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Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday the 13th Part 2: The Next Generation (1989)

... aka: Friday the 13th 2
... aka: Friday the 13th Part 2
... aka: Friday the 13th Part 2... The Next De-Generation
... aka: Friday the 13th: Part Two: The Next Generation
... aka: Friday the 13th: The Next Generation 2

Directed by:
F.J. (Fred J.) Lincoln

Want something a little different to celebrate Friday the 13th with and you've already seen all of the Paramount and New Line slasher movies? Then here ya go! This is a follow-up to FRIDAY THE 13TH: A NUDE BEGINNING (1987) from the same people and even featuring a few of the same actors playing the same characters. Like its predecessor, this has absolutely nothing to do with the Friday the 13th series (aside from a character named Jason briefly wearing a hockey mask) nor does it actually spoof those movies. Jessica (Barbii), who's never known her mother or father and has been raised her entire life by her Uncle Merlin (director Lincoln), is surprised with a birthday cake for her 21st birthday. Her Uncle decides this is as good a time as any to tell her a little about her origins. Supposedly her mother was an evil demoness whose only joys in life came form of corrupting humans and, now that Jessica is of age, her mom will be able to use her powers to return her to her place of birth. Jessica then disappears off the couch and pops up in a mysterious new house lit with red and blue lights. There, she meets her spastic twin brother Jason (Tom Byron) and tries to figure out just what's going on.

Jason's pimp friend Tyree (Billy Dee) surprises him with a birthday present in the form of ribbon-wrapped (and little else) ill-fated late 80s porn queen Megan Leigh (who committed suicide by gunshot shortly after appearing in this). After the obligatory three-way action, Jason reveals to his sibling in a hot tub that she's now in hell and that life in hell isn't forever as you eventually "burn out" and die for good as their mother (the same character played by Amber Lynn in the first) already has. Jason suggests that if she wants to really get to know their mother better and possibly discover the identity of their father in the process, she's going to have to visit some of the mortals mum had seduced and corrupted. Jessica agrees, Jason snaps his fingers and she's suddenly back on Earth in the bedroom of Reverend Jimmy Braggart (Joey Silvera, returning from the original with the same terrible attempt at a Southern accent). Jimmy's life has basically turned to shit after numerous scandals have rocked his TV ministry. After he rants and raves for a few minutes and claims there's no way he's her father, Jessica feels it's safe to go ahead and have sex with him.

Jessica's then zapped back to hell once again, where her brother is overcome with an incredible urge to cut up paper with scissors and talks about the 'who can corrupt the most mortals' rivalry between their mother and her brother. Instead of playing a game of who can out-corrupt who, Jason decides he wants to work as a team for the greater bad of mankind. Or, as the video box puts it, "Together they indulge in unthinkable sexual manipulations and lust that would put a 5 star hooker to shame!" To show her the ropes, Jason takes Jessica back to Earth where he "corrupts" Maggie Greene (Porsche Lynn) on a couch. Maggie, who's in a position to make or break the rich and elite, is just one part of Jason's master plan. He decides they need money, so he then has Jessica "corrupt" rich lesbian stock broker Carolyn Hunter (Sharon Mitchell) on a bar after last call. Rich and powerful "chairman of the board" (though I'm not so sure what board) E.J. Whitworth III (Mike Horner) is next on their list as they use their powers to get him and Carolyn to fuck. With Maggie as campaign manager, Carolyn's money and E.J. connections, Jason hopes to destroy mankind by getting a pimp into the White House. Meanwhile, poor Jessica just isn't having any fun with any of this... but I'm sure it's not something a last minute bout of incest can't cure.

While this is a step down from the first movie and not nearly as amusing, it's still OK for what it is. The fact they managed to squeeze in seven long sex scenes AND have a reasonably entertaining plot is an accomplishment in itself. The script - written by Lincoln's wife Patti Rhodes (who also co-produced with her hubby) - really isn't any worse than what you'd see in a typical R-rated B movie from this time. In fact, this actually has better, wittier writing than what you'll find in most of today's erotica, hard OR soft, plus it's colorfully lit and was shot rather professionally on 35mm film. They even throw in a few horror movie in jokes, including several nods to The Shining. Barbii, a porn performer for just a few years who even had her own production company (Barbii Productions) at this time, later turned up in Jim Wynorski's great comic slasher flick Sorority House Massacre II (1990) using her real name (Michelle Verran).



Lord Crayak said...

Wonder how many video stores, rental places, or customers got this and the actual F13 Part 2 mixed-up.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

Not sure, but I'd like to think lots! lol

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