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= Excellent. The best the genre has to offer.
1/2 = Very Good. Perhaps not "perfect," but undoubtedly a must-see.
★★★ = Good. Accomplishes what it sets out to do and does it well.
★★1/2 = Fair. Clearly flawed and nothing spectacular, but competently made. OK entertainment.
★★ = Mediocre. Either highly uneven or by-the-numbers and uninspired.
1/2 = Bad. Very little to recommend.
= Very Bad. An absolute chore to sit through.
NO STARS! = Abysmal. Unwatchable dreck that isn't even bad-movie amusing.
SBIG = So Bad It's Good. Technically awful movies with massive entertainment value.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fly II, The (1989)

Directed by:
Chris Walas

Review coming soon.



spookyx3 said...

circa 1994 they were thinking of making FLY III (FLIES!), with geena davis coming back, and renny harlin directing. i guess CUTTHROAT ISLAND bombing helped killed that, so at least it did something useful.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I forgive them both because The Long Kiss Goodnight was pretty fun!

spookyx3 said...

i've heard that.

around the same time, when WOLF was out and several lycanthropy movies were in development, davis was going to play a werewolf in something called, LYLA: A LOVE STORY.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I was just reading that Davis is starring in a made-for-TV Exorcist REMAKE. I think it's going to be a TV show. *shudder*

spookyx3 said...

pitches need not even be remotely sensible anymore.

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