Monday, June 15, 2009

Zombie Nightmare (1986)

Directed by:
Jack Bravman

Muscular "teenager" Jon-Mikl Thor (a hard-to-believe one-time popular Canadian rock singer who was also in the unbelievably awful heavy metal horror vanity production ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE and is way too old for this role) stars as good samaritan Tony Washington, who manages to save a local grocery from two robbers but is unable to save his own ass when some obnoxious punks (including Tia Carrere in her film debut) mow him over with their car, leave him for dead and then flee the scene of the crime. His disgruntled mother (Francesca Bonacorsa) goes to a voodoo priestess (Manuska Rigaud) for help and Tony is brought back from the dead (in awful make-up) to get revenge. Adam "Batman" West guest stars as a police chief. This one is so tame and lightweight it almost seems like an attempted throwback to older horror films. Well, except for the fact it's horribly acted, boring, unoriginal and has laughable makeups. It pretty much falls into the unwatchable category, was ridiculed on an episode of MST3K and currently has a nice position on IMDb's Bottom 100 list. Metal heads will at least approve of the soundtrack, consisting of songs by Thor, Motorhead and Girlschool (among others). Frank Dietz stars as a detective, along with Linda Singer (JUNIOR), John Fasano and Walter Massey (EVIL JUDGMENT).


spookyx3 said...

well, after bravman's other genre films, i was expecting much worse.

crewmember visible at extreme left of frame around 37 minutes in, during deserted health club chase. janitor reads FANGORIA #56, cover dated august '86; likely the then most recent issue. FANGO reviewed it in '88: "everyone's doing bad bogart impressions ... fx-dry ... predictable script also makes light of sexual assault ... will probably offend hatians." they liked the soundtrack (bleech), saying "hardly any movie uses heavy metal properly these days.", singled out tia carrere as the most talented actor, and thought "the teen leads are quite good."

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

This is another one I need to re-watch since it has been forever!

Speaking of Bravman, I found an excellent article on him:


He admits the older movie Janie that he's listed as director on - the one film of his I didn't think was all THAT bad - was actually directed by Roberta Findlay. But there's lot of other great info on the article above and Zombie Nightmare is talked about briefly. One of his favorites of his work is Night of the Dribbler (UGH!)

spookyx3 said...

great read, thanks. what a life!

followed up ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE with the john mikl thor doc I AM THOR! which concentrates on his late '90s "comeback" and touring. the b-movie stuff gets literally 30 seconds of screen time -- he retired in 1987 after a nervous breakdown and suicide attempt, possibly before his horror films even came out.

still need to see R'N'R NIGHTMARE; used to have it on tape but never popped it in.

The Bloody Pit of Horror said...

I read a Rialto article on John Amero and he too admits Bravman handed the direction over to the Findlay's early on in the production, so I guess all three of them technically directed it.

Thanks for reminding me about that doc. I was wanting to see it but forgot all about it. RNRN is awful but definitely fun / hilarious. I'm not so sure I want to watch the belated sequel though.

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