Friday, October 9, 2009

Resurrection of Michael Myers Part 2, The (1988)

Directed by:
Richard Holm
Henrik Wadling

The clutz (co-director Holm) from the original short horror spoof is in the hospital while some kind of office party is going on. Michael Myers (this time wearing a mask that actually does look like the original mask) is resurrected and sticks a pair of scissors through a guys head. In the same morgue, some kind of chemical manages to resurrect both Leatherface and Jason, who also instantly get to work slaughtering people. Leatherface pins a woman down, saws off her arm and then beats her to death with it while Jason pours acid in another guys face. When they're done, they high five each other and go off to cut off women's clothes with their weapons and have a karate fight with a blue-faced zombie who repeats famous one-liners (from Freddy, Eastwood and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD). Meanwhile, Myers takes a dump, dunks a guy into it and flushes him down the toilet, bashes a bottle over a woman's head and then sticks the jagged bottle into her face, shoves a VHS tape into a guys mouth and cuts open the zombies head so he can eat his own brains. Things end with a rap song.

Again, it was all shot with what appears to be a commercial grade camcorder, and the nth generation copy I got to see didn't help matters. This one's still a bit better than the first. There's a lot of amateur gore, a little nudity, skateboarding, dancing, an issue of Fangoria, a rap end theme song and plenty of horror movie references and inside jokes (some of which will be lost on those who haven't seen the original). No clue if any of the dialogue is actually funny or not since it's in Swedish.


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