and it has nothing to do with being old, bald and chubby and everything to do with the fact that he just can't stop attacking them! He chain smokes, twitches, trembles, sweats and makes duck lips and other bizarre facial expressions calling a phone sex escort line he finds in a classified ad. Afterward he grimaces, claws at his face and arms and menacingly grabs a knife. It's a virtual masterclass in overacting and mugging all crammed into a tidy 3 minutes. Haris next goes and picks up a middle-aged woman for their date. The two get into an argument, he starts acting weird and then drives her out into the middle of nowhere. There, he attacks her until she passes out, rips open her shirt, gropes her boobs and between the legs and then drags her out of the car and leaves her there in the middle of the desert. Returning to his apartment, our pot-bellied psycho laughs maniacally, strips down to his black briefs and then starts talking to the nude models in ripped-out magazine layouts he has plastered all over his walls. He then grabs a knife and starts slicing up the pictures.

Meanwhile, at a tiki bar, Nikos (Nikos Vasilopoulos) finds himself drawn to Maria Teresa (Galina Kavadia), an irresistible combo of halter top, short shorts pulled above her belly button and mullet (!) As not to waste any time getting to know one another, the two promptly leave together a minute after first introducing themselves and go back to his apartment for a little funky music-n-chill. Haris sneaks onto the fire escape and watches through the window as some near X-rated heavy petting, breast sucking and crotch rubbing ensues. Unable to contain himself any longer, Haris barges in and knocks out Nikos. He then pulls a knife on Teresa, slaps her around and rapes her after knocking her out. For an encore, he goes to a clothing boutique and fills a shopping bag with women's panties. Good all-around pervert we got here, folks.

Apparently perfectly content with what had just happened to them, Nikos and Teresa are next seen all smiles and laughs going on a double date with another couple. The evening ends with them at a nightclub where Nikos works as a Wayne Newton-style lounge singer and performs a song while the girls throw dishes on the ground (?!) Teresa hops up and dances for several minutes before returning home to strip and rub her breasts in front of a mirror for several more minutes. The psycho is next shown stalking a young woman around town, following her onto a train, attacking her and trying to remove her panties. His next victim is attacked on an elevator. Both shriek "Policia! Policia! Policia!" over and over again while having their undies ruined forever!

Haris stumbles around a crowded beach staring at women while perplexed people stare at both him and the camera filming him. He manages to pick up a young woman in a leopard-print bikini, drives her out in the middle of nowhere, slaps her, rips off her top, squeezes her breasts, strangles her and throws her body out alongside a road. Afterward, he bumps into Teresa again. I'm not sure what their brief conversation is about but she invites him back to her apartment, seduces him, takes a full frontal shower and then has a long simulated sex scene with him before showing him the door! Since this isn't in English, I can only assume she was either turned on or driven crazy by being raped and wanted more, doesn't recognize him and is content picking up random creepy old man off the street to take home and screw or has some kind of traumatic mental block of the event. Either way, HUH?!

There's another possibility that I almost hate having to type, but seeing how I've already seen a couple of other Greek films with truly fucked-up sexual "cures" for psychosis (see also: AMILIA THE PSYCHOPATH and HOSTAGES OF LUST) it could be that she was attempting to rehabilitate her rapist with consensual sex! Perhaps a Greek-speaker reading this who's seen the film will stop by to explain Teresa's bizarre behavior to us because I couldn't quite figure it out. This all ends on a bizarrely anticlimactic note as the rapist is arrested by the cops for... breaking into a home to steal stuff.

Filmed with a camcorder by someone who decidedly does not possess a steady hand and featuring constant zoom shots (some of which go out of focus), this also "boasts" plenty of terrible editing, video rolls, stomach rolls, endless long shots of ladies walking down streets and ol' pervy stalking them and horrendous non-acting from people who seem to mistake "Action!" for "OK, now look directly at the camera!" Other than cheap laughs, the only potential redeeming factors are that it's filled with nudity and may appeal to those into rough / forced sex scenarios who don't really require their rape scenes to be very convincing. However, one could probably find thousands of other trashy films of this type featuring much better-looking performers so even as cheap spank material for rape fetishists this is pretty much a complete failure.

I wonder if former Mr. Olympia Larry Scott knew that he had a Greek production company churning out sleazy videos like this that was named after him? The over-the-hill Lothario who directed and stars (and unfortunately spends most of his screen time parading around in a speedo) also wrote, produced and edited. To my knowledge, this was only released on home video in Greece. 

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